Miraculous Wonders in Pasadena!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

 Another powerful service in Pasadena, California earlier this evening! Here it is well past 4 am and still up! We are seeing some incredible interest in our mission, here in Pasadena. We had to ask the hotel staff, a few times, to bring in more chairs into the meeting hall because of the overwhelming interest in the public meetings.

I shared a teaching on “The Spiritual Weapons Jesus Utilized!” and led everyone in Holy Communion. After Communion, we began to minister to those in the meeting hall. One lady (pictured with me above), to the right of me, began to shake uncontrollably. Demons started to surface and spoke to me.

“There’s 6 of us!,” the spirits of witchcraft boasted to me, “We have been here for many years! We were sent to her by a witch who she met in a church!”

Do not be naive, there are witches operating in churches all over the world. That’s one reason why I tell many to be ever vigilant in churches, as the enemy as infiltrated the churches world-wide, and we must ever be on guard of those wolves in sheep clothing. They are cloaking themselves, everything “Christian,” however, in reality they are warlocks and witches, hoping to destroy and terrorize.

Turns out this witch sent a destruction spell to this woman in an attempt to break up her marriage and to take her finances. Moreover, these witchcraft demons actually invaded her body and mind! It goes even deeper….the demons of witchcraft were also attached to a human interject (a foreign soul part) –the witch that this woman met in a church!

“I want this woman’s money, that’s why I’m in her!,” this human interject revealed to me, “I want to destroy her, sabotage her and control her mind!”

I forced this witch out of her in Jesus name! She departed this precious disciple’s mind!

Then a group of demons named “Queen of Heaven,” surfaced and it was rooted in her soul tie (friendship) with this witch whom she met at church. These spirits were within the witch then transferred to this woman!

“We attack her body! We have been in the witch for a very long time!,” the spirits of Queen of Heaven revealed, “We were in her ancestors because they participated in Mariology (the worship of the Virgin Mary) and offered to idols.”

So, this witch, had ancestors that participated in idolatry –the honoring and worshipping of the virgin Mary thus allowing these demons to enter the family bloodline. Then via a soul tie these same spirits transferred to this woman. The Queen of Heaven demons were furious they had been exposed and wanted to battle me however the Lord’s great holy power was too much and the demons began to weaken significantly.

These demons were driven out in the name of Jesus Christ! I continue on and another group of demons surfaced by the name of Lucifer.

“We entered her blood because her ancestors practiced witchcraft!” the demons revealed to me, “We bring many physical problems into her life! We are not leaving!”

Obviously, these demons were not permitted to stay and were forced out in the name of Jesus! They were cast out into the pit! They flew out of her and INSTANTLY, she was healed of many physical problems and pains! After decades of pain, she was miraculously healed by Jesus! 

Not only was she freed from demons she also encountered a deep inner healing where many heart parts were guided to the Savior for healing. Furthermore, we also discovered this woman possessed a ancestral dissociative identity –a 16 year old girl who had recounted a brief testimony of being placed in a guillotine in Europe, many hundred of years ago! This little girl was released and sent to Jesus for healing. The part was so happy to be sent to the Savior!

So many other miracles and wonders took place and we rejoice in God’s great and wondrous power to restore and heal! We look forward to returning to Southern California. We love all of very much and thank you California for supporting us with your love and prayers in Jesus name!

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