Powerful Exorcism Results in Salvations in St. Petersburgh

Dear Friends of Jesus,


These past several days I have driven across the state of Florida; more then 15+ hours of driving, conducting meetings and watching Jesus demonstrating His power! God has been gracious to me and I praise Him.


From Orlando to Pensacola to Jacksonville to St. Petersburgh back to Central Florida. It’s a lot of driving in a few days but worth it as souls have been won to Jesus, hearts have been healed and individuals set free from demon powers. We even formally ordained into the gospel ministry a disciple named Richard. He traveled in from Georgia to be present and to minister. I’m expecting great wonders to come from his hands in the days to come! It’s been a incredibly blessed mission.


Earlier this evening I was in the city of St. Petersburgh where I conducted a evening mission. Precious souls traveled in to receive healing and deliverance. One of the first individuals I ministered to was a young lady whom I’ll refer to as Karen. I was transitioning from teaching the WORD to leading everyone in Holy Communion when suddenly I noticed Karen manifesting demonic spirits. They were choking her and trying to kill her.


We intervened and began to rebuke the demons in Jesus name! They growled and opened their mouths and attempted to bite me. These were flesh eating spirits. They spoke out in a deep guttural sound.


“We have been sent to her to destroy her,” the spirits of witchcraft revealed to me, “Someone sent her a destruction spell; we attached ourselves to the curse and invaded her.”


We broke off the witchcraft curses in Jesus name and commanded the demons to release her throat so she could breathe. I spoke life over her and she was immediately loosed from the chains of death. Jesus set her free and she was extremely grateful for her deliverance from witchcraft and death.


As I battled these demons in this public exorcism others watch and observed; including some non-believers. They were shocked and amazed at the power of God being displayed before their eyes. No doubt, this power encounter whereby Jesus overcame the powers of witchcraft and released this woman brought an openness to their hearts. I was deeply touched by their willingness to be born again and to repent of their sins.


I led these two individuals, pictured above with me, to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. It was beautiful to behold. The miracles that we demonstrated in public opened up people to salvation. It is my hope more churches and missions would carry out this kind of evangelistic work –allowing the miracles, the supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit –such as an exorcism to be the tool to open up hearts to the Savior! Souls who SEE the miracles, in many cases, will be opened to receive from God.


After receiving the Lord Jesus into their lives they both testified of being very happy and feeling tremendous peace in their lives. Beautiful Jesus, thank you for saving us!

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