Jezebel Savagely Struck My Head! Then Jesus Responded!

What a beautiful night filled with snowfall here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m enjoying seeing the snow however I’m feeling very sore. My body is aching. My head is throbbing and neck very tense. I was viciously assaulted by demons. I sustained multiple violent and brutal strikes to my head. It’s one thing to get hit in your leg but sustaining barbaric blows to the head is something entirely different.


After getting hit in the head I suffered some dizziness and couldn’t clearly think. I was dazed. I continued on with the ministry but clearly I was feeling the after effects of the brutality of the demonic warfare that transpired. Allow me to explain what  occurred during our evening service tonight.


From the very beginning our seminar was disrupted by demonic activity. There were SCREAMS –bloodcurdling screams, violent outbursts, demons yelling out profanity and blasphemy, demons crying out accusations and slander against the ministers of God. I continued with the teaching from the WORD and led everyone in Holy Communion. Then the violence erupted.


I might have prayed for a few people –demons were being expelled in the name of Jesus when suddenly the Holy Spirit led me to minister to Lisa, pictured above, post deliverance! As soon as I approached her –numerous demons surfaced including the barbaric Jezebel! Her body convulsed violently. Her eyes turned into murder and cursed me. Blasphemed. Mocked. Then the demon resorted to brutality.


Make no mistake about it –Jezebel is a wicked witch. She is bloodthirsty and has no respect for God’s servants. Did she not hunt down God’s prophets in an attempt to destroy them in the Old Testament era? She is a destroyer and will kill. These kinds of spirits are murderous. I witnessed this reality tonight.


As Jezebel surfaced so did many broken heart parts of Lisa. I was able to comfort them and send them to Jesus for healing. I also encountered Lisa’s Dad. He was cruel man. He was a soul invader. I expelled him and guided him to Jesus!


Jezebel was furious with me, especially after rescuing a little heart part that was only 4 years of age. Jezebel had enslaved that part for many years, now it was rescued. Jezebel was extremely violent at this point and looked at me with murder!


The Jezebel demon tried to overpower me with extreme violence. It started striking at my head. The severe blows to my head caused me go dizzy and affected my cognitive skills. I wasn’t thinking clearly. Even now, I’m somewhat, not totally cleared up yet. Please pray for me.


The violent strikes to my head was powerful in that I could feel the demonic force behind the hits to the skull. After a series of strikes to the head, I thought to myself I would be in some serious physical trouble if it kept on hitting me with this kind of force into my head. God protected me for anymore strikes.


I was able to cast out with the help of two ministry  patterns –Pastors Pedro and Ron– these Jezebel demons. They SCREAMED out and they entered the pit. Lisa was immediately FREED and was so happy she jumped up and down!


“Jay, I’m FREE! I’m so happy! I feel so light!” Lisa testified!


Then she laid on the ground and soaked up the joys of Jesus FREEDOM! It was beautiful to see!

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