Amazing Wonders in Sarasota, Set Free from Ancestral Evil

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This past weekend I have been ministering in Ft. Myers where we conducted a series of services. Precious individuals traveled great distances to attend our meetings. One family came in from New York, another family traveled in South Carolina, yet another family arrived from Indiana. Souls were hungry to learn and taste of the powers of the age to come.

Each night, deliverance and healing took place as souls opened their lives to Jesus. Thousands of demons were cast out of a man on Saturday evening that included a group of evil spirits rooted in the ancestral worship of the sun-god Ra. We discovered Ra had brought a host of maladies. As soon as the demons were driven out, this man experienced immediate healing in some areas of his life. Jesus crushed the ancient demons. Others experienced liberation just by being present in the meeting hall.

From Ft. Myers I traveled onward to the city of Sarasota for a Sunday night service. The meeting hall was minutes from the beautiful harbor and the gorgeous beaches. Again souls traveled great distances to receive teaching and ministry including a young lady who traveled more then 4 hours to attend this evening’s service. I’ll refer to her as Susan.

After teaching from the WORD which was by the way interrupted by an individual who was determined to be argumentative and wanted to debate theology. I attempted to reason with him but failed in this endeavor. I usually ignore the agitators. After moving on, I led everyone in Holy Communion. Afterwards, I began to pray for those afflicted by demonic spirits. As I began to pray for Susan (pictured above, post deliverance) strong demons surfaced. They contorted her body and spoke out of her.

“This woman’s special. We must destroy her but we can’t because she reads the WORD!” the frustrated demons revealed to me, “We bring all forms of sicknesses into her, sadness, and brokenness.”

Turns out Susan had lived a difficult life in many regards however she didn’t remain a victim but rose to lofty spiritual heights with Jesus Christ! Horrific incidents occurred in her life that would destroy most people but Susan fought with the WORD! God blessed her life as a result; despite the demonic assaults upon her.

We encountered so many demons within her including the spirits of witchcraft. They were so furious with me. They stared at me and remarked.

“We can’t attack you! We can’t get to you,” the frustrated demons shared with me, “You have the FIRE of GOD in your eyes.”

I felt the fire. It was very tangible. It was strong within me tonight. My right hand was, at times, was consumed with it. I directed the fire upon me to the destroying demons and they groaned and moaned in agony. They were being engulfed with the flames of the Holy Spirit and begged me to stop. I didn’t stop. More fire in Jesus name!

The demons were clearly being defeated. I forced them to take off the many spiritual chains and shackles they had placed upon her body and mind. They were forced to release the little dissociative identities. They surfaced and I guided them to Jesus. They were so happy to be released. Ancestral hearts parts (Susan’s brother) were also released too and guided to Jesus.

Aggressive demons named witchcraft surfaced and revealed they been in the bloodline for thousands upon thousands of years as a result of her ancestors participation in the worship of Satan. Moreover, they participated in dedication rituals that involved the giving up of the firstborn to the devil.

In fact, at one point her ancestors, in an effort to appease some slave holders offered their firstborn to them. This kind of satanic offering was used by the enemy to gain entry into the family life. The demons (their names, incidentally, were “Cotton”) used all of these evils to invade the bloodlines of the family. Sadly, no one ever broke these curses so the ancestral evil only grew stronger and stronger.

I also found out that many of the demons: witchcraft, Jezebel, fear, torment and Cotton had brought a host of physical problems. They boasted how they tried to destroy her but have failed. They confessed their defeat before the people of God and the Lord Jesus!

In the midst of the exorcism, I had called upon the holy angels of God and they quickly arrived and assisted me. They drew out their mighty swords and struck the invading demons within Susan. The body reacted and were submission. At one point the holy angels actually spiritual arrested the demons and restricted their movements as the angels placed the demons in a handcuffed like position.

I even had the demons touch and embrace my sacred cross. They had tremendous difficulty even touching it. When they finally did –they screamed. The demons mentioned that the cross felt like holy fire and it burned them. They were totally destroyed by the powers of the cross of Jesus. It was beautiful to behold. For many in the audience it was the very first time ever witnessing such a marvelous wonder of God.

The powers of the Holy Spirit were working strong within me and commanded the many demons of Jezebel, witchcraft, fear, torment and Cotton out of her mind and body to the pit! They flew out of her and she was set FREE by Jesus! Moreover, Susan exclaimed, “Jay, I feel NO pain! I feel as if my bones are being realigned. This is amazing. It’s so hard to believe. I’m truly healed. I feel it!”

As some of you know, I’m not like most who work in the healing ministry who simply makes pronouncements of healing over people lives but never demonstrating the healing wonder before them or the crowds for all to see. I dare to be different, I am called to proclaim the WORD, carry out the miracles and demonstrate that truth of the miracle for all to SEE!

Susan was besides herself after her deliverance. She was shocked and staggered to see how Jesus worked in her life so powerfully to heal her. We have seen so many miraculous physical healing take place in our many meetings during our Florida mission. Some disciples shared some of the healing wonders they had experienced in prior seminars I have held–one man, a pastor, was miraculously healed of a mysterious muscle disease that was killing him. Another lady testified of being supernaturally healed over a kidney affliction (the doctors conducted a series of tests and couldn’t detect any more kidney problems; Jesus did heal).

Jesus was present in the meeting hall and His holy angels. They crushed the enemy. The enemy is now in the pit!

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