Soul Saved After Watching Jesus Miracles in New Jersey!

It’s well after 2am and exhausted. We left frigid (it was snowing) Buffalo, New York and traveled to Newark, New Jersey, where we conducted a public meeting for more then 5 hours. To think, just a few days we were on the border of Mexico and now we are on the border of Canada, is amazing. It’s been non-stop. 

I often tell people that the ministry of evangelism, healing and exorcism is laborious. It’s a joy but it’s hard work. Fighting demons takes energy, vitality, and courage. Then on top of that the grueling travel schedule. It’s stunning, actually, that in the past 5 years I have conducted more then 1,500+ ministry events, on 6 continents, involving more then 1,000+ days of traveling

Yes, you read that correctly. Jesus has truly sustained me. In the midst of that extensive ministry schedule I have endured horrible physical attacks, shed blood numerous times, terribly spiritually assaulted and other intense troubles. 

However, during this phenomenal time I have witnessed the glorious power of the Holy Spirit –Jesus has saved so many souls, cured bodies, healed hearts and driven out so many demons! We have seen God perform incredible miracles. Moreover, we have seen God raise up a supernatural army throughout the world who are carrying on the work of the Kingdom! Everywhere we go, we see Jesus equipping and empowering His disciples for greater works! 

Jesus desires for greater works, to take place here on earth! It’s been an honor to serve Him and see these stunning displays of His might! Here in Newark, New Jersey, we witnessed mighty wonders.


Nearly everyone I ministered to, tonight, here in Newark, New Jersey, had a soul invader. Again, I’m shocked! I’m coming across so many cases in recent months. Numerous soul invaders were removed, hearts were supernaturally healed and numerous evil spirits were commanded into the pit in the name of Jesus. Moreover, a lady with eyesight afflictions was miraculously healed by Jesus –everything became much brighter and clearer– without the aid of her glasses!


Towards the end of the service, the Holy Spirit told me quite clearly to minister to Drew, pictured with me above! For HOURS, Drew sat in the meeting hall and witnessed MIRACLES of healing and deliverance. People were obtaining freedom from evil spirits, hearts were being restored and bodies repaired. All of these miraculous wonders were touching Drew’s soft heart.


After casting demons out of a woman, I began to pray over Drew. Demons surfaced and convulsed him. They spoke to me along with some soul invaders that had invaded his body unbeknownst to him.


A boss was present and a friend of his. His boss had been sending him witchcraft in an attempt to destroy him. His friend was also present within him. I inquired why he was present.


“I’m trying to persuade him to become a Hindu!” his friend told me, “I am a Hindu and worship Vishnu.”


Vishnu is a significant spiritual entity within Hinduism honored by hundreds of millions of Hindus throughout the world. This demon, portraying as a god, has seduced millions upon millions. This Hindu, along with this demon tried to seduce Drew into idol-worship. I commanded the Hindu out of his body and confronted the demons attached to the soul invader –the spirits of Vishnu. During the exorcism, Vishnu confessed that Jesus was indeed Lord over all. So, this demon along with all of the others were commanded out and into the pit in Jesus name! They departed!


As Drew shared how good he felt I inquired of his salvation and he shared that he had never been born again before. In fact, Drew spontaneously began to cry. He sobbed and sobbed in repentance. He was truly sorry for his sins. God forgave him and saved him. Drew was led to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! God truly rescued this young man and gave him the gift of eternal life!


As you can see this Jesus mission is about evangelizing the world. We see souls won to Jesus Messiah all the time! Our meetings are great places for unbelievers to come and watch the miracles, as in many cases these people will SEE the miracles and feel God’s love and will thus be rescued by the Savior!


Point in case –Drew. He came, watched, and was rescued. In fact, Drew shared that he felt so much comfort, peace and LOVE in the meeting hall. Jesus and His peace was very evident. God’s love rescued Drew and he was so HAPPY afterwards!

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