Numerous Jesus Appearances in Houston & LA!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m still amazed and astounded as I ponder the miraculous events that transpired in our last meeting in Houston. Precious saints were honored to ascend into the heavenly realms and experience the glories and joys of Jesus. They conversed and communed with King Jesus. We witnessed this. We heard the conversations and witnessed the souls experience the fullness of joy as a result.

I’m currently in Los Angeles, California, where last night we held another service at the Temple of Salvation. It was a difficult night. There was much spiritual opposition and many hindrances. However, I pressed onward in Jesus name. I was shocked to see how many people showed up. We started the service with only a handful of people then gradually the sanctuary filled up with souls wanting to experience the supernatural.

One lady we ministered to has been going through a process of deliverance whereby many evil spirits are being driven out of her in Jesus name. During last night’s exorcism, many evil spirits surfaced within her including Jezebel, witchcraft and death. There were a number of spirits named “Destruction,” that entered her body as a result of a witchdoctor casting spells upon her. The spells were sent to her to destroy her. These were destroyed in Jesus name. But it was difficult to war against these demons of sorcery as they were so deeply entrenched into her life.

I called upon the mighty holy angels and they arrived in power. They assisted me in battling the many demons within this woman. They struck the invading demons and they greatly weakened. Moreover, the holy angels helped me remove the spiritual rings the demons had placed upon her fingers in an attempt to marry her. The rings were dramatically ripped off her fingers.

It was beautiful to see that Jesus and His holy light manifested in the sanctuary which caused the invading demons to look away from the presence of God. They were disgusted with the spiritually bright light that was being manifested in the sanctuary. This has taken place two services in a row at the Temple of Salvation. Jesus is present with us.

The demons were commanded into the pit and the woman experienced another measure of freedom. More needs to take place but victory is being achieved. She is fighting and we are proud of her.

This powerful deliverance here in LA made me recall of another powerful exorcism that took place in Houston a few days ago. It involved a young Nigerian lady, pictured with me above. She just found out about our meetings and planned on attending. She arrived hopeful.

As I began to pray for the people of God in the meeting hall, demons surfaced from within this woman. They were aggressive. They rushed her up to me as I stood in front of the meeting hall. We are talking about face to face-eye to eye. The demons boastfully revealed much:

“NO! We are not leaving her. We have been here a very long time. Her ancestors participated in human and animal sacrifices. WE HAVE A PLAN TO KILL HER!” the powerful demonic forces told me, “We will kill her through the cancer we have brought into her body and blindness.”

It was true this young lady had been experiencing some sicknesses and some element of blindness –her eyesight was gradually becoming blurred. As we battled the demons I also met up with many dissociative identities that were within her. Some as a result of the trauma she experienced as a little girl. Other heart parts surfaced that were of her ancestors. There were many of these. In fact, one ancestral part told me the number could not be calculated–there were THAT MANY!

One ancestral part that surfaced lived centuries ago and was still experiencing the horrific memory of having been killed in a fire. All of these parts were guided to Jesus for healing. We also encountered a human interject within this woman –named Jennifer. Turns out she’s the sister of this woman! I wondered why she was interested in invading her younger sister?

“Well, I want to control her!” she angrily told me, “I’m so made at my sister. I want what she has!

Her insecurity was the motive to drive her to invade her sister spiritually with the aid of the demon named Jezebel. This human interject was sent out in Jesus name.

For a long time, I battled numerous demonic spirits within this woman. I called forth the holy angels of God and utilized my sacred cross. The demons greatly weakened and were defeated. In fact, there were many demonic spirits named, “Voodoo,” within her. The spirits fought me fiercely at first but the Holy Spirit fire, the blood of Christ, the power of the cross and the holy angels were too much for the demons.

They bowed to King Jesus and declared that Jesus was indeed LORD! This woman was set free and immediately were eyesight was beginning to clear up. Another example of someone experiencing freedom from a spirit of blindness (there was another woman we ministered to that experienced some healing in her eyes during the meeting). Cancer gone, blindness being cleared up and demons driven out in Jesus name! Moreover, her terribly broken heart was healed by Jesus.

It was beautiful to see that this woman after her deliverance entered into the heavens and witnessed Jesus! The loving Jesus tangibly appeared to her and conversed with her. She actually SAW JESUS! We were fortunate to hear the conversation this woman had with Jesus.

My friends, this mission has been blessed. Jesus Himself is tangibly appearing to many in our many services. People are seeing Jesus! What an honor this is.

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