Extraordinary Miracles are Happening on American Soil!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Numerous people have come up to me recently,  after  our services, commenting that they had never seen the kind of miracles that are being displayed in our public meetings. One lady, during a recent Southern California mission, commented that in her 30 years of serving Jesus and attending churches, she had never seen such dramatic acts of the supernatural. 

These acts of the supernatural are not unique to us. We see them all the time in our meetings. I hear many Western disciples speak of traveling to remote regions of the world, on exotic mission trips and seeing miracles, as if the miracles only occur in these far flung places. Far from it. I see miracles ALL THE TIME in Western societies and here in America. In fact, I see many developed nations of the world as mission fields. America, for example, is in a post-Christian era, thus the urgent need to demonstrate the power of God in public. Same could be said about Canada, Australia and a host of European nations. 

Right here in the United States, we are conducting miracle missions. Just like this past weekend, in Houston, Los Angeles, and Pasadena. In all three cities we encountered the power of Jesus conquering the power of evil. We witnessed a very dramatic example of this in one of our Houston meetings where a young lady, pictured with me above, was freed from thousands of evil spirits.

She was one of the first ones I prayed over. The demons surfaced with an vengeance. They were furious with me. They screamed out of her and took control of her body. Immediately, I called upon the holy angels of God to carry her to the front of the meeting hall. They did.

“We have been here for 7 generations because her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices,” the spirits revealed to me, “We bring torment, pains and hold captive her gifts, dreams, and destiny.”

Another example where a disciple and their gifts were being held in captivity by Satan. Not only were the demons holding her gifts but also her body. They placed numerous fiery darts within her body. I commanded them to take the darts out of her. They obeyed. 

Strong demons of Lucifer, witchcraft, torment and divination were forced out of her in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. They left her body and mind and she was powerfully set free and healed by Jesus. Then immediately, she was lifted up to the heavens where Jesus appeared to her. All of us in the meeting hall witnessed this dramatic heavenly experience. 

She literally had a conversation with Jesus and we heard it. It was beautiful to behold. She giggled, she spoke to Jesus tenderly and He spoke back to her. Amazing! 

What really touched my heart was what took place later on in the service. After her deliverance, unknown to me, while sitting in her chair, the Lord Jesus spoke to her, to give me a word. She began to write it down. It was at 11:41pm when God spoke to her; she wrote it down. After the service she handed the word from God to me. It read:

“Jay you and your seed are being rewarded for all you are doing to bring my children out!” –GOD

Amen and  amen! God is pleased that my family and this mission is carrying out the deliverance and healing ministry. It truly confirmed to me once again, we are heading in the right direction. Jesus is blessing our work with souls. 

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