Honolulu: Jezebel Brought Decades of Arthritic Pain, Now it’s GONE!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I still haven’t gone to bed yet! I traveled from Launceston, Tasmania to Melbourne, Victoria, onward to Honolulu, Hawaii. Arriving into Honolulu early this morning, I couldn’t rest. I was wired because of the memorable miracles that transpired in our last mission to Australia. I was recounting them and it furthered my excitement. So, I went swimming out in the ocean instead.


The day just flew by. Our seminar was held right near the famous Waikiki Beach and it was wonderful to see some new and old friends. I taught from the Holy Scriptures and then led everyone in some ministry. It was refreshing to be with some strong disciples of the Lord Jesus!


One lady whom the Holy Spirit directed me to had demons and dissociation. The first group of demons that manifested that numbered in the thousands were the spirits of Jezebel. Since this woman was a strong believer, it barely hung on except that it held onto her ancestral evil.


“There’s a Legion of us here!” the demonic spirits boasted, “We entered her ancestors because they sought to control people. We bring her arthritic pain!”


I discovered that this precious woman had been suffering for more then three decades with horrible physical pain! THREE DECADES OF PHYSICAL PAIN! This was later confirmed by her husband (pictured with me, above, with his wife that was set free).


I am so grateful we were able to intervene and drive out these demons of pain. They departed her body and she was miraculously healed of arthritis pain. No more pain! Amazing Jesus!


Moreover, when ministering deliverance to this woman we discovered she had dissociation. We reached out to a little 8 year old and guided the little girl to Jesus for healing. She was supernaturally healed and testified of feeling so much lighter! Her husband even shared that he had been waiting for her healing for a very long time. Decades of pain vanished within minutes! Think about the quality of issues that this woman will see transformed overnight! She has bene healed by God and will be able to serve Him without hindrance.


What a beautiful day on the Hawaiian Islands. Jesus to be praised!

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