Set Free from One Million Evil Spirits! Once of Victim, Now a Victor in Jesus!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It was a wonderful night of freedom here in Houston, Texas! I felt at liberty to minister unlike the previous night and God bestowed His holy power upon us. Souls were set free and beautifully healed. It was an honor to serve the people of God!


For nearly 6 plus hours we ministered to those who assembled and a multitude of evil spirits were commanded out of bodies and minds in Jesus name! In fact, one young mother we ministered to, pictured with me above, was delivered of more then 1 million demons!


As I approached her, to pray for her, another human interject (a soul invader) surfaced swiftly. It’s astounding, once again, to think of the many soul invaders that we have been encountering in recent weeks. In nearly every meeting, these human invaders are surfacing and battling me.


The human interject that surfaced from within her, was a family member, who confessed to having cursed her with the powers of witchcraft. I spoke to him.


“I hate her! I want to stay within to destroy her!” the angry invader informed me, “My powers are stronger then your powers! I have cursed her. I light candles and burn incense to send her demons! My powers are greater!”


This is a spiritual challenge which I took him up on. I told him to come up to the front and see if his powers could defeat the powers of Jesus within me. I called forth the holy angels and the power of the fire of Holy Spirit to be with me. The powers of the age to come were present within me.


So…the war commenced….the witchcraft demons within this human interject surfaced. They were furious with me. They moaned and groaned. Moreover, they wanted to war against me. I fought back fiercely.


I commanded the demons to raise their hands to touch my holy cross! They could barely glance at it. Forget even touching it. Finally, I was able to get the holy angels to pick up the arm of the demons and they grabbed my sacred cross. The pain they suffered was immense. They cried out in defeat and agony!


“Jesus is Lord, His power is GREATER!” the demons confessed before everyone in the meeting hall!


The demons were, in fact, defeated, on this night! They submitted to the superior power of Jesus! This caused this human interject great concern for he saw the overpowering power of Jesus; he also confessed that his power was inferior to the powers at work within me. I commanded the human interject out in Jesus name! He left.


We then proceeded to confront more then one million demons named Argon within this mother. Argon was a spirit of witchcraft that came from this family member who injected himself into her consciousness. This family member was a devout warlock who practiced black magic and sorcery. He was preparing to conduct a horrendous blood sacrifice in the near future however he was defeated. He was sent out along with the million evil spirits that were attached to him. They screamed out with loud cries. The demons were vanished! Furthermore, there were more then 100,000 demons named witchcraft within her that were rooted generationally.


“We are here because her family practiced and participated in witchcraft!” the demons informed me, “We control her mind!”


All of these 1.1 millions demons were driven out in the authority of Jesus Christ and they entered the pit! This young mother was so happy to be set free and miraculously healed. She testified before all how peaceful and lighter she felt. Jesus deserves the praise for this!


Yes, there was a intense spiritual battle as many demonic spirits surfaced! They spoke in various kinds of strange tongues. They contorted her body and screamed out of her. The SCREAMS were violent and the demons raged. But JESUS….


There’s always a BUT JESUS…..Jesus rescued this young mother who recently gave birth to a beautiful child. Jesus healed her and has comforted her! No longer a victim of witchcraft but a victor over witchcraft!

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