No More Glasses as Jesus Miraculously Heals Eyes!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


For nearly 9 hours we ministered the full-gospel to those who traveled to our meeting last night here in Houston, Texas! NINE HOURS! Most pastors, on Sundays, after a few hours of ministry, are exhausted. God has blessed this mission with extraordinary power and fortitude to press in and minister for long periods of time. For nine long hours, without one single break, I taught from the Holy Scriptures, drove out demons, cured the afflicted, healed the broken hearted, counseled the troubled. I must give praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for this incredible spiritual strength for it is through HIM I can do ALL things!

Mind you, this Sunday meeting was after ministering for many hours the night before, at another location in Houston! The Saturday evening service was quite physical as we had to battle numerous violent demons within a young teenager. I was worn out however Jesus continued to empower me and was able to minister for NINE HOURS! 

We witnessed some amazing miracles last night! We started out small in number but gradually the numbers increased and there were many that were touched by the love and power of Jesus. One lady we ministered to was a young lady whom I’ll refer to as Maria; pictured with me above. 

Maria came with her sister and it was their first time ever attending a deliverance service but they were hopeful to receive a healing from God. Both came from a family involved in Santeria and the occult. Both needed deliverance from evil spirits! As I began to lead everyone in some mass deliverance prayers immediately the Holy Spirit directed my attention to Maria. 

She had been vexed by a co-worker. God revealed this to her distinctly in a dream recently. However, she didn’t know that this co-worker had actually interjected herself into her soul! This human interject, with the aid of a spirit of witchcraft, surfaced. I spoke to this human interject and removed it in Jesus name. Moreover, I commanded the demons of witchcraft to depart! They left too! She immediately felt better and was so happy afterwards! She was shocked and amazed at the power of God!

It’s gets even better….I took off her glasses and told the spirits of blindness to leave her eyes! I asked her to check to see if her vision improved! It had! In fact, ALL of the blurriness LEFT! No more need for glasses as God healed her. 

Maria was very happy to encounter God’s love! Later on, just before the service, she mentioned something beautiful.

“Jay, I can see you from all the way back here,” she shared from the back of the meeting hall, “That wasn’t possible before without the aid of my glasses!”

She was able to SEE me without the glasses! LOVE IT! We have seen so many, now, healed in some manner from varying degrees of blindness. I have great faith in this area; believing Jesus to heal eyes! Not all are healed but many are! 

After many hours of ministry I was about to leave for the night. However, the Holy Spirit had other plans for me! HA! Someone approached me as I walked out of the meeting hall. It was a young lady who looked very distressed. 

“Do you remember me?,” she inquired, “I came to one of your public meetings 2 years ago and you told me I had Jezebel. I was angry at you for that. But, I have come to the conclusion you were right. I want help. Can you help me?”

I was exhausted, yes. But my desire to see people FREE is greater then my desire for rest. So, me, Pastor Rey and a few others ministered to this young lady for the next 4 or 5 hours. Guess who we encountered? Yep, JEZEBEL!

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