Miraculous Miami: Jesus Appeared & Millions of Evil Spirits Exorcised!

Here in South Florida conducting powerful seminars and public meetings. Was in West Palm Beach yesterday conducting a service. Tonight I’m in the vibrant city of Miami where we held another amazing meeting! We started out with a few disciples however our meeting hall was quickly filled up over the duration of the seminar. It was really encouraging to hear from two ladies who had been impacted by our ministry over the years!


One lady, originally from Taiwan, testified before everyone that she was a Buddhist when she first attended our California meetings but after receiving freedom from strong Buddhist spirits, in one of our ministry sessions, she decided to follow Jesus. She could SEE with her very own eyes the reality of His love and power!


Another lady, originally from Europe, testified, before everyone, of being miraculously healed from serious ailments and afflictions and freed from evil spirits in some of our Texas meetings. As a result, others in her family began to seek out deliverance ministry, in our meetings, in other locations, throughout the country. Amazing!


Not many knew but tonight I was very weakened physically. Not feeling well at all. I have been aggressive in this Florida mission –traveling and preaching the gospel! Jesus has truly sustained me. After teaching from the Holy Scriptures for a few hours and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I began to minister to souls. The first lady I reached out to was this precious woman whom I’ll refer to as Lydia (see her beautiful picture above, post deliverance).


Many demons surfaced including Jezebel, control, spirits of ancient idolatry, murder and MILLIONS of spirits named Beelzebub!


“We are here because her ancestors, thousands of years ago, participated in killing and murder! They worshipped other gods!” the demonic spirits were forced to reveal to me, “We also bring sicknesses to her and pains!”


For the remainder of the meeting we ministered to this precious disciple. We encountered some hurting and very sad heart parts that surfaced. They were guided to Jesus for healing. We encountered some ancestral heart parts. They were also guided to Jesus for healing. We also encountered a soul invader, a human interject —her own mother!


“I need to control her! I will not leave!” she forcefully told me.


Obviously, Mom has demons and this dissociative identity had demons attached to it also. I commanded Mom to depart and to go to Jesus! Moreover I commanded the demons to the pit!


Also during the exorcism, I discovered a 14 year old part. This part was able to SEE JESUS! Jesus appeared and ministered comforting love. In fact, she laughed and laughed with JESUS JOY for a long time –captured by JESUS JOY!

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