Violent Encounters with Evil Spirits in Toronto, Canada –Jesus Triumphant!

I’m currently in Canada’s largest city –Toronto conducting public deliverance services. I have been amazed that our Canadian meetings and seminars have been very well attended. Few weeks ago in Vancouver, British Columbia we were jammed packed and here in Toronto, Ontario, our meeting hall was filled with hungry souls needing intervention. We have tremendous support 

throughout Canada and it’s honor to serve my Canadian friends in the name of Jesus!

Last night, before the service commenced, a terribly demonized woman entered the meeting hall and within minutes violently lunged towards my Canadian mission coordinator, Pastor Ron Heres, hoping to attack. The evil spirits were hell bent in disrupting the meeting. In fact, the demons surfaced and threatened Ron with strangulation. Again, this is before the meeting even started. Before I even came downstairs to start the service. This has become a commonplace. Demons are becoming more and more agitated with our presence in a city. I have noticed that these kinds of incidents are increasing. 

Moreover, while I was teaching, evil spirits were surfacing from within many souls in the meeting hall and were about to explode. Another lady, erupted violently and SCREAMED! All night long, demons were crying out of their victims. The presence of the Holy Spirit in the meeting hall was too great for them to bear. Jesus is truly triumphant over all powers of evil!

I was also astonished with the amount of witchcraft that was operating within the meeting hall –it was incredible the spiritual intensity. Many people were testifying of either being involved in spiritism or having been victimized by witchcraft. I called for everyone to repent and many repented for the first time of their spiritual rebellion. In fact, a handful of souls were saved by the Lord Jesus Christ and became His disciples. 

In the midst of the meeting many were testifying of evil spirits leaving their bodies and feeling much lighter –including these beautiful sisters of mine (a mother and daughter, pictured with me above). Others were sharing how they felt spiritual release and freedom. One dramatic exorcism involved a young man and his sister who sat in the back of the meeting hall. As I rebuked witchcraft, this young man, was suddenly pushed, by an invisible force, up against the wall. He was crumpled up and could barely move. I asked the holy angels to carry him up to the front –they did so I could minister to him effectively. 

This young man, pictured with me below, whom I’ll refer to as Darren, was SHOCKED that he could not touch a Holy Communion cup that I asked him to grasp. 

“I can not believe this! I can’t raise my right arm to take the cup from you! What’s going on?!” Darren inquired.

The demons, obviously, didn’t want him to embrace the blood of Christ in the cup of communion thus their spiritual hindrance. I rebuked the demons and asked the holy angels to pick his arm up –they did. He then was able to drink of the holy sacrificial blood of Christ. Immediately, after partaking of the Holy Communion, numerous demons exited his body and mind and he was HEALED! Not only was Darren set free from demon powers but also freed from a soul invader. He was so happy afterwards!


Daren’s sister was also present and watched the power encounters and the exorcisms that took place. She was being touched by the power of Jesus and she too manifested demons –many spirits of witchcraft from a friend of her’s that is involved in Wicca! Not only did this sister have witchcraft spirits but also a soul invader too –her Wiccan friend! I spoke to her.

“I am in her because I want to blind her to the truth!” the lady as-a-matter-of fact told me.

Obviously, this friend didn’t want her to be a strong Christian because she participated in Wicca (a form of witchcraft) so she actually invaded her friend’s consciousness. I spoke to her and ripped off the blindfolds that were over her eyes. When I did, immediately, her eyesight, miraculously, within seconds, improved (I took off her glasses during the exorcism). We actually tested her healing and she was able to read without any blurriness. She was utterly shocked and couldn’t believe what just took place. It was astounding! So many signs and wonders in Toronto over the years. What an honor to serve King Jesus! 

I removed the witch, the blindness, the demons and the pains. Jesus healed this woman! She was so happy afterwards and testified she no longer could feel anymore pain! She had been in physical pain since a terrible car accident some time ago –Jesus miraculously healed her! 

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