Extremely Violent Exorcism in Tampa: War with Leviathan!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s well after 6am and still awake. A part of my mouth is swollen and have discovered that my gums are cut. Why? Because of a very violent exorcism I was involved in last night. Our service, in Tampa, was filled with spiritual fireworks from beginning to end. Another spiritual thriller where Jesus overpowered many legions of demons.

To give you a glimpse of the extreme pain that surfaced in our meeting then consider this:

One man attended the service was desiring healing. At age 8 he witnessed his mother’s murder!

A 89 year old man attended the meeting with the hopes of finding healing of deep emotional pain. As a young man his very own brother stuck a pistol at his head.

A young lady arrived into our meeting with the hopes of being delivered from Satanism. She participated in two dozen animal sacrifices. She drank human and animal blood in satanic ceremonies. She practiced witchcraft.

A few ladies arrived to our meeting with the hopes of obtaining spiritual intervention due to YEARS of rape, molestation and abuse.

I could go on and on. This meeting was filled with some serious cases of demonization. One exorcism I conducted last night involved a 35 year old man who is a ordained minister. On Sunday morning, he preached at his local church and he shared how many were miraculously healed and delivered. Then on Sunday night, he came to our service and was delivered from armies of demons.

In fact, this spiritual intervention was very intense and violent. I was slightly injured in the process. It took 3 of us large men to gain control the violence. My friends, I’m used to violent encounters with the demonic. I don’t like these incidents but they are a reality in this kind of work.

Over the nearly three decades of service to Jesus Christ I have had many battles with extremely violent evil spirits. Some of these encounters include the shedding of my blood for the work of the gospel. These are serious events that I proceed with the utmost seriousness and discernment. This exorcism with this pastor was the most violent exorcism I have encountered since my mission to Vancouver, British Columbia, earlier this year.

This pastor was very concerned for my safety as he could feel the demons rise up and telling him to assault me. They forcefully commanded him to hit me. He tried to fight the voices but they kept at it. Eventually, this pastor stood up and went to the back of the meeting hall to avoid a violent confrontation with me.

I could see this dear pastor convulsing. A pastor friend of mine and I went back to the hall to pray for him. Suddenly, very aggressive demonic spirits surfaced from within him with clenched fists and hatred towards me. No doubt the demons wanted to kill me.

The demons rose up –it was the spirit of Leviathan. There were many. They raged and forced themselves upon me. It quickly became a wresting match in a sense. In this process of confronting the forces of evil I somehow had my mouth hit; receiving a cut on my gums.

Two other ministers tried to assist me. The supernatural strength of the demons were incredible. Three of us grown men had difficulty controlling the demons. Within minutes I hit the ground as did the others and were on the floor trying to prevent any more violence.

Eventually, after persistent commands in the name of Jesus and through His holy blood we were able to drive out the demons of Leviathan. We had discovered that these powerful demons were within him because his Native American Indian ancestors particiapted in fire rituals.

This pastor was set free from many demons and was extremely thankful for his newfound freedom from the might of Leviathan. He is determined to serve King Jesus and to cast out demons from others in Jesus name. I just know this pastor will go far in the deliverance and healing ministry of Jesus. I’m very proud of him for fighting.

Many other incredible miracles took place including seeing a young lady (pictured above with her aunt) pray with me to surrender to Jesus Christ. She was amazed at the power of God being demonstrated and was willing to open her heart to Jesus. She was suffering greatly but I loved on her and she received a touch from God. I even handed her my Bible as a gift. She was so happy afterwards. Jesus has brought her hope in the midst of her deep hurt and pain.

We are seeing so many salvation, healing and deliverance miracles in these Florida meetings. Hope you will make plans on joining me in one of these soon. Jesus will set you free too!

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