Memorable Miraculous Moments in Miami

Dear Friends of Jesus,

As I travel throughout the world we are seeing many young people attending our seminars and finding miraculous healing. Moreover, many of these same young people then turn around and begin to minister to others needing freedom in Jesus name! We are seeing so many young teenagers being inspired and equipped to carry on the works of the Kingdom! What a joy.

Look at that young girl’s SMILE! This was after her deliverance from spirits of fear and torment. Moreover, after her deliverance, her mother requested that her daughter find some healing of a persistent ailment. I commanded the affliction to depart. It swiftly left!

How do I know? I asked her if she felt anymore pain and she pondered for a brief moment as if she was checking to see if she felt anymore pain. She was so surprised.

You should have seen her SMILE. I still can recall her beautiful Jesus glow after encountering the healing of Jesus. My friends, God truly and deeply loves us and desires for us to be healed. This young girl’s family was so happy as you can imagine.

“Jay, I feel light. I feel relieved. This is true freedom!,” this teenager announced to everyone after her miraculous healing.

This excites me –seeing young people encountering the miraculous Jesus! Our Jesus isn’t merely a historical figure but rather He is our miracle-working God who dwells among us and is desiring to demonstrating His love to all who come to Him.

This year we have seen a tremendous amount of individuals and families encountering the supernatural healing power of God such as this teenager experienced. In our public meeting, here in Miami, we witnessed a number of people encountering the miraculous healing of Jesus. Bodies made whole, minds restored and lives transformed.

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