Islamic Soul Invader Infused with an Ancestral Heart Part Driven Out in Richmond, Virginia!

I’m here in Richmond, Virginia, where earlier I conducted another public mission. One lady, pictured with me above, we ministered to had been following the ministry work for sometime now and was desperately needing deliverance and healing. After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister to her. The demons cried out with a loud voice and declared they would not be leaving!


“We are NOT leaving her!” the demons confidently told me, “We do NOT like you. We hate you!”


We discovered there were thousands of evil spirits within her including spirits of hate, death, torment, Jezebel, and a number of ancestral spirits rooted in horrific ritualism. There was a group of demons named witchcraft that told me this:


“We have been here for a very long time because her ancestors participated in baby sacrifices, satanic oaths, drank blood, and ate humans!” the disgusting demons revealed to me, “We entered when her ancestors practiced witchcraft!”


We also discovered along with the demons were some soul invaders, namely her ex-husband! He actually surfaced and confessed to being a Muslim.


“I serve Allah,” he confidently told me, “I practice witchcraft and have sent curses to her in an attempt to destroy her!”


Along with this human interject, this soul invader, was an ancestral heart part that was attached to the ex-husband. The ancestral heart part was named Sheik. He came through the generations and attached himself to her ex-husband and when he married his wife, all three (that includes Sheik) became one, in a sense. Thus the need for deliverance for couples, pre-marriage, if possible. As the Holy Scriptures teach, when two come together, in marriage, oneness take place. At that point spiritual elements can be transferred on multiple levels.


This is STUNNING! Another public encounter with a soul invasion. I can see this taking place in every public meeting or nearly every meeting. Think about it for a moment –EVERYONE– has some soul ties that could be utilized as spiritual bridges that could allow this phenomena to take place. It’s very common. I estimate, I could locate a soul invader in most people, if I had the time. 

This Muslim who worked with the powers of witchcraft confessed, however, that his powers were not superior to those that I possessed in Jesus Christ! He bowed his head and admitted:


“Your powers are too great! In fact, I cannot even touch the CROSS you hold,” he told me in a utterly defeated manner.


I chuckled with the fact he couldn’t hold my CROSS! I have seen many hundreds of supernatural miracles with this CROSS! Many people testifying of feeling heat come off it. Many demons cry out in agony by simply touching it. Many evil spirits cannot even draw near it.


The Muslim was sent to Jesus along with Sheik (the ancestral heart part). Many demons were then commanded into the pit! As the demons departed; numerous ancestral heart parts that traveled down the family bloodline surfaced. There were many.


One sad part recalled being in a village, many hundreds years ago and being invaded by soldiers and Indians. No doubt during one of America’s Indian Wars. The little part spoke of many being massacred and watching the horrific events. Witnessing war will cause dissociation. I led this little one to Jesus and all of the others. They were ready to be rescued. Jesus comforted them and healed them.


Moreover, this precious woman, was healed physically as pains and torments came out of her and she testified of feeling so much lighter and better! In fact, in the middle of the deliverance, I took off her glasses, and when the demons were driven out of her in Jesus name, she shared how her eyesight immediately improved! Another eyesight healing miracle! Amazing Jesus!


The last remaining demons we encountered were rooted in European folklore –the worship of fairies. A demon surfaced that was boastful in seducing her ancestors in the worship of fairies (ancient mythological creatures that are in reality evil spirits masquerading as fairies).


“We appeared to her ancestors and lured them in the forests, where we appeared to them,” the demons told me, “We then played with them and when they communed with us, we then entered their bloodline!”


Some of the ancestors even began practicing the darker elements of the occult and indulged into voodoo and the dark arts of Satan! More powerful demons entered the family line and thus this woman’s demonization! But praise be to God, there is mercy, grace and God’s unfailing love! He rescued this woman and she was set free from these demons as we commanded them out of her in Jesus name! She was liberated and she was so thankful!

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