My Encounter with Millions of Queen Mermaid Spirits in British Columbia

Our most recent mission to British Columbia was energized by the power of the Holy Spirit –in EVERY seminar, meeting and personal ministry session souls experienced supernatural healing and deliverance from evil spirits. In, fact, sitting in front of me, is a stack of notes taken from all of these recent missions. The mass number of cases we intervened in is astounding. Jesus worked so powerfully in numerous lives thus transforming the family tree of many for generations to come.

Take for example these young people pictured with me above, post deliverance, after a recent seminar, in Vancouver, British Columbia. This family will forever be changed as a result of the deep work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. These young ladies have been attending our meetings the past year and have received some amazing freedom as a result. It has been layer after layer –but the layers are falling off and they are encountering the risen Jesus!

In our last meeting, in beautiful downtown Vancouver, they came with their mother and their cousin (also pictured with me above). All of them received some ministry of deliverance. The young ladies both manifested aggressive demons and they surfaced with force!

They contorted their bodies, twisted their limbs in an grotesque manner, they looked out of their eyes and boastfully told me they were extremely powerful beings. They were confident in battling me.

“We are sitting on a throne in the heavens!,” these group of demons informed me, “We are the Queen of the Mermaids! We entered because her ancestors honored us and participated in blood ritualism. They sacrificed babies to us!”

Mermaids are essentially water spirits (demons). They are located in Middle Eastern, Asia, and European mythological lore. These creatures are often depicted as having tails of a fish and possessing a woman’s head. They have been honored by millions through the generations, throughout the world. This young lady had ancestors that honored these demons.

“Some within her family fantazied being with us, then we entered her bloodline,” the Mermaid demons revealed to me, “We entered their fantasies and here we are! There’s MILLIONS of us here!”

There were millions of these demons within this young lady! Her sister had many too, including spirits of witchcraft. These demons were VERY LOUD! We are speaking of BLOOD-CURDLING SCREAMS! I’m astonished that the hotel staff didn’t barge into the large conference hall and demanded us to leave their facility. It was that loud! The demons, no doubt, were reacting to the superior power of the Lord Jesus Christ! They were being forced to submit and they hated it! HA!

I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived. The angelic assistance in our recent seminars and services have been increasingly awe-inspiring. They have assisted me in restraining potential violence, in position people so I could minister to them without the demons causing them to fall down to the ground, and binding up the invading demons. They have struck their enemies with holy swords which have caused demons to weaken dramatically. Those attending our seminars have been AMAZED and awed by God’s power over evil!

These Queen Mermaid demons were commanded into the pit in the name of Jesus! They departed! We also were able to rescue many heart parts too and guided them to safety and healing in Christ. Moreover, we encountered a soul invader in one of the sisters –a friend of theirs named Jessica!

“I’m jealous of them,” Jessica told me, “I have been doing witchcraft against them and they had no idea! I’ll get what I want from them!”

Obviously, Jessica was removed in Jesus name! As these two sisters were freed from MILLIONS of demonic spirits, they were extremely happy –LOOK at their SMILES! I love seeing young people experiencing freedom now and breaking generational curses NOW instead of waiting for 20, 30, or 40 years down the road! Let’s rescue young souls NOW!

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