In New York: Pastor Set Free from a Soul Invader Infused with Witchcraft

It’s great to be back in New York! It’s cold here but my heart has been warmed up by the power of the Holy Spirit! Though we were small in number, Jesus performed amazing miracles tonight! We had individuals and families traveling great distances to be part of these meetings. A father and son, pictured with me above, traveled many hours to be present. Both received healing and freedom from demons.


After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I began to pray for those tormented with evil spirits. Steve (the father, pictured above) in a concerned voice said, “Jay, I feel chills and feel something taking over me.”


As I approached him, he began to go into convulsions and he slipped off his chair onto the ground. The demons groaned and moaned in reaction to our mighty commands in Jesus name! Many demonic spirits surfaced from within him including generational spirits of death, murder, rage, hate, and witchcraft. Moreover, a soul invader surfaced — a WITCH!


“I have been doing witchcraft against him because he’s a pastor,” this witch shared with me, “I wanted to destroy his ministry and his family!”


Turns out this woman was once involved in the church that he pastored. Steve, is a pastor of a Society of Friends church (a Christian denomination that is located throughout the globe) who also ministers deliverance and healing to the afflicted. A person whom he counseled had demonized dissociative identities that were programmed to attack the church. It goes deeper –these parts were able to enter this pastor (at some point during a weakened moment he was targeted by witchcraft and the door was opened for invasion).


So, here’s a demonized pastor with a human interject! The soul invader –the witch– was removed in Jesus name. Many demons named witchcraft and Jezebel that was attached to this soul invader surfaced with fury.


“We can’t get up off this ground. Release us! We are pinned to this ground,” the demons informed me with frustration, “We need to get off this ground.”


The holy angels has literally pinned this man down to the ground to restrict the demonic movements. The holy angels greatly assisted us and ministered alongside us in power. The powers of the fire of the Holy Spirit greatly burned these demons and the demons reacted in utter defeat!


The demons were removed in the name of Jesus and commanded into the pit and some heart parts were located and healed by Jesus! Then, obviously, the witch was removed!


During the deliverance, his son also received incredible deliverance and healing. This young man is transformed! He’s so different. Light was shining off his face and he was genuinely happy! I’m so proud of them both! I really see them ministering the gospel in great power in the years to come.


Steve, was powerfully testifying of his healing and deliverance! He was excited to be set FREE by Jesus! By the way, this pastor is a student in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and he is almost ready to graduate from the Premier Levels. Two ministry partners who assisted me in this deliverance were two Canadian pastors whom I ordained.

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