Victim of Santeria Ritualism Water Baptized Tonight in Santa Ana!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Another powerful day of  ministry here in Southern California! Earlier, we conducted two private meetings and in each meeting amazing ministry took place that included the deliverance from demons! For the past several days we have been conducting missions in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Pasadena. Tonight, I’m in Santa Ana ministering the gospel. 

In our second ministry session, a young lady whom I’ll refer to as Maria, has been terribly afflicted by demon powers. Maria’s family was involved in witchcraft and Santeria. They participated in sorcery and spiritism in Mexico. She was persuaded to indulge in the occult and she eventually got, in some sense, addicted to the occult. She practiced divination, participated in various forms of the  occult and attended Santeria (a form of Latin American & Caribbean witchcraft) meetings. 

As often the case, occult participation is a slippery slope into deeper and more nefarious activities that includes participating in strange witchcraft ceremonies that involve animal blood. She felt like she was lured into these dark rituals. She was a victim of Santeria. Maria was being tormented and wanted out but didn’t know where to turn to. She turned to many churches. No one dared to intervene. So sad.

She eventually located our mission and ended up at some of our public meetings and demons surfaced. She became fearful, however, so she sought some personal ministry with our ministry team here in Southern California. We intervened. We didn’t allow her to suffer in silence. 

In our ministry session tonight, we discovered her interest in getting water baptized as she wanted to follow the Lord Jesus’s example in water baptism. However, I found out that she not been born again. So, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead her in a salvation prayer to Jesus! 

Mari was rescued by Jesus. She was ready. She wanted to reject Santeria and follow King Jesus! So, I had the high honor to lead her to Christ and then water baptize her, my sister Maria, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

While sitting in the water, she was being attacked by demons however after her water baptism, Maria could feel many of the demons leaving her body. The passing through the holy waters of baptism brought freedom! Immediately, as she emerged from the waters, she was so happy and peaceful! She was experiencing the powers of a sacrament –water baptism. 

As some of you know, we firmly embrace the need for disciples to participate in the sacraments of the church for they point to Jesus and His life. We encourage participating in Holy Communion, water baptism, marriage and the other holy events. They lead into divine life. They provide strength and gives glory to Jesus! 

Maria was really feeling relieved and happy after her baptism. Because of her background in Santeria, she didn’t want us to take a picture of her however we are so happy she made this important decision to follow Jesus! God to be praised!

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