Southern California: Nuns Dancing During Black Mass?

We have been enjoying favor as we continue our ministry here in Southern California. For the past few nights in the city of Pasadena we have been conducting evening seminars with the hopes of equipping the church on spiritual warfare and reaching bound souls with the power of freedom found in Jesus Christ! Both nights were well attended and many were delivered from demonic oppression and miraculously healed.

Moreover, each night souls were won to the Lord Jesus Christ including a Muslim man who confessed Jesus is Lord! Even last night, a practitioner of witchcraft surrendered to God and publicly renounced witchcraft! Amazing miracles taking place in our meetings!

One lady we ministered to was Marsha, pictured with me above. She’s in her 60’s and has attended a previous seminar where she encountered some powerful deliverance from demons. She came back last night for more deliverance and healing. What we witnessed was astounding –in the midst of the exorcism Jesus appeared and many holy angels ( Tom, pictured with me & Marsha above, who is a doctor SAW Jesus! He shared a video testimony I will share soon). It’s always an honor to have the tangible presence of Jesus in our midst!

As I began to pray for those in the audience that were afflicted with evil spirits, Marsha started to convulse. I immediately anointed her head and many demonic spirits surfaced including many demons rooted during the Inquisition. In the 12th and 13th centuries the Catholic Church carried out brutal punishments for those whom they considered to be heretics. Some of the punishments involve humiliation, imprisonment, and even torture. Marsha’s ancestors, many hundreds years ago, were involved in carrying out torture to those not aligned with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

(note: there are many Charismatic Catholics, who are friends of our mission, that would renounce this kind of evil behavior and are appalled with these historical incidents)

I spoke to many of the demons within Marsha who were rooted in the Inquisition. They were named Black!

“The Catholic nuns wore all black and danced for us,” the spirits of the Inquisition revealed to me, “They were involved in the black mass and danced during the mass. They persecuted Christians and there was TORTURE!”

The demons were gleeful. They were so happy to declare their torturous acts. Sheer evil. Even those who claimed Christ (such as these “nuns”) were involved in satanic practices.

“We have been here for more then 20 generations and we bring rejection, hatred, fear, death, breathing problems and terror!” the demonic spirits revealed to me, “Her ancestors killed, tortured and terrorized!”

At one point I even dealt with Marsha’s mother (an ancestral heart part) who was wicked. She kept on telling me how ugly her daughter was! “She’s ugly, ugly, ugly! I hated her from her birth! I was wanting to kill her! By the way, I’m not leaving!”

Horrible. I sent this ancestral heart part to Jesus swiftly and the demons attached to this part to the abyss! Moreover, I encountered a spirit named Lucifer. He was the one orchestrating all of the attacks upon her life. Lucifer battled me and battled back.

I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly descended and assisted me. They drew out their swords and struck the invading demons in the name of Jesus! The demons groaned and moaned in utter defeat! Furthermore, I brought out my holy cross and the demons could barely glance upon it and couldn’t hold the cross.

“It’s HOT! It will burn us!” the spirits of Lucifer revealed to me, “We have been defeated. It’s time to go home.”

Where’s your home?

“The abyss!”

I commanded all of the demons into the pit and this woman was miraculously healed. Moreover, little dissociative identities (broken heart parts), some rooted in the survival of the Inquisition, from many centuries ago, surfaced including one little girl who begged me to take a little baby.

She was cradling little baby and pleaded with me to comfort baby. I took little baby and quickly placed tiny baby into the loving arms of Jesus Messiah. The little girl was relieved to know baby was going to be protected. Many little ones were supernaturally healed on this night.

Marsha was so happy afterwards! She was healed and felt all of her pains leave. She testified of feeling lighter and loved by Jesus! God truly set this woman FREE!

My friends, what we are witnessing in our meetings and seminars is STUNNING! Signs, wonders and miracles of the Holy Spirit in each and every seminar. Many are testifying of seeing Jesus, holy angels and other heavenly realities. Many are testifying of feeling genuine love and comfort in our public meetings. Beautiful and astounding.

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