Jesus is Miraculously Healing Hearts in Florida!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

While in beautiful St. Petersburgh (a vibrant city that holds the distinction of having the most consecutive days of sunshine –768!) this past weekend we ministered not only deliverance but also deep emotional healing whereby souls were cured of various spiritual ailments. So many hearts –broken hearts being healed by God. It was joy to see Jesus demonstrate His power and love to those who attended.

The very last individual I ministered to, that night, was a disciple named Mike (pictured above, post deliverance and healing with his family gathering together). Mike and his family had been attending our services and on this night Jesus set the man free! Allow me to share the extraordinary healing that took place.

Mike had been tormented for a long time. He was hearing satanic voices and was desperate for help; to rid himself of the voices. I was determined to see him free. As Mike and his wife were sitting together and holding hands, I could sense something was stirring up from within her from her husband (remember married couples are one as the Scriptures teach). Demons rose up, surfaced and spoke to me.

“We come from the husband, we accessed her because they are one,” the demons shared with me, “We have been in his ancestral bloodline for thousands of years because of ancient blood sacrifices. We bring the torment and the voices.”

AH! That explained why he was so tormented –evil spirits from the generations had access to him because his ancestors participated in pagan blood rituals thereby allowing opportunity to afflict all of these generations. There were many other demons within her that came from her husband. I spoke to them also and was able to administer healing and deliverance to this family effectively.

Not only were the demons were commanded out of this family but I also ministered to a broken soul part of Mike that had transferred into his wife. This little one surfaced from within his wife and spoke to me. He was in deep pain. He was only 10 years of age. He was so sad and lonely. He wanted to be healed and whole. I asked for the holy angels to carry the little one back into Mike’s heart and his soul was restored. With tears streaming down his face, Mike was being miraculously healed of a dissociative identity that has transferred to his wife. It was now returning back to Mike’s heart.

Not only was Mike and his wife set free and supernaturally healed but also their teenage daughter who had been invaded by many thousands of evil spirits. There were spirits of Leviathan, a spirit husband and a number of spirits named Lucifer. All of these demons were crushed by King Jesus and sent to the pit too! She was so happy afterwards and rejoiced in the mercy and goodness of God.

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