Victory in Victoria: Evil Physician Driven Out, Miraculous Healing!

After traveling by ship to Victoria from Vancouver I was excited to see what the Holy Spirit would do in our midst in our “Removing Demons & Healing Hearts” seminar at the beautiful Hotel Grand Pacific in downtown Victoria. Though we were small in number God performed extraordinary feats.


One of the individuals we ministered to was a 70 year old woman named Carolyn, pictured with me above. She traveled more then 1,700km, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to attend our seminar. She mentioned to everyone that with everything said and done she would have boarded more then 6 different flights half-way across Canada to find FREEDOM!


I’m deeply humbled by her persistence to obtain her healing. Some months ago, she enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center (see for info), to learn more about the ministry of deliverance and inner healing. She shared with me how much she has learned in her studies. I was honored with her encouragement. To think that many hundreds, around the world, have been impacted by this training center is satisfying. Many disciples are performing extraordinary work as a result for God’s Kingdom!


Carolyn was needing help. She looked tormented and troubled by demons. She had been attending our Vancouver seminars but didn’t really have the opportunity to minister to her as there were so many people attending our Vancouver services. In Victoria, I was able to intervene and I’m grateful to God for that.


Numerous demons surfaced and twisted her body and contorted her limbs. It was horrible to see a 70 year old woman tormented like this. A multitude of demons manifested including spirits of witchcraft, Jezebel, Moloch and Lucifer. They had been in her family bloodline for thousands of years.


“AH! Her family worshipped us for many generations! That is why we are here!” the spirits of Lucifer revealed to me, “We tormented her all of her life with PAIN! We LOVED bringing her PAIN! She is going to be great for God. We had to stop her!”


Indeed! I truly believed she will live another 30+ years for the gospel and will be very fruitful for the cause of Christ! Thus her threat to the dark kingdom. I’m looking forward to hearing the wonderful reports in the years to come, seeing lives transformed as a result of her ministry of compassion.


Along with many demons, there were many heart parts that surfaced. A little 5 year old that had been bitten by a dog. A precious 7 year old that had been hurt. A 3 year old that was sad. Then there were many little ancestral dissociative identities including one that was birthed in the 2nd Century who had been kept in dungeons. One hurting little one was birthed in 1500 and fell off a mountain and died. There was a little 2 year old that was born in 1820 who shared a horrifying incident with me.


“I was shot and I died,” the little one revealed to me with deep sadness and incredible hurt.


So much pain my friends, so much hurt. These mission to British Columbia was filled with healing of broken hearts. It has been a extraordinary mission. Many dozens touched by Jesus and healed including this 70 year old woman.


All of these little heart parts went to Jesus the Healer and were supernaturally healed. It was beautiful to see them go the Savior! Such peace, such comfort!


Carolyn had demons, broken heart parts and she had soul invaders including her physician. He was evil. He was able to access her because of her physical access to her.


“I’m involved in witchcraft and I was trying to kill her because I discovered she was a Christian,” the doctor confessed to me, “I sent her witchcraft curses and tried to get her to overdose on pills.”


Terrible. Obviously, I removed him in Jesus name! He fought me for awhile but eventually gave up and was driven out! Carolyn’s father was also there! He had invaded her through the usage of witchcraft. He was commanded out too! After the demons were removed and the human interjects expelled Carolyn testified.The physical pain and tension she had been suffering from for 70 years was GONE!!! Gone my friends! She suffered for so long however Jesus miraculously healed her!

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