Undercover Missionary to the Islamic World Freed from Millions of Demons!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


My friends our Houston missions have been extraordinary. Souls are being won to Jesus, millions of demons cast out, bodies are being miraculously healed and broken hearts supernaturally mended. Some of my ministry partners wondered why I was holding so many meetings in Houston this week. To be honest, at the time of planning, I didn’t know why I scheduled so many but now I know. I clearly see why.


The Holy Spirit wanted us here for these many meetings. Last night, proved it. We held another powerful service and various families and individuals showed up for healing and teaching. One small group of individuals that arrived came in from Malaysia and the UK. The Malaysian lady just arrived a few days ago.


She had been following my ministry for years. In fact, she had friends who attended some of our European missions over the years and reported back the amazing signs and wonders that took place in our services. This Malaysian lady whom I’ll refer to as Michelle wanted to attend one of our miracle services too.


Over time, she lost contact of our gospel work until last night. At 6:15pm she got on her computer and googled some Scripture. My name suddenly appears on the search and she realizes I’m in Houston about to conduct a meeting at 7pm! She tells her friends and hurries to the service. Mind you, she had been wanting to attending one of my meetings somewhere in the world.


They did come to our service. They were quite reserved at first but they were glad to be there. Truth to be told, I thought about canceling my appearance at the very last minute as I haven’t been feeling the best as of lately but I pressed into Jesus for the strength and was able to get through the teaching.


After teaching on the subjects of dissociation, ancestral dissociation and human interjects I began to lead everyone in prayer when suddenly the Holy Spirit told me to go to Michelle. I didn’t know why exactly as I found her to be a strong disciple of the Lord. Unknown to me, Michelle and her friends prayed before the meeting that if the Holy Spirit directed me to her, first, then she would KNOW it was time for her deliverance and healing.


As I approached her, Michelle began to sob profusely. She cried and cried. Little heart parts surfaced, little girls so damaged, so hurt. I began to guide them to Jesus for healing.


I then eventually led her to the front of the meeting hall where I began to minister to her. Numerous demons surfaced. In fact, millions of them. I discover that Michelle is a first generation disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, I discover much more.


Her friends that came to the meeting with her were missionaries and lead a global missionary organization. One of the pastors stood up and said that Michelle was working with this organization as a undercover spiritual agent to the bring the gospel into the Islamic world. They shared that just in the past few months they have traveled into more than 8 different Middle Eastern nations. This pastor revealed that Michelle had been seeking deliverance and healing but didn’t know where to turn to.


“Jay, we are pastors and evangelists. There’s not many places we can turn to for help. We need help and healing. God brought us to you!”


I was deeply humbled by these words and was determined to help these missionaries in Jesus name. I found out more about Michelle and their missionary work.


“I might also add, Jay, God is doing a beautiful work in Michelle’s life and ministry,” this pastor added, “She has a heart for Jesus and is working with Muslim women groups and bringing the gospel to them.”


But there was more. Turns out these missionaries, perhaps in their 40’s and 50’s, have had powerful opportunities to preach the gospel even to the royal families of the Middle East. They have been invited into their palaces and to their banquets thus they have been able to share Jesus with them. No wonder the fierce attacks upon Michelle in recent years.


As I continued ministering to Michelle we discovered there was Jezebel, witchcraft and strong spirits of Lucifer within her body. They contorted her body and her hands became claw-like. They shouted out at me and screamed very loudly.


“We have been here for thousands of years, in all of her ancestors,” the Lucifer demons revealed to me, “She’s the first Christian! We must stop her. Her ancestors participated in animal and human sacrifices and practiced ancestral worship.”


Didn’t surprise me of the intensity of the demons due to this woman’s unique call to preach the gospel into the Islamic world and being a first-generation disciple of Jesus. Not only were there millions of these witchcraft, Jezebel, and Lucifer demons within her, there were also millions of broken heart parts —ancestral and otherwise. Didn’t surprise me also. These ancestral heart parts had been there because NOBODY in her bloodline ever received healing or salvation thus the demons ensured the parts they were attached to were dumped into Michelle’s life due to her powerful calling from the Holy Spirit. They hoped to stop her. They failed on this night.


I called forth the holy angels of God as Lucifer warned me he would fight to stay within her. The mighty angels arrived and were utilized to strike the invading demons with their powerful swords. The demons begged me stop!


“Stop, please stop,” the demons begged me, “We bring into her breast cancer, pains, and blindness (note: we took off her glasses during the exorcism). There’s millions of us! There’s so many of us.”


I continued to torture the legions upon legions of these demons. I brought out the holy oil of the Holy Spirit. They demons shrieked upon seeing the presence of the Holy Spirit on my hands. The fire was directed to the demons and millions of them shrieked loudly in defeat. I also brought out my sacred cross and had the angels hold the cross of Jesus. They convulsed her body greatly and could barely hold onto the cross as it burned them. They were utterly defeated by the might of Jesus!


At one point, I breathed on them. They screamed.


“Stop it! That’s the breathe of God!”


To know God is within me and working so powerfully within my life encourages me greatly. Jesus is blessing our efforts and I worship Him!


I spoke to millions of these ancestral dissociative identities and heart parts as a group and quickly guided them to rest in Jesus. I spoke to some of them individually and they were hurting so much. They were able to enter into His peace. To think of this is monumental. First Christian in her Chinese bloodline and first to ever receive deliverance and healing from all of the ancestor’s evil spirits. They had rested upon her, no doubt, because of her fiery call to be an evangelist. They were determined to stop her. They failed.


Millions upon millions of these evil spirits were commanded into the pit in the name of Jesus. They flew out of her and entered the abyss. She slumped over and was powerfully freed!


“Jay, I feel fantastic!,” Michelle testified, “I can also see better without my glasses (remember we took off her glasses during the exorcism).”


I prayed for her heart to be supernaturally healed and to be cured. All of the parts were merged and she was beautifully healed by Jesus. Furthermore, Michelle, testified of feeling no more pain in her body.


My friends, this was an extraordinary exorcism that involved warring against millions upon millions of demons. Also, to see millions of heart parts healed was incredible too. But there was more…


During the exorcism, I also encountered a human interject within her –a lady that seduced her husband years ago. She surfaced and spoke to me.


“I’m a Muslim. I must destroy Michelle!,” she boastfully told me, “I will do this by controlling her husband.”


Wicked. Horrible. Satanic. I forced this human interject out too. Powerful ministry. Michelle was so happy afterwards. Imagine how she will be used of the Lord to minister now –freed from millions of demons in Jesus name!

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