Demons of Freemasonry Defeated in Ft Myers

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Thursday night while in Houston we witnessed Jesus setting the captives free and healing bodies. Many thousands of evil spirits were driven out and hearts were miraculously healed. In fact, we even witnessed Jesus healing, one lady, that had so many heart parts –dissociative identities– that it was incalculable. These were supernaturally healed by God.

The very last disciple we ministered to, in our Houston service, had many demonic spirits of witchcraft. The spirits at first resisted me greatly. I commanded them to walk up to the front of the hall. They refused to do so. So, I called forth the holy angels of God and they arrived swiftly to assist me. They picked her up off her chair and forced her to walk to the front of the hall to receive ministry.

I battled many generational spirits of voodoo, Santeria, and witchcraft within her. The groaned and moaned but were defeated by King Jesus. Many others receive deliverance and healing. In fact, it should have been noted that several of the believers present witnessed Jesus. They saw him with their very own eyes and conversed with Him. Amazing Jesus!

From Houston I traveled onward to South Florida where I just concluded another public mission in the city of Fort Myers. One of the individuals we ministered to was a woman who had been seeking deliverance for years. She was desperate for someone to come along to intervene in her life. She located our mission and arrived to the meeting determined to obtain freedom.

Many demons surfaced from within her including Jezebel, fear and torment. The strongman (the leader of the demons within her body and mind) was named Dominion.

“We torment her,” the spirit named Dominion revealed to me, “We entered her bloodline because her father’s ancestors participated in Freemasonry.”

AH! Another satanic curse of Freemasonry that had never been exposed or renounced. We see it all the time. I led her in a prayer to destroy the Masonic curses and to call upon Jesus to deliver her. She was strengthened and was able to command, with my coaching, forcefully, the demons named Dominion to depart her life. He left her and this woman revealed she didn’t feel anymore pains anymore (she previously had been under some spiritual oppression). This woman was set free from Freemasonry and was so happy afterwards!

It baffles me to see disciples of the Lord suffer for years without any spiritual intervention from those who care about the work of the gospel. While being in Southwest Florida, my mind has been flooded with pleasant memories from my time living in Naples (nearby city) and Marco Island many years ago.

I even recall, as a young teenager, while in Naples, given an opportunity to preach in one of the largest churches in the area, on the subject of spiritual warfare yet now that same church refuses to be pro-active in opening up to the deliverance and healing ministry of Jesus! Very disappointed to see this take place.

Fast forward with me, nearly thirty years later, see how things so quickly change. I was invited enthusiastically to minister in spiritual warfare all those years ago and now that same church would never allow me to return, to minister, before their congregation because they refuse to believe in the ministry of the casting out of evil spirits. I’m not bitter; just simply puzzled at the state of the church in North America. The spiritual state of the church in the West has declined rapidly. We need to rise up with boldness of the Holy Spirit and declare war against the powers of darkness.

By God’s grace, I’m marching forward in Jesus name. Will you I’m still -even in the midst of great opposition from within the church– preaching Jesus as the Deliverer! Will you? By God’s grace I will continue to preach and cast out demonic spirits. Will you? Hope you join me in this beautiful Jesus mission. Much love to all of you!

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