West Palm Beach: 12-Year Old Encounters Jesus & Fire of the Holy Spirit!

It’s well after 4am and still up! It was a beautiful night of Jesus miracles here in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida! I’m honored to be able to be here to serve the Body of Christ and reach souls with the good news of Jesus!


Historically, over the years, we have had some tremendous support from our seminars and meetings here. For a few hours I taught from the Holy Scriptures on the authority we have in Jesus Christ to conquer demons, disease and death! Those assembled were greatly encouraged.


We transitioned from teaching to a time to partake in Holy Communion. I immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and shared the gospel to those who gathered. A few people indicated their desire to surrender to Jesus as Lord including a twelve year old young man (pictured with me above). He shared of his desire to open up his life to Jesus. I held his hand and prayed for him to receive Jesus Messiah. He was saved and he was feeling the power of God jolt though his body! Everyone could feel the spiritual power being manifested.


After his salvation I quickly called forth the fire of the Holy Spirit to descend upon him. BAAM! It was on him. His head went backyards and he was being powerfully filled with the fire of the Spirit of God. He could feel it and testified of it. He was so happy afterwards –a heart at peace!


I just LOVE seeing souls saved! This mission exists to see lives transformed by God’s power and love. Nearly, every night, we are seeing precious souls won to Christ! We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation!


I couldn’t but notice that this power encounter occurred while the Holy Communion was being administered –there is inherent holy power present in the cup of salvation (the precious blood of Jesus) and the bread (the very body of the Lord). The partaking of Holy Communion released spiritual power in the atmosphere.


After Communion I began to pray for those afflicted MANY received swift deliverance –many demons were commanded into the pit in Jesus name! Furthermore, many hearts were supernaturally healed. In fact, one lady who received significant deliverance also received some physical healing as she testified of her eyes becoming clearer (we took off her glasses during her deliverance and she noticed she could see clearer).


One young lady who attended our service was set free from some powerful witchcraft spirits that were rooted generationally. In fact, they threw her onto the ground and the demons surfaced as if they were warrior spirits. Turns out they were sex spirits –spirit husbands.


They held claim to her womb. We battled back in Jesus name and forced the demons to release her womb and body. They came out of her and entered the pit. Others were healed too. I give Jesus the praise and the thanks

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