Jesus Surprises: Supernatural Healing Works

Dear Friends of Jesus,

One of the best feelings I get is the one when I look at the face of those who receive a miraculous healing of some sort –freed from a demonic spirit, cured from a life threatening disease, healed of a broken heart, delivered from serious demonic torment. The face speaks volumes –LIFE, JOY, PEACE and often times a SURPRISED look. I love it!

I am very fortunate to see those kinds of facial expressions all the time. I love seeing Jesus surprising people. Many people don’t expect the relief, immediate healing or the deliverance. They have been battling for so long so they get accustomed to it to a certain extent then JESUS steps in…..HA!

There’s always BUT JESUS….

The young lady pictured above was SURPRISED by the SUPERNATURAL JESUS! A few weeks ago while conducting a powerful seminar, before a jammed packed audience, in South Florida, we witnessed some marvelous miracles. Many were inspired and encouraged. In this one particular meeting, there was some intense spiritual fireworks taking place.

I was battling some very strong spirits, within a young Cuban lady, rooted in Santeria. They boasted to me they were not affected by the fire of the Holy Spirit I called forth in the room. They were bold and were willing to fight me.

“Go ahead…call the fire…it doesn’t burn us!” the spirits confidently told me, “See it doesn’t hurt us!”

However, a few moments after making that boastful declaration something happened to these prideful demons. They were BURNING UP with the fire of God I called forth. They begged me to stop the fire. The fire was consuming their very essence. Does not the Scripture teach pride comes before a fall “and a haughty spirit before a fall” (see Proverbs 16:18). The spirit spoke too soon and was dealt a crushing blow by King Jesus!

Eventually, after warring against these voodoo spirits, they were cast into the pit in Jesus name! The crowd was encouraged and gave applause to King Jesus for what He did! Others encountered a powerful deliverance from demons and healed from various afflictions; including the young lady pictured with me above.

She wasn’t from South Florida, she came into town from New York City and was visiting some family. She heard about the meeting and attended. She was grateful she did.

After the service, after getting inspired by the Jesus miracles, she approached me and mentioned she was experiencing some horrible persistent pain in her body and wanted it to leave. She was humble and deeply appreciative of the ministry. She had never seen anything quite like it before.

I rebuked her pain and commanded any witchcraft curses to lift off her. That, perhaps, took, 5 seconds! Those 5 seconds transformed her life. She looked at me SHOCKED. Her face was in utter awe! She couldn’t believe it. She was amazed! Her body pains had immediately left her and she was so happy!

Jesus SURPRISED her! Love it!

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