Spectacular Seminar in Tasmania: Millions of Violent Hindu Demons Expelled & Commanded Into Pit!

 I was thinking perhaps it would be a more laid back event. I would simply teach and pray for a few people and get some good rest and get prepared for a long flight back to North America (Honolulu seminar Sunday at 6pm). The Holy Spirit has other plans! HA! Yes, I taught from the Holy Scriptures for several hours but when I began to minister to those oppressed, many demons surfaced. MILLIONS of them!


As I mentioned they were violent. They lunged at me several times attempting to strangle me. They literally raised up their hands over my head, claw-like, and placed them around my neck in an attempt to choke me. Moreover, they violently hit me with closed fists. They screamed at me. They violently pulled at my shirt and physically attacked me. Some of the demons grabbed a chair and tried to injure their victim. They did manage to cut Joan’s leg though.


We were dealing with very violent demons, within a few woman during our training seminar today (one of the ladies is pictured with her husband above), that possessed supernatural strength. They boastfully told me they would never leave her!


“We are here to stay. We will KILL her! Do you understand! We will KILL her. She will die in 5 years,” the demons told me, “We bring diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, dementia, mental illness and so many pains.”


The demons were demonstrative and were hell-bent on destroying this woman. We discovered much as we continued to battle the demonic spirits within her.


“There’s millions of us in here, in her mind and body!,” the spirits of Hinduism pridefully told me, “We also hold her heart! We bind her and we will KILL her! We have been here for a very long time because her ancestors honored and worshipped us!”


Her family participated in witchcraft, Hinduism, demon-worship and idolatry. They participated in pagan ceremonies, offered to various demon-gods and goddesses and paid allegiance to them. Thus these evil practices, that her ancestors indulged in, opened up this woman to terrible demonization. The demons, simply, flowed from one generation to the next, until dumping on her. Horrible.


The demons warred against me viciously. However the Body of Christ stood their ground and we battled back! I called forth the holy angels of God and they struck the demons with their swords. They groaned and moaned in agony. I utilized the fire of the Holy Spirit and the demons burned as a result. But they continued to fight against me fiercely as there were so many of them. I even utilized my cross and it brought great spiritual pain to the demons and they threw it, at one point, unto the ground, in disgust. All of these weapons wore the evil spirits down however.


Not only did we battle demons during this powerful exorcism, but, we also, encountered little heart parts, that had been fractured because of prior family abuse and hurt. I spoke to a little 6 year old girl and also a little tiny baby that was under tremendous pain. I guided them to Jesus and both experienced the LOVE of Jesus!


It was beautiful to behold! The little heart parts embraced Jesus and felt His soothing comfort. Moreover, Jesus appeared to them and spoke to the little ones. Jesus supernaturally healed the little heart parts and I then guided the little ones back to her heart. Her heart was healed and restored!


We also encountered a an ancestral dissociative identity….this time it was her own father who passed on sometime back. This woman shared earlier that she always felt like her father was within her. He would speak to her and have conversations with her. Well, the reason was because after his death –his spirit went to a eternal place– but a part of his soul was held in captivity by demon powers and were passed on to his daughter.


His name was Ponsami. I spoke to him. He spoke back to me.


“I want to be within my daughter because she is a safe place for me because she knows and loves Jesus. I feel that Jesus is safe.”


Did you serve this Jesus before passing onto eternity?


“No, I worshipped other gods and goddesses and offered my life to them.”


I explained to Ponsami, he couldn’t stay within his daughter, so I sent him out and commanded him to go to Jesus. He swiftly departed. After his expulsion, many demons began to surface with vengeance.


Millions of Hindu spirits named Kali and Shiva surfaced and battled me. I battled back with the assistance from her husband (pictured above with me and his wife) and they eventually confessed Jesus was, indeed, Lord and King! In the power of the Holy Spirit, MILLIONS of these demons were cast out and commanded into the pit! They left her and she immediately felt peace, joy, and love! This woman had been miraculously healed and cured by God! 


After her deliverance, she exclaimed, “I feel peace, I feel free and lighter! No more physical pain. Also, Pastor Jay I feel like I need to start deliverance meetings here in this city!”


Isn’t that beautiful! This woman gets delivered from millions of demons then moments later testifies of the urgent need to start deliverance meetings, in the city, to reach others! My friends, that’s New Testament discipleship. I love it!


Numerous miraculous wonders took place that needs to be reported including the deliverance of a woman that had been invaded by very physical and violent demons of murder, bloodshed, anger, rage, witchcraft, and so many others. These demons attacked me during the seminar and were vicious. Thankfully, God protected and she was powerfully set free! More on her story soon!


By the way, when I walked into the meeting hall, I came upon a woman I prayed for the previous night. She was liberated from the spirits of blindness and Jezebel. Furthermore, her eyes were touched by Jesus and were being healed. She told me a beautiful testimony.


“Jay, you might have noticed, I’m not wearing glasses (this woman, the night before was wearing glasses, however, God healed her). My eyesight has cleared up!”


All praise to God. He is our great God. He is able to perform mighty wonders and miracles. Call upon Him today! He loves and adores you!


Please pray for me to recuperate quickly. I have battled many physical and spiritual challenges. I’m going to bed soon and get some rest for a long journey tomorrow. Thank you for believing in this global mission that is ACTUALLY doing the works of JESUS!

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