Jesus Signs & Wonders in Missouri! Eyes Healed!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

What a beautiful night in Kansas City, Missouri, at the Blue Hills Church of the Nazarene where Jesus miraculously healed so many people! Again, we had a great turnout as souls assembled desiring to encounter the power and love of Jesus! Soul invaders were removed, sicknesses driven out, evil spirits cast out, ancestral dissociative parts guided to Jesus and broken heart parts healed by Jesus! Amazing night of signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit.

Where do I begin? There were so many miracles that took place on multiple levels. I do want to thank Dr. Troy & Ann Rockers, who serve as our one of mission coordinators, for their love and support. They are located here in the Kansas City area and it was a joy to serve alongside them for the Kingdom of God!

For more then 6 hours we ministered the gospel and many were impacted powerfully including this mother and daughter, pictured with me above. Both of them encountered the power of Jesus! Camille the young daughter was wonderfully set free from numerous demons including demons of Jezebel, witchcraft, rejection and so many others.

While confronting the evil spirits I discovered some of them were holding onto a soul invader, a human interject. His name was Isaiah. He actually surfaced and talked to me.

“I don’t want to leave her!,” her ex-boyfriend told me, “I’m staying with her, to control her!”

Obviously, I didn’t allow him to stay and I forced him out in the name of Jesus. He swiftly departed. This is astounding to come across so many soul invaders in NEARLY EVERY PUBLIC MEETING we are conducting throughout the world. It’s staggering. Even tonight, I encountered many more soul invaders. I’m actually surprised to see so many surface in our meetings. I’m glad we are seeing them GO –these soul invaders are just that –INVADERS! They must be driven to Jesus!

I also encountered numerous heart parts within this young lady. There was a 7, 13, and 17 year old parts that surfaced and spoke to me. The little 7 year old didn’t want to become one with Camille’s heart –because she needed to deliver me a message that deeply touched me:

“Jay, Jesus told me to tell you that He LOVES YOU!”

WOW!!! What more can be said! Jesus loves me! Always love hearing it. Strengthening and encouraging. The two teenagers had merged supernaturally with the heart and now it was the little 7 year old’s turn. She also become one with her heart! This woman was powerfully healed of dissociation.

I then directed my attention to the demonic spirits that had been bringing so much torment and pain into this woman’s life. I focused on Jezebel. I discovered Jezebel had been rooted, generationally, through the mother’s bloodline. So, we led the mother in deliverance and she was powerfully set free!

In the name of Jesus, we confronted the demons named Jezebel and utilized the holy angels of God to battle these demons. The demons groaned and moaned in defeat as the holy angels struck the invading demons with their swords. I placed the fire of God upon these demons and again they moaned and groaned in defeat. Moreover, I punished the demons with my cross of deliverance and they could barely touch it.

“The cross burns us! You know we can’t touch it. It’s too hot!” the demonic forces revealed to us.

After crushing Jezebel with our spiritual weapons, we found out from these demons that they had been bringing blindness to her and causing her not to be able to see clearly (thus her glasses). However, on this night, after Jezebel (along with many other demons) was commanded into the pit, Camille opened her EYES and was SURPRISED that she could actually SEE without the aid of glasses (I took her glasses off during the deliverance). Another miraculous healing of the EYES! I have seen so many dozens in recent years. It’s staggering!

Camille just laughed and laughed with joy and utter peace afterwards. Camille had been set FREE by Jesus and was miraculously healed by HIM! What a wonderful God we serve. I look forward to sharing so many other miracles in the days to come that we witnessed in Kansas City.

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