Persian Muslims Confessed Jesus is Lord in Santa Ana Mission!

I’m currently down the street from our international mission offices in Newport Beach. It’s a gorgeous night here in Orange County! Left hot and humid Houston for refreshing and cool Southern California! Earlier tonight, in neighboring Santa Ana, we held a public deliverance service where we taught from the Holy Scriptures and ministered to those bound by evil spirits.


Prior to ministering deliverance to the captives I inquired if anybody wanted to be born again. Two Persian Muslims raised their hands. I had the wonderful opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with them. As I shared the love of Jesus with them, I could SEE the intense interest they had. They stared at me with incredible desire to learn more. I presented the loving Savior and they responded by praying with me to receive Jesus as Lord! 


As many of you know, we are always honored to receive Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and those from other alternative spiritual backgrounds to attend our services. They feel welcomed and I’m happy to receive them in Jesus name! We are here to rescue souls! To pour out love and grace to each and every soul!


During the deliverance service we ministered to a first-generation disciple who manifested demons named “Witch.”


“We are here because she enjoys the Disney fairy tales!”


Interesting! As some of you might be aware much of Disney’s movies are filled with occult themes and witchcraft. Since she enjoyed the movies (that is the movies with the witchcraft) so much –many demons entered her. They had a broom, a pot, some potions and spells with them.


“We would like to leave these things inside of her body,” the demons informed me.


I commanded the demons to take everything they had brought into this woman and to depart. They obeyed in Jesus name! There were also many demons named “Goat,” within her. They revealed they were spirits of Satan that took upon the form of a goat!


“We are here because her ancestors participated in death. There was killing, murder and bloodshed,” the spirits revealed, “We are here to destroy her!”


All of these demons were driven out of her in the name of Jesus! this woman felt really good afterwards! Moreover, a soul invader surfaced named Dr. Jones. He spoke to me.


“I love this woman. Can I please stay within her?” he inquired.


We discovered that Dr. Jones was a friend of her’s in the past whom she was romantically connected with for a period of time. I commanded him to leave too in Jesus name. He departed.


We ministered to others and souls were FREED! Including a young man who just found out about our services recently. He came and learned. He also experienced a mighty deliverance from demons. We drove out demons named depression, fear and witchcraft in the name of Jesus! He was so happy afterwards –to finally experience FREEDOM!

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