11 Headed Buddhist Being with 1,000 Eyes & Hands Destroyed by King Jesus in Pasadena, California!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It was a beautiful evening here in Pasadena, California, as the sky started to clear up after raining pretty much all day and the sun started to peek through. It was a special day as we were able to formally ordain a dear sister in the Lord, Saba Ross, into the gospel ministry last night.


Pastor Saba had been following the mission for many years and in recent years been one of our trusted mission coordinators. She has assisted in many dozens of seminars and meetings throughout the country and has been instrumental in helping many find hope and healing in Jesus Christ!


We had to move our service into a much larger meeting hall as many people were gathering to celebrate and to participate in the ministry of deliverance! After teaching, ordaining Saba, and leading everyone in Holy Communion, we began to pray for the demonized. Many demons surfaced. One man, the Holy Spirit led me to minister to was a former Buddhist from China who is now living here in the Los Angeles area. He is a first generation disciple of the Lord Jesus! He has been attending our services and receiving some amazing deliverance and healing.


Last night, a Buddhist demonic being that is depicted in Buddhist art as having 11 heads and a thousand hands and in each palm there are eyes –thus many thousands of eyes. This spiritual being is called Kuan Yin. He surfaced during the meeting and growled and moaned. He spoke to me angrily. I began to torture this demonic being with the fire of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Word! The spirits groaned in defeat.


I then had the holy angels of God who had swiftly arrived into our meeting hall come and assist. They moved the man, from the back of the meeting hall, where he was seating, to the front, of the hall, so I could minister to him effectively. I called for the holy fire of God to fall and it fell upon him. The Buddhist spirits groaned in defeat.


“We entered because his family, his mother’s ancestors honored us and offered things to us,” Kuan Yin told me, “We bring high blood pressure, strokes, and other physical problems. I have six animals that guard me to protect me.”


These six creature and this 11 headed being were crushed by the overwhelming power of Jesus Christ! They were sent to the pit in Jesus name!


Immediately, a 18 year old dissociative identity (a broken heart part) surfaced with so much grief and sorrow. The young part shared how his parents always fought. This deep emotional trauma brought fragmentation into his life thus this heart part was created! I guided this one and others to Jesus for healing.


Then instantly a strong demon named Buddha surfaced. He was furious with me for exposing him. I battled him in the name of Jesus! He was greatly weakened as I poured the Holy Spirit fire upon him and had the holy angels strike him with mighty words. Buddha collapsed, spiritually, before Lord Jesus!


“I entered him because his family chants, they pray for him,” Buddha revealed to me, “He also has some prayer beads that keeps me here.”


Possession of cursed objects will attract demon powers and will allow them to stay within you. Rid yourself of cursed objects!


Buddha and his guards were all destroyed and commanded into the pit in Jesus holy name! They swift departed and this man was transformed.

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