Awesome Demonstration of God’s Power in Houston!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m still in awe. We have held thousands of missions around the world and what we encountered as a group last night was very special. Our evening services are always ¬†accompanied with signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit. We have witnessed tens of thousands of wonderful miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance in our many meetings. However, what we witnessed last night was epic, spectacular and beautiful.

As I have reported on in the past, we often receive reports of souls actually witnessing Jesus tangibly appearing to them in various ways (note: we know Jesus is omnipresent as God in the flesh). Last night, everyone we, basically, ministered to SAW the RISEN Jesus! Can it get any better? What an unique mission last night.

Jesus powerfully spoke comforting words to many in the meeting hall, in Houston last night, during our public deliverance meeting. In fact, I was even a recipient of a soothing word from Jesus (which I look forward to sharing with everyone very soon). I’m receiving some amazing reports from last night.

One disciple of the Lord wrote to me earlier today and said, “Jay, it was an awesome demonstration of God’s power last night! Had to be up early today or I would not have left. Exceptional, excellent learning experience.”

God did in fact demonstrate His power over evil and death! For many hours, we witnessed the following awe-inspiring supernatural events:

-Hours of angelic activity. God’s holy angels visibly warred against those with demonic afflictions.

-Hours of driving out of thousands of demons and afflictions from those tormented by evil.

-Hours of ministering to those broken in heart. We healed dissociative identities and ancestral dissociative identities. We commanded out even a human interject in Jesus name.

-Some were honored to ascend into the heavens and see Jesus in our meeting hall.

Glance at that above picture again. This young lady in the midst of a intense exorcism, surfaced a group of little dissociative identities that had been terribly hurt. As they surfaced, the Holy Spirit lifted them up into the heavenly realms and they were able to communicate to Jesus.

It was so beautiful to see the little ones even wave to Jesus and say, “Hi.” They giggled, received such joy, compassion and healing. Jesus spoke to them and said much:

“It’s ok to cry, you are my daughter. Do not grow weary. Keep caring, stay humble, you may be small but your appearance and mind is strong. I love you. Be my little fighter on earth!”

Yes, this young lady was little in stature but has been raised up to be mighty in Jesus! This all started when I noticed her in the very back of the meeting hall. She was being attacked by demons. This, obviously, grabbed my interest during the meeting and I proceeded to the back of the meeting hall.

When I did, many demonic spirits from within her including, Jezebel, surfaced. The demon was fierce and angry at me for exposing it to the light of Jesus. I asked for the holy angels of God to carry her to the front which they did. As the angels brought her contorted body to the front, the demons groaned and moaned. We weakened the demons with the power and fire of the Holy Spirit and with the cross of Jesus. The demons eventually bowed and were commanded into the pit in Jesus name.

As I mentioned earlier, in the midst of the deliverance, Jesus appeared to her and ministered to her in His love. Now, she is healed and FREE. Take a look at this picture of her post deliverance!

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