Thriller in Gold Coast as Million+ Jezebel Demons were Defeated by Jesus!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

What an extremely powerful service tonight here in the Gold Coast –perhaps one of the most intense exorcisms on this trip thus far. It was a dramatic spiritual battle against the forces of evil against the superior power of Jesus! I’m happy to report, obviously, Jesus was victorious!

We had a much better turn-out and we had a good crowd assembled to learn more about deliverance and inner healing –keys aspects of the gospel that is largely forgotten in our modern day. After partaking of Holy Communion I ministered to those afflicted by demon powers. One of the first individuals I reached out to was this young woman, pictured with me above, whom I’ll refer to as Jessica. She came with her husband (also pictured with me above). As I began to pray for her, powerful demons SCREAMED out of her and contorted her body. The war was on!

I commanded the demons to release her however the spirits manifesting were wanting to wage war with me. So, I battled back in the power of the Holy Spirit. These aggressive and strong unclean spirits twisted her hands into a claw-like form and placed her onto the ground.

In the authority of Jesus Christ, I commanded the demons to come to the front of the hall so I could properly minister to her. They gradually crawled on the ground to the front. I then commanded the demons to come off the ground and to sit in a chair. They obeyed.

“There’s a MILLION of us, it’s me JEZEBEL,” a boastful and vile spiritual creature named Jezebel declared to me, “We came into her bloodline through her mother and father. We have been here for a long time!”

As the demons named Jezebel battled me. I asked God’s holy angels to come and assist in the warfare. As I asked the angels to intervene and to strike the demons with their swords –Jezebel groaned in defeat and fell to the ground in utter defeat. It still wanted to battle –so I placed the fire of the Holy Spirit on the demons and they CRIED OUT LOUDLY in defeat. They still wanted to fight me –so I turned to my Cross of Deliverance! They grasped it and they SCREAMED even louder in defeat!

“JESUS is LORD! He is superior to our powers!” the demons confessed before the awed crowd.

We also discovered within Jessica was a soul invader –a witch! This witch was nasty. Really nasty towards me. With murderous intensity –the witch screamed at me.

“I will get you! I will get you! I will get you,” with a revengeful intensity in the voice and with clawed-like hands wanting to tear into my skin, “We have been sending curses and spells to her to destroy her!”

This murderous witch was persistent in her attack upon me. I battled back in the name of Jesus! It was too much for the witch and she was forced out along with all of the murderous witchcraft spirits –they were commanded into the abyss in Jesus name!

Moreover, we also discovered Jezebel was enslaving numerous heart parts –a 4 year old, a 6 year old and a 10 year old. They were guided to Jesus for healing. They were actually able to SEE the risen JESUS! Can this night get any better?!!! YES, the demons were evicted and this woman was FREED by JESUS! She was set free and powerfully healed of a broken heart! Amazing Jesus! 

Those assembled were amazed, encouraged and equipped. I love it! Even as the night went on, other disciples were driving out demons in the name of Jesus. It was a beautiful night for Jesus and His miracle-working powers. Jessica was so happy (and her husband too) afterwards and embraced the cross with vigor and a new life.

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