More Salvation Miracles in Miami! More Demons Defeated by King Jesus!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

What a beautiful night here in Miami, Florida. What an incredible city. Always enjoyed visiting Miami and conducting ministry events in this area. We had another good turnout for our teaching seminar. In fact, had to request for more chairs to accommodate those coming in from across Florida for deliverance and healing.

After teaching on how to cast out demons and before leading everyone in Holy Communion, I inquire how many people needed salvation in Jesus. Hands were raised to indicate their desire to surrender to King Jesus. This is the greatest miracle to witness –the new birth of a soul!

My friends, since I started preaching the good news of Jesus as a teenager, nearly 30 years ago, we have seen multitudes of souls find salvation in King Jesus! This NEVER gets old. It excites me like nothing else. This mission has reached so many souls for Jesus! On this night, more souls were won to the Savior!

After leading everyone to partake of the Holy Communion I then began to minister to those afflicted by evil spirits. One of the first individuals I reached out to was this precious lady; pictured with me above. Lisa traveled more then 4+ hours to be present and she was determined to find freedom. God did not disappoint either.

As I began to pray for her, evil spirits surfaced, they grunted and convulsed her. There were many demons of death, Jezebel and witchcraft within her. They had brought many physical problems and afflictions into this woman. They were commanded out of her body and they swiftly left her after some intense warfare.

Lisa was very happy afterwards and immediately she was glowing with peace and deep joy –the fruits of deliverance!

“Jay, I feel so light and so peaceful!,” she testified before all.

This precious disciple of the Lord had been seeking deliverance however had no idea where to turn to. She had NEVER attended a deliverance meeting nor did she ever receive any kind of personal deliverance ministry as the Presbyterian church she was a member of did not, obviously, have a deliverance ministry. She should have been to turn to her church for some help and intervention. Sadly, the Presbyterian church, generally speaking, has outright rejected this kind of gospel ministry.

Ironically, though, most Presbyterian churches are closed to this kind of ministry, I have had a few opportunities, over the years, to minister deliverance in some large Presbyterian churches here in North America. Moreover, I have seen some tremendous interest within this major denomination but the denominational leadership insists on preventing the ministry of the miraculous to take place within their fellowship. Sad.

So, what happens? The Presbyterians end up attending our public missions. Like Lisa. I’m so thankful she reached out to us. She was powerfully delivered. Furthermore, a few little heart parts surfaced and was able to reach out to them with the love of Jesus. They were supernaturally healed by God.

A few hours of her deliverance, she emailed me this quick victory report:

“Dear Jay, Many thanks for your powerful deliverance this evening. Many people’s lives will change because of your healing ministry including mine. Each of the pastors who were present were powerful in their own right. It says a lot about you that they come to assist.”

I’m so happy we were able to help. It was unfortunate, however, she had to suffer for decades ¬†within ¬†the church because of their lack of willingness to help! We must change this in Jesus name! The suffering must stop. WE MUST stop the suffering so souls will not have to endure such a demonic beating for decades!

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