Abbotsford: Jammed-Packed Hall Witness Jesus Conquer Satanic Brutality!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Our British Columbia Jesus mission was extremely powerful in so many regards. Each night phenomenal miracles took place that has impacted hundreds of disciples who witnessed the wondrous works of our God. I was, though, disappointed that the attendance, in a few of our meetings, were smaller then we had anticipated, however, that disappointment quickly disappeared as soon as I walked into our last seminar in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


I walked into the hall and quickly noticed it was jammed packed (I was even told that some had arrived more then an hour earlier). In fact, we had to bring in some extra chairs from the lobby of the hotel to seat everyone. Even then, it was a standing room only crowd. I was pleasantly surprised to see a large and enthusiastic crowd had assembled to witness and experience the love and power of Jesus.


When I walked into the meeting hall I greeted a few people and suddenly, very violent demons erupted, within a young lady (the younger sister of the young lady pictured above) whom I just greeted and said hello to. The demons rolled her eyes into the back of her head and she started foaming at the mouth. The demons growled and grunted. The demons threw her unto the ground and convulsed her greatly.


Full-blown violent demonic manifestation was at hand. We commanded some of the demons to release her. Some left however, many more evil spirits were in control of her and yet the meeting was about to start. So, I had her sit on a chair, next to me, while we began to worship and praise King Jesus! Again the demons erupted into violence. Actually, a better word to describe what transpired was demonic brutality.


The demons were physical and it took three men to control her, at times. After the worship, I stood up and welcomed everyone to the seminar. I could feel the spiritual electricity in the meeting hall as many were anticipating the powerful works of Jesus in our midst. Jesus was already at work and I was rejoicing in the victories we would encounter.


As I began to teach from the WORD, the demonic spirits surfaced from within the young lady and they erupted with even greater intensity and hatred for the gospel. The demons growled, foamed at the mouth, grinding her teeth, and withering in violent convulsions. At that point, I made the decision, to avoid the demonic interruptions, while I was teaching form the WORD, I would have Pastor Ron and a few other disciples carry this lady out to minister to her.


What transpired was beautiful. Pastor Ron, was able to share the gospel with her and she surrendered to the gospel. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit, lifted this woman, into the Heavens where she spent time with the Risen Savior and His holy angels. This woman encountered a powerful transformation and healing.


We were just about to take Holy Communion, after the teaching, when Pastor Ron and few of the disciples brought her back into the meeting hall and she testified of these supernatural experiences. It was thrilling to hear this woman’s testimony. Originally, from the island-nation of Mauritius (a nation drenched in the powers of witchcraft and Hinduism), this woman had emigrated, with her family, to Canada, for a better life. Jesus, no doubt, brought her here to experience HIM!


While she was sharing her testimony, her younger sister and her mom (pictured with me above) were deeply touched. I brought them to the front of the hall and discovered that though the mother gave her life to Jesus, her younger sister had not. I shared the gospel with her and she readily opened her life to Jesus. She was dramatically saved! Then moments later, just before taking the Holy Communion, as a result of her opening her life to Jesus, demons surfaced from within her.


Here she receives Jesus Christ before a jammed-packed meeting hall and now the inner demons manifest from within her. We begin to battle them. These wicked Hindu spirits surface and yet they were defeated by the greater powers of Jesus Christ! They were cast out and were commanded into the abyss! She was set free by Jesus.


That’s New Testament power encounters –leading souls to Jesus and then casting demons out of them! Love it!


All night long, in Abbotsford, we conducted public exorcisms. Souls saw Jesus and His angels. Many miraculous signs and wonders take place and all of us we in awe of the superior powers of God.


We will be returning in January 2017 for a series of seminars and public meetings in Surrey, Abbotsford, Vancouver and New Westminster. We will posting more information and details in the days to come. Please pass the word out and we will believe in greater crowds and participation for the glory of God!


Continue to pray for me (picture of me in beautiful Vancouver). Pray over the picture and pray for sustained health and strength. I’m in awe of the supernatural health and strength God has given me to travel the world and to conduct these powerful seminars. I don’t think I have canceled any meetings this entire year due to poor health. In fact, my vocals feel pretty good (as some of you know I had MAJOR issues with my vocals in the past). I have been prudent and have taken time for proper rest. God has been very good to me.


Looking forward to sharing many more miracles we witnessed in British Columbia: including the miraculous healing of a pre-natal baby. Incredible Jesus miracles!

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