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Spirits of Freemasonry & Satan Driven Out of Launceston!

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia conducting meetings and seminars this week! Last night, we held a public deliverance service at a local Baptist church. I was pleasantly surprised to see that nearly every seat in the sanctuary was taken. This is our first mission to the island-state of Tasmania and we are happy to be here to see souls encounter the power and love of Jesus!
For nearly 5 hours we taught from the Holy Scriptures, drove out demons and healed those afflicted. I even had the wonderful opportunity to lead a man who wasn’t sure of his salvation to the Lord Jesus Christ! Moreover, a number of people encountered deliverance from evil spirits. Some of the demons were flying out while doing some renunciation prayers –instant deliverance from ancient curses.
One young man sitting in the back row of the sanctuary manifested demons. They twisted his body, contorted him, and convulsed him. He’s only 14 years of age and yet terribly demonized. I brought him to the front so he could receive more prayer. A few others convulsed and reacted to the authority that was being displayed. Demons were surfacing within many throughout the sanctuary and we were able to minister to the afflicted.
Another young man, that was attending the meeting, manifested demons, he had a demon named Zephysis. This spirit was a generational one that had been in the bloodline because of violence within the family. These demons were commanded into the pit and this young man experienced incredible peace and healing. He sat in a chair slumped over soaking in the presence of God after his deliverance.
One young lady we ministered to whom I’ll refer to as Sarah (pictured above with me, post deliverance) was freed from many evil spirits including those that were rooted in Freemasonry. The demons surfaced quickly and I confronted them.
Her body shook and the spirits glared at me. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived to assist me. I ask the holy angels to draw their swords and strike the invading demons. The demons grimaced in pain and surrendered.
“We have been here for many generations because her ancestors participated in Freemasonry,” the spirits of Freemasonry and Satan revealed to me, “We bring heart attacks, pains, sicknesses, and Parkinson’s. We were waiting to activate the Parkinson’s”
Horrible. Demons are sadistic and cruel beings. They will bring all kinds of diseases and maladies into your life to destroy you hence the need for deliverance and to be proactive in spiritual warfare! I’m grateful we were able to intervene in Sarah’s life.
While confronting the demons we also discovered she also had a human interject –a FAMILY MEMBER WHO HAD BEEN HURTING HER! I spoke to him and forced him out in the name of Jesus! I also encountered a number of little dissociative identities that were within her, they were guided to the Lord Jesus for healing and comfort!
After the demons were commanded into the pit in the name of Jesus; Sarah was then filled with the light of Jesus and testified of feeling peaceful and lighter! Her face shone with the light of Jesus!

Overcoming Witchcraft

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

I have been battling an incredible amount of witchcraft since the beginning of the year and I have been astonished at the amount of souls that have been invaded by witchcraft or been externally attacked by witchcraft that I have ministered to our public meetings. I recall in our last public meeting, a young lady, from Chicago, was being sent witchcraft curses by a neighbor. The neighbor (his name is Tony) had actually invaded her and numerous witchcraft demons.

“Tony, slaughters dogs, cats and many other kinds of animals,” the demons reported to me, speaking through this young lady, “He sacrifices them to US! He sends us to her, to attack her!”

This young lady was being victimized by witchcraft! She knew she was under spiritual attack but had no idea that a neighbor of her’s was actually targeting her to this extent. You never really know my friends. That is why I highly recommend being proactive and staying the course. Be persistent. I, personally, can attest, you must be persistent. Stay the course. You will win!

Moreover, Tony, the neighbor was actually inside of her consciousness and surfaced and spoke to me. He was vindictive and was jealous of her and her family. In response he sent witchcraft curses and demons in an attempt to destroy her and her family! Thankfully, we were able to intervene and drive out Tony (the human interject) and the many demons out of her!

Just before leaving for this long mission journey, my wife and came in contact with a young woman from East Africa who was being victimized by witchcraft. In fact, a specific curse was sent her way– a curse of destruction and death. The witch that was sending it to her, boldly declared she would die by the end of the month! Horrible. I rebuked and cancelled it in Jesus name! But more importantly, I discovered this woman was not a Christian so I led her to salvation in Jesus Christ! Now, she has eternal life!

Witchcraft is a force that needs to be confronted by the power of Jesus Christ. His precious holy blood protects and will force out witchcraft! Call upon Jesus and His sacrificial blood today be upon your family! Spiritually place yourselves under the protective care of the atoning blood of Christ today!

My friends, pray for me and my family. Pray for our protection and I’ll be praying for you in the mighty holy name of Jesus! No weapon formed against us shall prosper. Sure, we may get hit and attacked (and we do) but at the end of the day –we WIN with Jesus! He sustains, strengthens and is triumphant within us! Amen!

Jesus Thrillers: Soul Invaders Surfacing in Seminars!

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

We held a powerful public mission in Honolulu several years ago and it was incredible. Packed meeting hall and many demons surfaced and were expelled in Jesus name! Moreover, a direct descendant of the famous evangelist Smith Wigglesworth of Britain attended our meeting and was set free from spirits of witchcraft! It was an extraordinary meeting! I’m returning, very soon, on Sunday, February 28th! Get the WORD out NOW!

Speaking of this very intriguing topic of “Soul Invaders” raises many questions that I hope to explore with you. In recent weeks, I have seen an explosion of cases where I’m encountering these soul invaders; what I commonly refer to as “Human Interjects.” Simply put these are foreign soul parts (dissociative identities) that do not belong to you but they have invaded you via a soul tie or through witchcraft. I have encountered thousands of cases over the years but I’m astonished to see so many cases surface during our recent public meetings! STUNNED!

I have 15 pages worth of notes in front of me right now; many consisting of cases where these soul invaders have surfaced within people! It’s astounding! Where is the church on this? There are, perhaps, a handful of people in the entire world, that know how to minister to those with these human interjects. Seven BILLION people on earth –many with these soul invaders and, yet, a tiny number of disciples of Jesus with the knowledge on what to do with these soul invaders…this must change!

Soul invader/Human Interject — a soul part of another human being that has invaded you, with an aid of a demon, via a soul tie or witchcraft, with the hopes of remaining in your consciousness so they can accomplish their desires (and/or demon’s desires).

See the young girl pictured above, with me and her mother? She had one of these soul invaders, human interjects. A co-worker of her’s had been performing witchcraft on her at the workplace. This co-worker, while ministering to Melissa (pictured above with her mom), during our recent service, whom I’ll refer to as Jennifer, actually surfaced and spoke to me.

“I want Melissa! I want to bring her to the dark side! I tricked her by telling her I just perform white magic,” Jennifer explained to me confidently, “I sent her a witchcraft blessing and she had no idea it’s really a demon! I tricked her!”

But there’s so much more….we discovered that Jennifer had sent to Melissa many witchcraft spells and curses to bring the sensation of fire into her body. I encountered many demons of voodoo and sorcery within this young woman and her sister, during our meeting in Houston!

“I also use a voodoo doll against Melissa and she has no idea!,” Jennifer, the vindictive co-worker, explained to me, “I’m causing her hair loss, fatigue, sicknesses and so much more!”

This is a aspect of the supernatural realm that the church MUST awaken to! There are, perhaps hundreds of millions, of humans with these soul invaders. Sexual relationships will open you up to this spiritual phenomena. Unhealthy friendships will open you up to this spiritual reality. I could share so much more. The fact is that soul ties and the usage of witchcraft within these soul ties is becoming an spiritual epidemic. Something all of need to consider. Is there a emotional imprint of someone else within you because of the oneness that was created? I have been shocked! It caused me to do a personal spiritual inventory too in relation to these human interjects. HA! I have encountered dozens of cases in recent weeks.

I commanded Jennifer out of Melissa in Jesus name! She left along with the many demons within her! There were spirits of voodoo, Santeria and witchcraft within this young lady. They fought me fiercely. However, when I brought out the cross they were petrified of it and swiftly departed! HA!

This young lady was set free and healed. More works needs to take place however I’m very grateful for the opportunity to extend the compassion of Jesus to this family that desperately needs the power of Jesus! Her sister also received deliverance and healing too!

Souls Experiencing Resurrection Miracles in California & Texas!

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


What an phenomenally blessed year thus far! We are seeing some staggering supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit! Some of the most thrilling miracles we are witnessing are those who are encountering the salvation miracle of Jesus! Entering into salvation brings forth a resurrection miracle; as one’s spirit nature immediately is made alive  and raised into the heavens (see Ephesians 2:6)  to be seated with Christ! We have seen so many souls won to Christ in our many missions this year! 


In Houston, Texas this weekend, it was AMAZING! Make your plans NOW on being with us the first weekend of March when we travel back to Houston for a series of powerful seminars and meetings. Let’s pack out the meeting hall! I’m believing for even more HOLY SPIRIT WONDERS! We will also take some time to teach on some deeper deliverance issues such as dissociative realities, human interjects and ancestral dissociation. These past few weeks we have encountered numerous individuals with foreign soul parts within their lives. I was even amazed at the amount of people surfacing these human interjects.


This past weekend, we witnessed a beautiful resurrection miracle I would like to share with you, in greater detail. You might recall in my last email report I shared a wonderful testimony where a precious saint from East Africa shared, in part, this:


Before I came to the meeting I asked God to reveal to you what needed to be done for me to be completely free of the hell I have endured all this long. That was the first time someone ever dealt with the husband spirit and the ones to do with being buried in the grave. Every night these demons will attack me when am sleeping and I will feel like am dying, sometimes they say to me that am already dead…”


As we ministered to this woman, we discovered she had numerous evil spirits rooted in African sorcery and witchcraft! These ancient spirits of python, serpent, divination, animal demons and so much more were driven out in the name of Jesus!


The spirits manifested aggressively and violently. They contorted her body and twisted her limbs! The power of Jesus however conquered these demons and were commanded into the pit! As we encountered these many demons, I made sure the demons released the little heart parts that were being held captive by these disgusting demons.


There were many heart parts surfacing –including one that was only 5 years of age! This little dissociative identity was there because this woman, when she was only 5 years old was placed in a GRAVE in the midst of a sickening voodoo ritual! Horrific. That kind of sadistic and nefarious abuse brought about some severe  dissociation within the child. Her placement in a open grave, in East Africa, during a witchcraft ceremony, brought forth powerful demons into her life and her heart fragmented. The demons kept on referring to the little one as being dead! She was, in a sense, in death, as she was STILL stuck in the grave after all of these years!

This is why this woman kept on struggling with issues of death; why she felt like she was dying. A part of her was dying –a little dissociative identity– that was stuck in the GRAVE! In Jesus name I breathed LIFE into her and raised that little girl out of the GRAVE in JESUS name! She exited out of the grave and was placed into the resurrection life of JESUS! Amazing healing took place! 

Yes, I have raised those who have physically died (no breathing, no pulse) back to LIFE. I have also raised back to life numerous dissociative identities that had died or were nearing death! Then, of course, as we travel and proclaim the gospel, we are introducing souls to the resurrection life of Jesus –allowing them to move from death into eternal LIFE –the miracle of the NEW BIRTH!

STUNNING: Emergency Room then Violently Assaulted by Demons!

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Our Houston meeting was jammed packed tonight and was happy to see everyone was excited! I felt the spiritual electricity in the meeting hall tonight as many assembled believing they would receive from God! We had families and individuals travel in from North Carolina, Illinois, Louisiana and throughout Texas to receive a miracle of deliverance and healing. Many were healed and set free from demons powers.


I’m on this spiritual high! Here it is well after 5am and still up. From very exciting seminars in Southern California to our enthusiastic meetings in Texas; I’m really sensing a greater empowerment on this global mission. I’ll definitely be returning more to South Texas in the weeks to come with more seminars and meetings ( next scheduled Houston meeting is Sunday, March 6th, make your plans on attending, I believing in the meeting hall will be standing room only next time ). 


To be honest with you, I didn’t even know if I would even make it to Houston for this evening’s service. Because the night before I seriously injured my right leg while playing my three kids, in a freakish accident. I was rushed to the emergency room, at a local hospital, in horrible pain (and I have great tolerance for pain too). The pain was so great I wasn’t even able to walk into the emergency room. I was placed in a wheel chair (I did not like that). I was examined by the attending physician and placed in some crutches.


The next morning I woke up in terrible pain. Again, wasn’t able to walk. I was about to cancel the service –however that definately didn’t feel right. So, I pressed through the pain and at some point while preparing to leave for Houston, I was miraculously healed by Jesus! Here the doctor told me it would be a week or so before I could return to normal activities. But, within hours, I was traveling onward to Houston, with my wife very concerned, where I ministered, non-stop, for 9+ hours! I was teaching from the WORD, leading in Holy Communion, and casting out demons in Jesus name! PAIN FREE! WOW, Jesus! I’m amazed too! HA!


The intensity of the meeting was something to behold –I was physically assaulted by a demonized individual (including one of the ladies pictured with me above). Chairs were violently thrown, Bibles thrown, Holy Communion dispersed, and threats made. At one point the demons lunged at me with fury!


“WE HATE YOU, WE HATE YOU, WE HATE,” the demons of murder, Leviathan, witchcraft and death informed me, “You WILL DIE!”


These spirits were very aggressive and physically hit me. Hoping to intimidate me. Obviously, they failed and they were commanded into the pit in Jesus holy name! What transpired was the beautiful work of God which I want to share with all of you! Many were liberated from demons during our service. Many were miraculously healed –even eyesight improved, pains disappeared, sicknesses cured and maladies miraculously healed. Jesus is at work!


Moreover many heart parts were supernaturally healed, human interjects removed and lives restored! What beautiful work was accomplished tonight! In fact, one of the ladies we ministered to tonight, from East Africa, just emailed me this incredible report:


“Praise the Lord God Almighty! The God of Israel. Hallelujah to Jesus Christ. I attended your deliverance meeting in Houston, and that was a divine appointment that you prayed for me. You came were I was sitting and you commanded the husband spirt to come out, that took me by surprise, since you were taking us through the prayer against witchcraft. That was God who revealed that to you, I have things vibrating in my private parts and I have gone through many different deliverances but the people ministering to me could never figure out what these spirits are, because of that, other spirits would never leave. 

Since 1998 I have diligently prayed and sought deliverance, In some cases they would manifest but never leave, in fact the vibrating in my body was a manifestation that never left. I felt strongly, that whatever spirit was behind the vibrating in my private part was the key to defeating all the others. Before I came to the meeting I asked God to reveal to you what needed to be done for me to be completely free of the hell I have endured all this long. That was the first time someone ever dealt with the spirit husband and the ones to do with being buried in the grave. 

Every night these demons will attack me when am sleeping and I will feel like am dying, sometimes they say to me that am already dead, I will dream dead people all the time, my sleeping time has been hell. Many things came out as you prayed for me, broken heart pieces were healed.  Am going to continue to resist and fight for my freedom but what you did for me, words are not enough to express my gratitude,  thank you, thank you very much!”

Professor with Parts, Ivy League Graduate with Demons & Missionary Cursed?

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Dear Friends of Jesus,


This past month we have been greatly encouraged by the response to our many seminars and meetings in California. That is why we are returning with an even more extensive mission in the coming months! Every meeting Jesus miracles took place –ASTOUNDING MIRACLES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! In fact, a doctor, who attended our service, vividly described to me everything that transpired as we ministered the gospel. While listening to him, I was STUNNED! The wondrous things he saw was EXTREMELY POWERFUL. I should have videotaped it (Tom: please send me a video testimony of what you saw so I can share with everyone). I have rarely heard such things; that Tom spoke of and I have heard and witnessed some awesome miracles.


What’s really amazing is that this doctor is a new disciple. He converted to Christ just one year ago! Simple amazing! The acts of the Holy Spirit that were displayed were phenomenally thrilling —multiple appearances of Jesus in our midst (including one where Tom saw Jesus embracing me while I ministered to a highly dissociative woman), multiple apperances of holy angels, multiple times seeing the literal fire of God descending upon us, and so much more. I’m thrilled to share with you these wonders of God that will inspire you!


In recent seminars in Southern California we have encountered many dozens of souls with demonic bondages and dissociative elements. Jesus has freed so many! It’s astounding to think, nearly everyone, we ministered to, whom had demons, also possessed dissociation (a broken heart with seperate identities). Some cases were very intriguing.


For example, one 70 year old precious woman, attended one of our seminars, wanting to learn and receive deliverance. She didn’t know to what extent the depth of her demonization. She came with many questions. However, she did know she was victim of witchcraft from someone in the Middle East. While ministering to her, she had many evil spirits surface including an ancient Jezebel spirit rooted in her childhood abuse.


Moreover, Jezebel was holding in captivity a number of dissociative identities. One little part was stuck in fear and terror for more then 67 years! This only speaks of the urgency for all of us to reach broken hearts so little heart parts can be released from their hurt, trauma, and pain.


What made this case even more intriguing is the fact that this disciple was a university professor who possessed a doctorate in psychology. Yet, with her experience and all of her formal education, she had no idea of what lurked within her soul –dissociative identities and demonic forces. The demons were expelled and her heart encountered a beautiful healing.


In another meeting, a young man, came to our deliverance and healing service with the hopes of finding relief and deliverance from witchcraft. He was oppressed with many spirits of sorcery and Santeria; that had been sent to him by those involved in witchcraft. They had been targeting him. We discovered, as we were ministering to him, that he was a graduate of a very prestigious Ivy-league university, yet, he was terribly demonized. This past weekend, he attended a few of our seminars and received some wonderful freedom.


We also met up with a young man, who suddenly showed up to one of our recent meetings, who had been serving as a missionary in Europe and now serves an apologetics ministry that is focused on defending the Christian faith. He came deeply troubled and demonized. He was unfamiliar with the deliverance ministry and yet as the meeting went on; he began to realize he was in deep need of the ministry of liberation. He was entering an altered state of consciousness and was stunned to see the extent of his demonization. He believed he was a victim of witchcraft too while ministering in Western Europe.


The professor, the Ivy-league graduate, and the missionary were all victims of witchcraft and had no idea the extent of their demonization and dissociation. They are not alone, I have discovered most people, world-wide, have no idea to the extent they are demonized and broken. Thus the need for this ministry to GO PUBLIC! Join me in this mission. Support us and pray for us in Jesus name!

Lord Jesus v Laughing Buddha! God’s Love Prevails! Must READ!

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Our meetings are infused with this love. Thousands of are testifying of this. Look at the picture above; you will SEE three beautiful disciples (from Singapore, China & Taiwan respectively) who are encountering God’s pure and holy love in our meetings. In our most recent service at the Temple of Salvation, in West Hollywood, all three surfaced a spirit named ‘Laughing Buddha.’

There are various forms of Buddha, within Buddhism, and behind each form is an evil spirit, I have discovered. I have confronted these demonic spirits in various lands in Asia and throughout the world. Make no mistake about it Buddhism is a global religion (estimated half-billion adherents). A spiritual force to be aware of. In Southern California, due to it’s large Asian population (which many have adopted Buddhism as their religion), we are seeing many, in our seminars and meetings being set free from Buddhist demons; including the three precious disciples above.


I see all three being powerfully being used of God to reach many others. In fact, my two sisters above, who have experienced significant deliverance from Buddhist demons, are already evangelizing others and driving out demons in Jesus name! I’m really proud of them. They will be ordained before too long.


It was so interesting, during our service, in LA, as we were breaking witchcraft and ancestral idolatry, numerous demons surfaced including this Laughing Buddha, and all three of my friends started to laugh hysterically, in some cases. It was the Laughing Buddha. All of the Laughing Buddhas were driven out in the name of Jesus. More works need to take place however Jesus prevailed and all three are experiencing God’s amazing love!


After our meeting in West Hollywood, we held another service in Pasadena, this past weekend, which I spoke of in my last email report. However, I failed to mention, that after our public service, I was up for another a few hours ministering, with a few other ministers, to a young lady, who traveled more then 6 hours to receive healing and deliverance. Her story was fascinating. She first attended one of our public services in Ohio, many years ago, then recently attended one of our San Francisco services. Desperate for intervention, she located our meeting in Southern California, attended and was deeply impacted by God’s love.


During the public service, demons erupted within her. Many spirits named Lucifer. They were rooted in horrific abuse that took place in her life at age 2 (a little dissociative identity surfaced, during the ministry time, that was two years of age); as a daycare that was operated by Satanists. The demons were confronted with the power of the cross of Jesus! We were not able to do much ministry however we did take the time out for her, after the service, to encourage her, to love her and to draw up a plan to rescue the many other heart parts (we discovered many more parts existed). Please pray as we seek to drive out these demons and heal her broken heart!


Later on, she wrote and poured out her heart to me. I was deeply encouraged. She writes, in part:


“Jay, I felt His love last night like never before. Peace I’ve never known except at this last meeting in Pasadena flooded my heart. Thank you again for your kindness, patience, understanding and love. You and your team. Its made such a difference already. You crossed a barrier of mistrust when you said you wouldn’t raise your voice to those parts. And made sure they knew you were addressing “the monsters” not them. I have always been extremely sensitive to tone of voice. Most of all you ve not showed any sign or interest of taking advantage of me spiritually or emotionally. Which is probably the greatest gift of all after all thats happened in my history with the church.”

This beautiful soul is in need of our prayers. Thanks for supporting this mission as we seek to be a safe place for hurting souls world-wide! A place of LOVE, the love of Jesus!