Ancestral Dissociative Identities Healed in Houston & Southern California

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last week, on Thursday evening, I conducted a powerful deliverance service in Houston, Texas, where souls encountered the miraculous. Millions upon millions of evil spirits were sent to the pit in Jesus name! Truth be told while I was ministering I wasn’t feeling the best physically. I pressed onward in Jesus name. That night’s intense exorcism took a toll on me.

The following morning, I just knew I needed some additional rest. So, I quickly arranged a flight back to the coastal city of Hermosa Beach, California, to get near the Pacific Ocean so I could recover from a sinus affliction I was suffering from (didn’t have a problem in wintery Australia; until I got back to humid America). While traveling to the airport, I contacted a friend of mine who I have been equipping –Rey Sanchez.


Last year, Rey and his precious wife Lucinda started attending some of our services in the Houston area. They were astonished with some of the miracles that were taking place in our public meeting and was equally impressed that our meetings were filled with the solid teaching from the Word of God. They both appreciated the balance —the WORD and the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. They kept on attending.


The Holy Spirit gradually spoke to my heart to see this couple both raised up to minister alongside me. They quickly became our worship and praise leaders and ordained them earlier this year into the gospel ministry. Though both had known Jesus for a long time they just didn’t have the awareness or understand the deeper mysteries of the deliverance ministry –such as healing ancestral dissociative identities and removing human interjects (both subjects I discuss in our NEW Freedom Fighter International Training Center).


As they ministered alongside me, over these many months, they both discovered these other spiritual realities for themselves. They quickly learned how to minister in these areas. Some months ago, they traveled with me to California to assist me in some meetings I was conducting. In fact, in one meeting, in Ontario, I gave Rey an opportunity to lead a mission –resulting in a powerful exorcism of a young lady. God was training Rey quickly.


Fast forward, to last Friday. I was on the plane to recuperate in Southern California (the ocean does me wonders, to my physical body) and Rey was in Houston filling in for me. The Holy Spirit used Rey powerfully resulting in the miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance. One lady that he ended up ministering to was the young lady pictured above.


Not only did she have evil spirits, which Rey drove out in Jesus name, she also had ancestral dissociation –her very own grandmother! Because of the training Rey received through this mission, he was able to locate the ancestral dissociative identity and guide the hurting part to Jesus! This is phenomenal and exciting to witness. I’m so proud of him.


Rey isn’t alone. I have ministry partners throughout the world carrying on this unique work throughout the earth. To name a few.


Carl is our international mission coordinator and is located in a restricted nation in the Middle East. He ministers to those with ancestral dissociation. Steve is one of my best friends and was ordained at a church we oversee in Guatemala, he ministers in China and sees, on a regular basis, those with ancestral dissociation and human interjects healed in Jesus name. Troy, one of our mission coordinators in North America, sends out weekly reports of the many people he sees that are being delivered from demons and healed of dissociation.


I could go on and on and share the many ministers who are connected to us in some manner carrying on this unique work throughout the world. We have been able to impact millions in more then 150+ nations of the world through our many ministry extensions. We need your prayers and support.


I’m thankful for all of my ministry partners and friends. Much love to all of you! Thanks to Rey I was able to rest and recover so I was able to lead the Californian mission that led to many souls receiving deliverance and healing; including a number of souls being healed of dissociation and ancestral dissociation.

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