Salvation, Deliverance & Healing Victories in Orlando!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Another great night of Jesus ministry here in Orlando, Florida as we conducted another public mission. We even had a larger crowd fill up our meeting hall to receive teaching from the WORD and the ministry of miracles.

After teaching from God’s Word I inquired how many people were needing to be born again –many hands were raised and I was honored to lead them to salvation in Jesus Christ! These past few nights were a blessing to me –to see souls won to the Lord Jesus Christ. All night, we were blessed to experience the salvation, healing and deliverance wonders of Jesus.

One family that touched my heart was a mother and her two daughters (pictured above is the Mom & the oldest daughter) who arrived desperate for a healing touch from King Jesus. One of the daughter’s teachers, at a local school, shared with their mother about this evening’s meeting. I am glad they followed up and actually attended.

The oldest daughter whom I’ll refer to as Amber manifested some violent demons. They threw her onto the ground and caused her to roll around. These wicked spirits were tormenting this young lady. Amber had no idea she had been invaded by demon powers. They spoke out of her and at first resisted my efforts. Jezebel surfaced along with the demons of fear and torment. I commanded them out of her in Jesus name and they flew out of her screaming loudly. She was so happy afterwards though.

Moreover, Amber’s 12-year old sister was also delivered from numerous demons too. Both had dissociative parts and they were guided to Jesus for healing. Beautiful deep healing took place in their lives.

Another lady I ministered to was a woman who had seen her health increasingly deteriorate. The demons were attempting to kill her. In the name of Jesus I fought back. Numerous spirits of Jezebel, murder, rage, hatred, rejection, abandonment, witchcraft and torment surfaced from within her. In the name of Jesus, I commanded these demons out of her too. They flew out of her and she was set free. She was so happy afterwards. For many months she had been looking some deliverance. Jesus rescued her!

Other’s encountered the power of God in deliverance and healing. Many pains vanished. Many curses were broken. Many sicknesses sent out. Many broken hearts healed by God. Many demonic spirits defeated by King Jesus. Everyone was appreciative of the mission and were happy to see Jesus work so powerfully.

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