In Florida: Jesus Cured Diseases & Defeated Demons!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This past weekend in Orlando and Tampa have been encouraging as we have witnessed Jesus healing so many lives from many different kinds of afflictions and infirmities. Psalm 103 declares that our great God heals ALL diseases. I believe it and will believe it for you too!

We have dealt with many souls who had numerous sicknesses and maladies: bladder issues, sexually transmitted diseases, pancreatic issues, digestive problems, kidney afflictions, variety of cancers, severe body pains, bone diseases, thyroid maladies, vision problems, infections, and other kinds of physical and mental torments.

Jesus HEALED them all of these terrible pains and maladies. I ministered to various individuals in our weekend services that had many of these physical problems and I witnessed Jesus healing bodies. No more pain, no more diseases and no more afflictions. I was encouraged to see so many miraculously healed.

Moreover, we witnessed Jesus delivering souls from many millions of demons. Many souls I was praying for this weekend had many thousands of demons and one individual that had multiple millions as a result of the curse of incest and baby sacrifices. Jesus set the captives free and I am honored to serve the Body of Christ. Jesus LOVES His Church and it is an honor to serve the Body!

Which leads me to this: Yes, we must evangelize! That is a command but are we not to minister to the the VERY Body of Christ! Think about the implications of carrying out this all-important mission. When the Body is healed, the Body will be able to function more effectively thus more effective evangelism.

I digress…So, this weekend, I ministered to the Body and brought those outside the Body of Christ into the Kingdom of God. In each service, thus far during our Florida mission, we witnessed souls saved by Jesus! This is the work of the FULL gospel!

A young family (pictured above on the right) arrived to our Tampa meeting with hearts ready to receive from the Holy Spirit. As I began to pray for them, numerous demons surfaced: Baal, Jezebel, spirits named Satan, and a spirit named Boogeyman.

The spirits surfaced with anger and intense hatred for me.

“We HATE YOU!, We really hate you!” the demons told me forcefully, “We have been here for a very long time, we are not going to leave her! We have been here for thousands of years.”

Turns out the spirits were able to access the bloodline because her ancestors participated in horrific blood sacrifices. They held her gifts, dreams, and destiny in captivity. I commanded the demons to release them. They obeyed.

Moreover, they were forced to release her broken heart. A little girl surfaced who had a spirit attached to it named Boogeyman that brought fear. I commanded Boogeyman to depart and to release the little one. I discovered from the little one that the Boogeyman was someone whom her grandfather spoke of as a little girl. Thus our need to be cautious when speaking to little ones –we need to be careful not to scare our children as demons can attach to the words we speak and invade little minds that are fearful.

This precious woman was significantly touched by the Holy Spirit as we ministered deliverance and healing to her. The demons battled me as a result. Numerous evil spirits fought me. I battled back. I told them they would not be able to keep her. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived and struck the demons with their swords. The demons moaned and groaned in defeat.

The many demons within her revealed they had placed various kinds of fiery darts within her that brought the pain. I commanded the demons to take out the darts. They obeyed and the result was miraculous.

The presence of God was very strong and set this woman free. Her heart was healed (she also had a human interject whom I spoke to that I removed in Jesus name) and her body was set free from all pains. Her husband (pictured with her above) shared that she had been battling physical pains for more than a year. NOW SHE WAS PAIN FREE! Jesus is able my friends.

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