Beware of Warlocks, Witches & Sorcerers!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As I pour over my voluminous notes from our recent ministry sessions over the past few months I am astounded. I glance at the various cases and my heart is grieved. So many hurting hearts, so many many families in need and so many souls needing Jesus! Obviously, we see many souls won to Jesus Messiah, evil spirits driven out, bodies miraculously healed (including my own recently, HA!) however one aspect that deeply touches my heart is the supernaturally healing of broken hearts that we see on a near daily basis and the overwhelming need to confront and force out witchcraft elements out of lives!


The lady, pictured with me above, not only encountered the mighty deliverance power of Jesus over the forces of witchcraft but also the deep inner healing of Jesus. Her heart had been fragmented and yet Jesus came and put it back together. To give you an idea how common this is –the brokenness of hearts and the activity of witchcraft in lives, allow me to give you a sampling of some of the cases we recently encountered. We have ministered to many little parts including:


-A little 4 year old that was “hurt by mommy because she went away.”


-A 8 year old Jewish ancestral dissociative hear part that lived in a concentration camp in Europe.


-A young 3 year old ancestral hurting soul part that had been sacrificed to Satan in a horrific ceremony.


-A little part, only 5 years of age, that had been locked in a phone booth and couldn’t escape.


-A girl part, only 6 years of age: “I fell out of a car that was going fast.”


-A very little child part that was terrorized because she witnessed animal sacrifices that including the killing of wolves, dogs, and cows.


-A pre-teen part that was overwhelmed with rejection because: “My father left me.”


-A 11 year old that was covered with shame and extraordinary emotional pain.


-A little 9 year old part that was raped by demons.


-A little girl only 5 years old that had been been tricked by a demon named Jezebel.


-A very little heart part only 2 years of age that felt abandoned by her mother.


-A teenager ancestral heart part that had survived Nazism in Eastern Europe.


-A angry and abandoned 7 year old.


-A broken 5 year old that experienced deep pain because her parents divorced.


-A teenager that endured an abortion.


-A 9 year old who had their bike stolen.


-A precious 3 year old that was picked on at school.


-Numerous little babies that experienced rejection, fear and torment.


Writing these down for you made my heart sad. So much pain there. Then, moving on to the various human interjects –the warlocks and witches (and others that meant harm)– we encountered was staggering. We have encountered many dozens of cases, in recent weeks, of individuals with these soul invaders.


There were numerous witches, warlocks, and sorcerers that I discovered within the souls of many. I spoke with them, called upon Jesus to deal with them and forced them out (along with the demons attached to them) in the name of Jesus! Many of these witches boasted how they were able to get a personal belonging from their victims which allowed them greater access to their lives.


Remember, the enemy is looking for points of contacts to have the ability to attack you. So, beware, be on guard. We heard many of these warlocks and witchcraft practitioners admit they took a toothbrush, a piece of their hair, a clothing article, fed them food, etc, in an attempt to gain access, into their victims. Often times, these human interjects, these soul invaders, once they gained entry, proceed to attack the broken heart parts. Often times, demonizing them even further.


I’m so happy to report, however, by God’s grace alone, we are doing our small part is rescuing souls! So many tens of thousands set free from demons over the years. So many supernaturally healed and released from human interjects and ancestral dissociation. Then we are training many throughout the world on how to minister in these areas.


Where are the churches and ministries on this? There are evangelistic missions and healing missions however what about missions of healing broken-hearts and releasing people from human interjects –the witches, warlocks and sorcery that hold people in captivity. The enemy would love to stop us and to hurt those who pray and support us. For there are so few missions that work in this area and equip people in this area. We need your holy prayers for God’s protection and empowerment to continue on this vital mission to rescue souls. We also need your financial support.

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