Captivating Stories of Heart Parts Being Miraculously Healed BY JESUS!!!

Recently, in Seattle, Washington, we encountered many heart parts (commonly known as dissociative identities) including those within the woman pictured above. I’ll refer to her as Julie. For several years Julie has been following the ministry but wasn’t able to make the trip into Seattle to actually attend one of our seminars. She and her family lived nearly 4 hours away but she was determined to attend one of our meetings at some point. After more then three years, she made it! I’m so happy she did too!


As I began to pray for her many demons surfaced. Many of them were rooted, generationally, from her father’s bloodline.


“We go back, in her blood, more then 400 years ago, the demons of death and Baal boasted to me, “Her ancestors killed! Her ancestors killed animals and humans. We bring so much pain into her. We cause her to choke!”


Julie shared, before ministering to her, how she had problems with her breathing for many years and was needing some physical healing. The demons were behind some of the physical problems. I commanded the demons to release her and to release her throat and respiratory system. They obeyed and a multitude of demons were driven out of her in Jesus name! Almost immediately, she began to breathe without any difficulty. God healed her. She was so happy too.


“Jay, I can breathe! I can breathe without feeling choked! I feel so much lighter,” Julie shared with me after her deliverance.


Julie LOOKED different! Moreover, while ministering deliverance to her, we also discovered she had little heart parts due to horrible childhood pain she endured. These little ones surfaced including a 6 year old. I spoke to the 6 year old little girl. I was able to guide her to Jesus for healing and she was so happy to find relief and release.


We have encountered thousands of little heart parts in recent weeks desperate for relief and release. Many little boys and girls enslaved by the powers of Satan. They are needing to be rescued and guided to the healing power of God. Often times, the little ones, tell me I’m the very first person whom they have spoken with. Moreover, many of these little ones reveal that they have never been guided to Jesus, so, obviously, they are VERY EXCITED when given the opportunity to be directed to the loving Savior!


Think about that for a moment? Parts of broken hearts held captive for many years, being tormented and tortured. No wonder people are not feeling well mentally or emotionally; for they have little fragments of their soul being held in captivity by the kingdom of darkness. We must reach them and offer healing in Jesus –so people can be whole and restored!


After her healing, Julie’s daughter wrote a beautiful email to me:


“Hey Jay: It’s Amber. I was at your deliverance meeting last night. Thank you again and I can’t wait to see you next time you are in the area.  I am almost 100% positive that I will be ready for you to cast out my demons.”

Because of her’s Mom’s deliverance and healing, the daughter is now preparing for her own time of freedom! Initially, she wasn’t ready. She was very fearful. But after witnessing her Mom’s powerful deliverance, her faith has been strengthened and she is looking forward to her own liberation! Awesome!

We recently encountered a woman in Southern California who had little parts that had been enslaved by demon powers for more then 60 YEARS! Sixty years of demons pounding and harassing these little ones. Fortunately, we were able to intervene and rescue these little ones. They were so happy to finally being released from the hosts of hell. But one must wonder how many heart parts in our world are being held captive by evil spirits? Billions? No doubt about it thus the need to extend compassion to broken hearts. We need to train the Body of Christ in this; for the church, generally speaking, is ill equipped in dealing with this. 

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