Jesus Miracles in Houston Despite Violent Demons!

Dear Friends of Jesus,




Our first public mission of 2016 started off with spiritual fireworks…souls were saved by Jesus, broken hearts healed and numerous demonic spirits commanded into the pit in Jesus name! Our meeting hall was jammed packed with hungry souls and was pleasantly surprised to see such a GREAT turnout during this New Year weekend. 

After teaching on the Supernatural Jesus from the Holy Scriptures, I led everyone in partaking of the Holy Communion. Before, actually, partaking of the blood and body of Jesus, I shared the gospel and a number of souls surrendered to Jesus for salvation! Beautiful night of salvation miracles! What a great way to start off 2016 –leading souls to JESUS!

I then proceeded to minister to the demonized. Numerous souls manifested demons. One man to my left was swiftly delivered from many demons and was healed. He was crying with relief and gratefulness to God for what he experiencing –FREEDOM! 

“Jay, I have had these things in me since childhood. They are gone and I feel such peace!” this disciple of the Lord testified before all. 

That was just the beginning, as for the next 6 hours we ministered to those enslaved to demon powers. One young man we ministered to was only 14 years old. He was originally from Honduras and we discovered his family had a background rooted in Santeria and witchcraft. He possessed such anger and violence. While standing in the back of the meeting hall he began to go into convulsions. The demons manifested and were extremely violent. It took three of us (me, Pastor Rey Sanchez & our brother Jeff) to physically restrain the demons and their physicality.

The demons were surfacing incredible supernatural strength. It was very difficult and exhausting battling these demons! I’m thinking to myself….

“This is our first meeting of the year, this should have been a quiet meeting. I have a few hundred meetings to go, I need this to be gentle!”

But not so! No quiet meetings for Jay! HA! The demons were vicious and aggressive. They cursed, mocked God and blasphemed. Even claiming to be God! Wicked! For a hour or so we battled and battled. Many demons surfaced along with many heart parts. We were able to assist some but this young man needs so much more ministry. It’s sad that at such a young age he is tormented with such powerful demons.  Please pray for him. 

We also ministered to a beautiful family, pictured with me above. Just days before Christmas, this marriage was nearly crushed but JESUS!

They stayed the course and victory was achieved! They have been following our mission for some time now and finally attended their first meeting. It was unforgettable. Both received deliverance in Jesus!

As soon as I started to pray for Antoinette many demons surfaced and spoke to me. 

“We bring her cancer, we are trying to destroy her. We affect her vision and trying to ruin their marriage,” the demons boasted to me, “We have implanted many darts and arrows into her to bring pain and torment.”

We discovered these demons were rooted generationally as a result of ancestral evil and idolatry. Not only were there demons; there was also a human interject (her jealous sister).

I spoke to her and commanded her to depart. I also spoke to a 5 year old little girl within this woman that had been terribly abused. She was guided to Jesus for healing. She was even able to SEE Jesus! 

Numerous spirits of Jezebel, spirit-husband, destruction, and witchcraft were cast into the pit on this night and they flew out off her! Antoinette was so happy afterwards and testified of feeling ZERO PAIN and was demon free! Her heart was healed and she even testified of seeing the ascended Jesus and how He spoke to her

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