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My Encounter with Millions of Queen Mermaid Spirits in British Columbia

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Our most recent mission to British Columbia was energized by the power of the Holy Spirit –in EVERY seminar, meeting and personal ministry session souls experienced supernatural healing and deliverance from evil spirits. In, fact, sitting in front of me, is a stack of notes taken from all of these recent missions. The mass number of cases we intervened in is astounding. Jesus worked so powerfully in numerous lives thus transforming the family tree of many for generations to come.

Take for example these young people pictured with me above, post deliverance, after a recent seminar, in Vancouver, British Columbia. This family will forever be changed as a result of the deep work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. These young ladies have been attending our meetings the past year and have received some amazing freedom as a result. It has been layer after layer –but the layers are falling off and they are encountering the risen Jesus!

In our last meeting, in beautiful downtown Vancouver, they came with their mother and their cousin (also pictured with me above). All of them received some ministry of deliverance. The young ladies both manifested aggressive demons and they surfaced with force!

They contorted their bodies, twisted their limbs in an grotesque manner, they looked out of their eyes and boastfully told me they were extremely powerful beings. They were confident in battling me.

“We are sitting on a throne in the heavens!,” these group of demons informed me, “We are the Queen of the Mermaids! We entered because her ancestors honored us and participated in blood ritualism. They sacrificed babies to us!”

Mermaids are essentially water spirits (demons). They are located in Middle Eastern, Asia, and European mythological lore. These creatures are often depicted as having tails of a fish and possessing a woman’s head. They have been honored by millions through the generations, throughout the world. This young lady had ancestors that honored these demons.

“Some within her family fantazied being with us, then we entered her bloodline,” the Mermaid demons revealed to me, “We entered their fantasies and here we are! There’s MILLIONS of us here!”

There were millions of these demons within this young lady! Her sister had many too, including spirits of witchcraft. These demons were VERY LOUD! We are speaking of BLOOD-CURDLING SCREAMS! I’m astonished that the hotel staff didn’t barge into the large conference hall and demanded us to leave their facility. It was that loud! The demons, no doubt, were reacting to the superior power of the Lord Jesus Christ! They were being forced to submit and they hated it! HA!

I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived. The angelic assistance in our recent seminars and services have been increasingly awe-inspiring. They have assisted me in restraining potential violence, in position people so I could minister to them without the demons causing them to fall down to the ground, and binding up the invading demons. They have struck their enemies with holy swords which have caused demons to weaken dramatically. Those attending our seminars have been AMAZED and awed by God’s power over evil!

These Queen Mermaid demons were commanded into the pit in the name of Jesus! They departed! We also were able to rescue many heart parts too and guided them to safety and healing in Christ. Moreover, we encountered a soul invader in one of the sisters –a friend of theirs named Jessica!

“I’m jealous of them,” Jessica told me, “I have been doing witchcraft against them and they had no idea! I’ll get what I want from them!”

Obviously, Jessica was removed in Jesus name! As these two sisters were freed from MILLIONS of demonic spirits, they were extremely happy –LOOK at their SMILES! I love seeing young people experiencing freedom now and breaking generational curses NOW instead of waiting for 20, 30, or 40 years down the road! Let’s rescue young souls NOW!

Miraculously FREED from African Witchcraft: “I feel so liberated!”

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

In Baltimore, Maryland, this past weekend, I battled with an ancient Western African god (they refer to themselves as gods and goddesses but, again, in reality, they are evil spirits). It surfaced from within a young woman who attended our meetings with her mother. This young lady (pictured with me above) is a minister of the gospel. Yet, she had some powerful demons within rooted in Western African witchcraft.


It was very eerie when battling these demons. They knew me very well. They often referred to me by name and acted as if they knew me. They probably recall the time I was in their lands –in Western Africa preaching the gospel and driving out darkness from Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Togo and Benin! As some of you know I lived briefly in Western African and conducted evangelistic events, basically, EVERY day! My ministry team (many times consisting of my mother) would hold events in the open air fields, churches, prisons (very fruitful ministry!), and on the streets. We witnessed many miracles of salvation including many Muslims surrendering to Jesus Christ as Lord!


The demons in this lady, perhaps, remembered or heard about our extensive missions in this part of the world. Irregardless, the demons fought me fiercely. It was VERY intense and physical. The demons cried out loudly, contorted her body, twisted her limbs and spoke out of her viciously. The powers of the age to come were present within me and I utilized many spiritual weapons against the powers of hell!


The ministry of God’s angels were STAGGERING! They assisted me greatly in restraining the violence of the demons! The people were in AWE of God’s holy power! Some of the miraculous acts we witnessed:

  • Angelic intervention. God’s holy angels restrained, struck the invading demons with their swords and so much more!
  • Amazing acts of the Holy Spirit fire —it BURNED the demons greatly thus defeating them!
  • Usage of consecrated objects such as the usage of my cross of deliverance which caused the demons to go berserk!

Suffice to say, it was an spectacular war! Jesus crushed HIS foes in dramatic form! His power overpowered the hosts of hell! Jesus performed mighty works in our midst. We also reached many heart parts and guided them to Jesus. Removed soul invaders from within her (including a pastor who was there to control her) and some ancestral heart parts! Jesus healed this woman!

After her deliverance she led us in worship and her voice was heavenly! She was truly SET FREE! She will be used mightily of the Lord in the years to come, just watch and SEE! She sent me a beautiful testimony that I must share with you:


“Dear Pastor Jay & Team,


Just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to Baltimore this past weekend and ministering to me and ALL of us who needed the ministry of deliverance.  What a mighty breakthrough and blessing for us this Resurrection weekend as Jesus showed himself as the RISEN LORD–  STRONG and MIGHTY over the powers of darkness.  


For approximately 10 years I had been aware of various spiritual issues that needed to be dealt with and needed help, but as you indicated during the afternoon teaching session, most churches stop at a certain point which had been my experience (as well as being told that once you become a Believer, prayer, fasting and the Word of God are the only means by which deliverance takes place.  Also, Jesus only cast out demons from those who were unbelievers–not those who have accepted in Him).


To think that I had been in church for so long; yet, unable to truly obtain the spiritual help that I needed until now had been so disheartening.  But I thank God for this divine intervention and appointment with Him.


I first learned of your ministry after searching for information and help online regarding deliverance a couple of years ago and began following your ministry via your e-mail newsletters ever since.  I had longed to attend one of your public meetings knowing that you were uniquely equipped by God to deal with my situation.   


I was aware that I had spiritual issues that needed to be dealt with in this manner; but, I had no idea to what extent, nor had I complete understanding as to the specific nature or complete details.  Needless to say, I am totally shocked and astounded at what took place last Saturday evening.  I knew before I came that I would not leave the same person and that was certainly the case.


Having my broken heart made whole, being set free from a soul invader, demonic oppression, witchcraft, Jezebel, etc, etc, etc.  I feel so liberated!  Praise the Lord! 


Although I am aware that this is just the beginning with me, I am soooo thankful to God for breaking through in such a powerful way in my life.


So, again, Pastor Jay, I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH, and to your entire team from me, and my dear Mother for your genuine heart of love towards people.  


We look forward to seeing you all again the next time you are in the Baltimore area and hope you can come again before the year ends.


God’s abundant grace, protection and provision to you as you continue to destroy satan’s kingdom and advance the Kingdom of God worldwide!  Amen.”

Miraculously Healed of Deafness & Wicked Witch Removed in Baltimore!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Just finished reading the Holy Scriptures with my family; we were reading where the holy angels appeared to the shepherds the day the Messiah was born. One holy angel appeared at first then a multitude of the angelic host appeared singing praises to God! We are not alone. We are surrounded by holy angels and THE indwelling presence of Jesus Messiah! SO COMFORTING TO KNOW WE ARE NOT ALONE! NEVER!


This past weekend in Baltimore, Maryland was very special. So many souls were impacted by the mission and I’m still receiving some amazing reports of the supernatural. I’m also praising God for the mighty miracles that took place in our meetings. One special miracle that took place was someone being healed of deafness.


While praying for the people of God, the Holy Spirit directed me to the back of the meeting hall, where a young pregnant woman (pictured with me above, post deliverance) sat. As I approached her, demons surfaced. I had the holy angels carry the demonized woman to the front of the hall and was able to minister to her.


Strong evil spirits surfaced but God’s power overwhelmed the invading demons. I discovered there was many witchcraft demons within her but also a soul invader –her AUNT!


Turns out her aunt is a witch! She boastfully surfaced and told me she wanted her baby!


“I want the baby she is carrying, that’s why I’m here!” the aunt explained to me, “Don’t you understand the baby will soon belong to me! I even shed my own blood in a witchcraft ritual to ensure I get her baby!”


Wicked witch this aunt is. She went as far as to shed her own blood, in a witchcraft ritual, to obtain the power to get her niece’s baby! Wicked! Moreover, because the aunt didn’t have children of her own, she was jealous and her jealously led her to perform a demonic ceremony with the hopes of gaining a child.


However, it gets much deeper, she also made the decision through the supernatural powers of sorcery, to invade her niece. Fortunately, I was able to locate her and expel her. She didn’t want to go and fought me initially.


“My powers are too great for you!” the witch told me.


Since, this was a direct challenge; I brought out my holy cross to battle back and she immediately grew very concerned. She couldn’t even get near the CROSS! HA! She was petrified of the cross! So much for these occult powers she possessed.


She was driven out! Furthermore, many spirits of witchcraft left and some spirits of Jezebel. They boasted in the fact that they married her! We crushed Jezebel with the power of God!


As the deliverance went on, we also discovered there were many ancestral heart parts within her. These parts were released and guided to Jesus! We also located many dissociative identities and they were supernaturally healed too.


The very last group of demons we faced was a group of demons named “Cain.” These spirits had been in the bloodline for thousands of years causing a multitude of infirmities and afflictions including deafness in her left ear.


“We have been here for so long and no one has confronted us until now!” the demons revealed to me, “Her ancestors murdered and participated in human sacrifices.”


The demons named Cain was defeated and commanded to go into the pit! It left and so did her deafness! Afterwards the young mother beaming with a bright smile shared she could hear clearly out of the ear that had deafness! Jesus healed this young woman! She was so happy and so was all of the people of God!

Battle with Bloodlust in Baltimore: Bloodthirsty Demons Attacked Me!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Blessed Resurrection Day to you my friends! Jesus has, indeed, risen from the dead and He reigns forevermore! He is LORD!

Here it is nearly 7am and I’m still up here in Baltimore, Maryland, where we concluded, just a few hours ago, another series of public meetings and seminars. For the past several days we have traveled to two different cities conducting more then 6 public and private ministry events seeing many obtain freedom and healing in Jesus name!

Our Baltimore seminars and services have been well attended, in fact, last night, our day seminar and evening service were jammed packed. We could hardly fit anymore people. Many individuals and families traveled great distances to be present for the ministry of the miraculous.

Our evening service was explosive. The spiritual fireworks were electrifying. Many disciples mentioned they had never seen anything like it. Numerous signs and wonders took place. Staggering acts of the supernatural. Multitude of demons were driven out, broken hearts healed, bodies repaired and lives transformed by Jesus!

However, I wanted to take a moment and share what transpired during our afternoon training seminar. I did NOT intend to conduct any ministry. I wanted to teach from the WORD and wait to do the ministry during the evening service. But Jesus…

My plans do not matter to God. I need to align myself with His plans! HA! Though, I didn’t think I would be ministering, the Holy Spirit directed me to minister to a young lady pictured with me above, post deliverance. As I began to pray for her (I’ll refer to her as Amber), a soul invader surfaced…a young lady named Scarlet.

She was furious with me. She fully surfaced and spoke to me and I discovered she was a witch who wanted to control Amber. After Amber’s deliverance I also found out that Scarlet was someone whom Amber met with at a local shopping centre not too long ago and instantly connected with. In fact, Scarlet handed a New Age cursed crystal to her which Amber placed in her bedroom. This allowed Scarlet access to Amber’s life.

She not only sent curses and spells to her, she also went deeper –she INVADED Amber consciousness. I, think, nearly, every person we ministered to here in Baltimore had a soul invader. In some cases there were multiple soul invaders. My friends, please listen to me….God the Holy Spirit is showing me something very powerful. In every meeting, since the beginning of the year, I’m discovering everyone, has these soul invaders. I have encountered many soul invaders in the past but NEVER this amount. We are speaking an incredible amount of invaders.

To be honest with you…I’m shocked. From our mission to Australia, to our missions throughout the United States, to our mission to British Columbia, I have been stunned. This year has been extraordinary in this regard. Words do not do justice to describe what we are encountering in our seminars.

So, Scarlet was there and she didn’t want to leave. I forced her out in the name of Jesus. Moreover, Amber’s father was there too. He was furious with me. He also wanted to stay within Amber, his daughter, so he could control her. Turns out, Amber’s Dad, had many spirits named Murder. They surfaced and attacked me.

These wicked beings lunged at me and clawed my left arm. Then, as I began to bleed from my forearm, these bloodthirsty demons glared at my bloodied cut and desired to cut me again. The demons lusted for more blood. I could see it in their eyes. Disgusting. I rebuked them in the name of Jesus and eventually they were expelled to the pit! So many demons were within this woman –Jezebel, death, witchcraft and numerous ancient idolatry spirits. They were crushed by King Jesus but it was an intense battle.

God provided His holy angels and they greatly assisted me in the deliverance of Amber! They holy angels restrained the violence and fought the invading demons with spiritual intensity. Moreover, Jesus reached many little heart parts of her heart and they were healed.

After her exorcism, I felt like Amber had never been born again. She confessed she had never given her life to Christ so I had the wonderful opportunity to lead her to salvation in Jesus Messiah! Think about this for a moment, this woman experienced healing and deliverance from demons prior to her salvation. No doubt these miracles of love opened her heart to the salvation message of Jesus! She surrendered to Christ and was wonderfully saved!

This mission to Maryland was extraordinary in so many ways and I look forward to returning before too long. There were so many miracles of Jesus. It is becoming so difficult to share all of the testimonies there were that many! I’m astonished to SEE that they were so many.

Violent Good Friday Service in Baltimore, Maryland!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Feeling strengthened. Thank you for your holy prayers and intercession. I traveled from Richmond, Virginia onward to Baltimore, Maryland for a special Good Friday public deliverance service. Before a crowded meeting hall I led everyone in Holy Communion and taught from the WORD. As I led everyone in Holy Communion –violent and aggressive evil spirits surfaced within a young 23 year old woman who was sitting with her parents in the back of the hall. The demonic spirits that surfaced possessed extreme murderous rage.

They glared at me with hate and murder! No doubt, the powers of the Holy Communion caused the demons to react in such a manner. The presence of Jesus was too much for them so they felt threatened and surfaced. In fact, the demons took a Communion cup and thrusted the plastic cup down this woman’s throat. It literally chewed up and ate the plastic cup then swallowed it.

The demons were enraged. I kept on with the Good Friday service. I wasn’t about to let a demon distract us from partaking and celebrating the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ! It was a beautiful night to be able to gather around like-minded brothers and sisters and honor Jesus!

However, I wanted to share the beautiful ministry that took place in a private ministry session that took place just an hour before the Good Friday service. It involved the young lady pictured with me above. When our prayer team ministered to her numerous demons surfaced.

Thousands of Jezebel demons that were rooted in ancestral evil and idol worship. The demons even stated that her ancestors “were easy to enter because they didn’t know God!”

Multiple millions of demons named Legion, Mammon, Python, rejection and Voodoo.

Ten spirits named Killing.

More then 8,000 demons named Aspeka, an ancient African witchcraft demon.

Nearly all of these demons were rooted in generational evil and witchcraft. Her ancestors participated in sorcery and witchcraft rituals which allowed these mass numbers of demons to enter her bloodline. Moreover, we encountered many ancestral heart parts. They were guided to God.

Thompson, in his 30’s, who was birthed in the 1700’s. He died in a farming accident. He shared how he participated in more then 20 hangings including witnessing more then 7 children being hung.

A 9 year old girl named Jenny. She was birthed in 1919. She had been treated cruelly by white slave owners. She shared how sad she was because her Mom and Dad worked all day in the fields.

A 70 year old woman named Annabelle who was birthed in 1939. She had been raped.

Furthermore, there were many soul invaders within her including two men who wanted to take advantage of her. Also a evil doctor that wanted to poison her. They were forced out in the name of Jesus! Many little heart parts of her broken heart surfaced and were guided to Jesus for healing.

One of the last demonic forces we dealt with within this precious woman was a group pf of demons named Satan. They were rooted in ancestral occultism, secret societies, blood sacrifices and African witchcraft. All of these wicked spirits were forced out in the name of Jesus and she was powerfully set free!

My friends, another case of extensive soul invasion! Even during our public service many more soul invaders surfaced and were extracted from disciples of the Lord! We even discovered some ministers were within those who we ministered to because of evil soul ties and witchcraft being utilized. I look forward to sharing more.

At the end of the public service the violence of the spirits within the 23 year old lady whom I referred to at the beginning of the update had to be literally carried by three of us men into her parents car. The demons had gone berserk. The demons tried to bite, claw and physically assault. In fact, I was viciously hit in the face, at one point, by the demons. The demons tore up Bibles, literally ate the pages of the Word, kicked, lunged with extreme violence at those around and screamed loudly. Please pray for this family.

As you can see it was an explosive Good Friday service. HA! That was a understatement. Jesus was proclaimed as Lord and many souls were set free!

Islamic Soul Invader Infused with an Ancestral Heart Part Driven Out in Richmond, Virginia!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

I’m here in Richmond, Virginia, where earlier I conducted another public mission. One lady, pictured with me above, we ministered to had been following the ministry work for sometime now and was desperately needing deliverance and healing. After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister to her. The demons cried out with a loud voice and declared they would not be leaving!


“We are NOT leaving her!” the demons confidently told me, “We do NOT like you. We hate you!”


We discovered there were thousands of evil spirits within her including spirits of hate, death, torment, Jezebel, and a number of ancestral spirits rooted in horrific ritualism. There was a group of demons named witchcraft that told me this:


“We have been here for a very long time because her ancestors participated in baby sacrifices, satanic oaths, drank blood, and ate humans!” the disgusting demons revealed to me, “We entered when her ancestors practiced witchcraft!”


We also discovered along with the demons were some soul invaders, namely her ex-husband! He actually surfaced and confessed to being a Muslim.


“I serve Allah,” he confidently told me, “I practice witchcraft and have sent curses to her in an attempt to destroy her!”


Along with this human interject, this soul invader, was an ancestral heart part that was attached to the ex-husband. The ancestral heart part was named Sheik. He came through the generations and attached himself to her ex-husband and when he married his wife, all three (that includes Sheik) became one, in a sense. Thus the need for deliverance for couples, pre-marriage, if possible. As the Holy Scriptures teach, when two come together, in marriage, oneness take place. At that point spiritual elements can be transferred on multiple levels.


This is STUNNING! Another public encounter with a soul invasion. I can see this taking place in every public meeting or nearly every meeting. Think about it for a moment –EVERYONE– has some soul ties that could be utilized as spiritual bridges that could allow this phenomena to take place. It’s very common. I estimate, I could locate a soul invader in most people, if I had the time. 

This Muslim who worked with the powers of witchcraft confessed, however, that his powers were not superior to those that I possessed in Jesus Christ! He bowed his head and admitted:


“Your powers are too great! In fact, I cannot even touch the CROSS you hold,” he told me in a utterly defeated manner.


I chuckled with the fact he couldn’t hold my CROSS! I have seen many hundreds of supernatural miracles with this CROSS! Many people testifying of feeling heat come off it. Many demons cry out in agony by simply touching it. Many evil spirits cannot even draw near it.


The Muslim was sent to Jesus along with Sheik (the ancestral heart part). Many demons were then commanded into the pit! As the demons departed; numerous ancestral heart parts that traveled down the family bloodline surfaced. There were many.


One sad part recalled being in a village, many hundreds years ago and being invaded by soldiers and Indians. No doubt during one of America’s Indian Wars. The little part spoke of many being massacred and watching the horrific events. Witnessing war will cause dissociation. I led this little one to Jesus and all of the others. They were ready to be rescued. Jesus comforted them and healed them.


Moreover, this precious woman, was healed physically as pains and torments came out of her and she testified of feeling so much lighter and better! In fact, in the middle of the deliverance, I took off her glasses, and when the demons were driven out of her in Jesus name, she shared how her eyesight immediately improved! Another eyesight healing miracle! Amazing Jesus!


The last remaining demons we encountered were rooted in European folklore –the worship of fairies. A demon surfaced that was boastful in seducing her ancestors in the worship of fairies (ancient mythological creatures that are in reality evil spirits masquerading as fairies).


“We appeared to her ancestors and lured them in the forests, where we appeared to them,” the demons told me, “We then played with them and when they communed with us, we then entered their bloodline!”


Some of the ancestors even began practicing the darker elements of the occult and indulged into voodoo and the dark arts of Satan! More powerful demons entered the family line and thus this woman’s demonization! But praise be to God, there is mercy, grace and God’s unfailing love! He rescued this woman and she was set free from these demons as we commanded them out of her in Jesus name! She was liberated and she was so thankful!

Practitioner of Witchcraft Rescued by Jesus!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

My heart is to rescue souls! I desire to see people who are in bondage obtain freedom through the love of Jesus! God has given me the desires of my heart and has allowed me to minister, personally, to tens of thousands of souls, with the good news of Jesus Messiah!

In our public meetings we have witches, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and those of various alternative spiritual backgrounds attend and often receive Jesus as Lord and Savior! In our recent seminars in British Columbia there were a number of individuals practicing witchcraft who attended our services. The lady pictured above confessed before all that she actually makes dream catchers which is a Native American witchcraft artifact that has enslaved millions over the years. Very dangerous occult device.

This woman, wasn’t fully aware of it’s spiritual dangers until attending our seminar. She was made aware and was willing to repent. She was powerfully set free from demons as a result! She had also been invaded by some soul invaders —her dad, her sister and others. Another case of soul invasion! We encountered so many in British Columbia that I have decided we will be returning in June 2016 for a series of public seminars and meetings with the hopes of reaching so many more!

This woman surfaced many evil spirits including some named “Devil.” He spoke to me viciously:

“We have been here for thousands of years because they honored me and worshipped me,” the demons boasted to me, “We will destroy her too as we have destroyed her ancestors!”

I battled the Devil demons and the numerous sicknesses and afflictions they had brought into this woman! They had been bringing pains and torments. Too numerous to recount here. I had the holy angels assist me and they greatly helped me. The holy angels drew out their mighty swords and struck the invading demons. The demons groaned and moaned in defeat!

Along with the demons were many heart parts. They were guided to Jesus and were supernaturally healed by God. Moreover, the soul invaders were removed and all of her pains were miraculously healed. After her exorcism, she exclaimed: “Jay, I feel no more pain! It’s gone!”

She was totally shocked by God’s power! Jesus healed and took her pain! He set her free from all the demons! She was so happy! From being a witchcraft practitioner to embracing the Savior! Love it!

Freedom Fighter DELIVERED from Demons!

In addition to the many miracles in our public seminars we are also seeing many miracles take place as people watch our videos, listen to our radio presentations and our Freedom Fighter International Training podcasts. I just received a powerful testimony of deliverance from a disciple who has been going through our training courses:

“Hi Pastor Jay, i just want to Praise Jesus and also thank you, for your Freedom Fighter courses that you have made available to me. I have been listening to the audio course nearly everyday and I am up to the Advanced Level.

Today, you spoke of being hidden in Christ and although we have attacks and threats (which you shared some of those personal threats), you refuse to be hindered by fear’s attacks. Then you prayed for the Holy Spirits release and immediately I felt the amazing power and love of the Holy Spirit and a part of a Scripture came to mind Psalm 23 “I shall fear no evil” and with it the revelation and power of God. I immediately wept and felt release as I declared “I shall fear no evil!!!” Since the birth of our son, I have been tormented with fears- I had an extended stay in hospital just after the birth and was very ill..and was demonically attacked (I believe one midwife was a witch), and since then have suffered daily onslaughts concerning fear/anxiety of losing my kids.

But I felt the power of God and my heart was healed and I felt strong in this area and now have no anxiety. I believe a demon of fear left me today- as I commanded it to “Go-in Jesus name.”

Praise Jesus! Thank you for your incredible sacrifice that you do each time you leave your family to fight satan and set precious souls free in Jesus Name!”

Victory in Victoria: Evil Physician Driven Out, Miraculous Healing!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

After traveling by ship to Victoria from Vancouver I was excited to see what the Holy Spirit would do in our midst in our “Removing Demons & Healing Hearts” seminar at the beautiful Hotel Grand Pacific in downtown Victoria. Though we were small in number God performed extraordinary feats.


One of the individuals we ministered to was a 70 year old woman named Carolyn, pictured with me above. She traveled more then 1,700km, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to attend our seminar. She mentioned to everyone that with everything said and done she would have boarded more then 6 different flights half-way across Canada to find FREEDOM!


I’m deeply humbled by her persistence to obtain her healing. Some months ago, she enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center (see for info), to learn more about the ministry of deliverance and inner healing. She shared with me how much she has learned in her studies. I was honored with her encouragement. To think that many hundreds, around the world, have been impacted by this training center is satisfying. Many disciples are performing extraordinary work as a result for God’s Kingdom!


Carolyn was needing help. She looked tormented and troubled by demons. She had been attending our Vancouver seminars but didn’t really have the opportunity to minister to her as there were so many people attending our Vancouver services. In Victoria, I was able to intervene and I’m grateful to God for that.


Numerous demons surfaced and twisted her body and contorted her limbs. It was horrible to see a 70 year old woman tormented like this. A multitude of demons manifested including spirits of witchcraft, Jezebel, Moloch and Lucifer. They had been in her family bloodline for thousands of years.


“AH! Her family worshipped us for many generations! That is why we are here!” the spirits of Lucifer revealed to me, “We tormented her all of her life with PAIN! We LOVED bringing her PAIN! She is going to be great for God. We had to stop her!”


Indeed! I truly believed she will live another 30+ years for the gospel and will be very fruitful for the cause of Christ! Thus her threat to the dark kingdom. I’m looking forward to hearing the wonderful reports in the years to come, seeing lives transformed as a result of her ministry of compassion.


Along with many demons, there were many heart parts that surfaced. A little 5 year old that had been bitten by a dog. A precious 7 year old that had been hurt. A 3 year old that was sad. Then there were many little ancestral dissociative identities including one that was birthed in the 2nd Century who had been kept in dungeons. One hurting little one was birthed in 1500 and fell off a mountain and died. There was a little 2 year old that was born in 1820 who shared a horrifying incident with me.


“I was shot and I died,” the little one revealed to me with deep sadness and incredible hurt.


So much pain my friends, so much hurt. These mission to British Columbia was filled with healing of broken hearts. It has been a extraordinary mission. Many dozens touched by Jesus and healed including this 70 year old woman.


All of these little heart parts went to Jesus the Healer and were supernaturally healed. It was beautiful to see them go the Savior! Such peace, such comfort!


Carolyn had demons, broken heart parts and she had soul invaders including her physician. He was evil. He was able to access her because of her physical access to her.


“I’m involved in witchcraft and I was trying to kill her because I discovered she was a Christian,” the doctor confessed to me, “I sent her witchcraft curses and tried to get her to overdose on pills.”


Terrible. Obviously, I removed him in Jesus name! He fought me for awhile but eventually gave up and was driven out! Carolyn’s father was also there! He had invaded her through the usage of witchcraft. He was commanded out too! After the demons were removed and the human interjects expelled Carolyn testified.The physical pain and tension she had been suffering from for 70 years was GONE!!! Gone my friends! She suffered for so long however Jesus miraculously healed her!

Vancouver: Crowded Hall Witness Extreme Jesus Miracles!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

What we are encountering in our seminars and meetings here in British Columbia is simply staggering! Our meetings have been well attended and people are enthusatic about the work of the gospel. Last night, in downtown Vancouver, we witnessed awe-inspiring miracles:

Numerous souls were set free from evil spirits

Numerous soul invaders were driven out of people

Numerous ancestral heart parts healed and guided to Jesus

Numerous broken hearts miraculously healed by God

Numerous people experienced physical healing

Numerous New Testament power encounters took place

Hours of angelic intervention

Hours of stunning extraordinary miracles such as the fire of God descending upon us and filling us

Souls SAW Jesus!

There were so many miracles, signs and wonders taking place. It’s been frustrating to keep track of the miraculous wonders of God. There’s been so many to document. During some breaks believers approached me and said they had never experienced such EXTREME power encounters. Many were completely in AWE of God’s holy power. That’s good. I was too! Jesus displayed mighty works in our midst — so many were supernaturally healed and freed from demonic bondage.

Before a very excited crowd I proclaimed the superior power of Jesus over all demonic powers. In the crowd, we had those from other religious backgrounds and spiritual movements. Some were practicing witches. They witnessed the power of God! So many people showed up that we ran out of chairs and requested the hotel to provide more chairs. Our spacious conference hall was completely packed with hungry souls!

One lady that came to our seminar was beautifully touched by Jesus! She is pictured with me above. She came with a heart full of deep hurt and sadness. She had been hurt by many Christians and by those involved in ministry. It was heart-breaking to hear her story. I saw a beautiful creature with a even more beautiful heart. It has been shattered and I was determined to see her healed!

As I approached her, numerous demons surfaced and were furious with me. I had the holy angels carry this young demonized woman from the back of the meeting hall to the front. The demons tried to hinder however God’s power prevailed.

Demons named Jezebel, murder, rage, death all surfaced and battled me. I battled back and called upon the holy angels of God. They swiftly showed up and assisted me in battling the demons. They struck the demons with their swords and the demons loudly cried out in agony. Moreover, I called upon the fire of God and the fire burned the invading demons.

The power of the Holy Spirit was operating extremely strong within me. The demons SCREAMED in defeat!

“We have been here for hundreds of years!” a group of ancestral demonic spirits revealed to me, “We entered her bloodline because her ancestors participated in witchcraft and voodoo rituals.”

So many of the demons were confronted and driven out in the name of Jesus! Along with the demons I commanded the diseases and maladies —Lupus, migraines, pains, blindness– to go too!

During the exorcism, this young lady’s father surfaced from within her, a soul invader! He confessed to having been involved in witchcraft and utilizing witchcraft against the family. I commanded this soul invader to depart. He left! Furthermore, many little hearts parts were healed and restored by the Savior!

There was also spirit of blindness present within her eyes! When he was commanded out, my young sister, came back to consciousness and was STUNNED! She could SEE without her glasses (during the exorcism I took off her glasses). On top of it, she could READ the Bible without the aid of glasses which she couldn’t do! She actually read the Bible in front of the crowd to display the superior healing power of Jesus! I had tears in my eyes as I witnessed the loving healing power of Jesus at work.

Because of that intense miracle, many other marvelous miracles took place, as souls opened up their hearts to receive, including another woman’s eyesight was restored. Also, the amount of soul invaders I encountered, within others, was stunning and extraordinary! I do not think I have encountered so many in one public meeting before!

So many demons were cast out! So many miracles of physical healing. So many wonders of inner-healing! Thank you for loving us and helping us.

Miraculous Wonders in British Columbia! More Salvations! EYES OPENED! Demons Cast OUT!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Several months ago, while in British Columbia we witnessed amazing miracles. We are seeing some tremendous interest in our meetings here in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s well after 3am and I’m FIRED up with the Holy Spirit! Seeing SOULS SAVED will do it. I live for this! This IS life! We are conducting a series of public seminars and meetings and many are being freed from evil spirits. It’s been so difficult to keep track of ALL the miraculous signs and wonders that are taking place here in British Columbia the past few days. There’s been that many.

More souls were saved in our evening service here in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We had a packed hall and many experienced the power and love of Jesus. It was staggering! This young lady, pictured above with me, was set free from demons of fear and torment. Immediately after they left she was laughing and giggling. She was so joyful in the Holy Spirit and thanked God for her deliverance! What a beautiful smile she had after her deliverance from demonic spirits.

Another lady we ministered to was healed of blindness! She could SEE CLEARLY without the aid of glasses, post deliverance! The amount of miracles I’m seeing in this area is AMAZING! I have seen many, many, many souls miraculously cured of varying degrees of blindness. Some no longer need contact lens, some who had blurriness or spots are healed, some no longer need glasses, some who were totally blind can NOW SEE!

I possess tremendous faith in this area– to open EYES! Please understand, not everyone I minister to is supernaturally healed however MANY are! Including a young lady we ministered tonight! She surfaced many demons and they were furious with me. They spoke out of her:

“We have been hiding here for many generations. Her ancestors made pacts to Satan, allowing us to enter!” the demons informed me, “We have remained hidden! NO ONE could find us, except you! You were the first one!”

Actually, Jesus brought them to the surface and I was simply an instrument to battle them and to drive them out. They boasted how they brought the blindness and so many other pains and afflictions. I commanded the demons to take upon themselves all of these maladies and sicknesses.

Not only were demons within this young lady but also many broken heart parts. They were released and guided to Jesus! Moreover, another soul invader surfaced. ANOTHER! Here’s an another example of someone possessing a soul invader! It’s become so common to encounter in our public meetings nowadays.

A ex-boyfriend surfaced and admitted he brought into her spirits of addiction; because of their union.

“I have been here for more then 15 years,” the ex-boyfriend informed me, “I care about her so I want to stay in her!”

Obviously, I didn’t allow this human interject to stay. I forced him out and the spirits that were attached to him in the name of Jesus! This young lady was so happy afterwards!

She was miraculously cured and set free by the power of Jesus. It was so wonderful to see! Jesus truly set this woman free!