Healing the Incurable in British Columbia & Beyond!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Modern day medical science declares that certain diseases, ailments, disorders and afflictions are simply incurable. For example, many within the medical community have declared, confidently, that there is no known cure for those suffering dissociation or multiple personality disorder. What the Bible refers to as the “brokenhearted (see Isaiah 61:1-4).


I have encountered multiple thousands of individuals with this “incurable” disorder. Furthermore, I have encountered thousands upon thousands of individuals with other kinds of dissociative elements. For example, those individuals with foreign dissociative identities. In other words, broken heart parts of other people as a result of unholy soul ties and witchcraft.


Obviously, the secular medical (or psychiatric) community offers no solution or cure for those afflicted with these elements. They, generally speaking, resort to various kinds of medication. The medication does NOT heal dissociative identities. So, many in our world are left with medicated brokenness.


I have encountered thousands of individuals, on all 6 continents, with various kinds and types of mysterious incurable diseases and physical afflictions. People are left with a bag of medication and no hope.


This leads, obviously, those with these ailments -despaired. However, with Jesus there is GOOD NEWS! When the world tells you there is no hope –Jesus tells us there IS HOPE!


In Psalm 103, the Holy Scriptures, declare that one of the benefits (and there are numerous benefits) in knowing God is that He heals us of all diseases (v.3). Moreover, He redeems (rescues) our life from the pit (v.4). There is life, healing, redemption, and deliverance in Jesus!


The young lady, pictured with me above, was miraculously healed of various “incurable” afflictions, while attending one of our British Columbia seminars. She was given hope in Jesus. Look at her smile –that smile says it all!


I vividly recall the seminar well. It was in the city of Surrey. There was some incredible enthusiasm with those who assembled to hear from the WORD and to receive ministry.


This lady, Koreen, was desperate for intervention. She stood for prayer and as I began to pray for her, numerous demonic spirits surfaced and battled me. They were physical and violent. They were also very loud. They screamed at me:


“HA! We have been here a long time,” a demon named Doubt boasted to me, “But, you haven’t touched the roots yet!”


This demonic spirit named “Doubt” was simply a pawn. He was protecting someone much stronger then he. I immediately confronted the strongman behind this spirit. Numerous ancestral spirits named witchcraft and death surfaced from within her and spoke to me.


“The jealous grandmother is here with us and we have her heart too,” the evil spirits revealed to me, “We also bring cancer, muscle pain, head pain, side pain and chest pain. We are also in her lungs.”


Horrible! Koreen had various ailments that the medical community has no solution for. Let’s briefly go down the list:

  • Her demonization. Koreen had many evil spirits residing with her body and mind. There is no known solution for this problem, except resorting to medication.
  • Her dissociation. Korean had little girls living within her (dissociative identities). Again, no known cure for this known disorder except resorting to medication.
  • Along with the demonization and dissociation, Koreen, also had what we term as “soul invasion.” She had her grandmother living within her (I actually spoke to her). Again, no known (in the secular medical community) cure.
  • On top of all of this, Koreen also had ancestral heart parts. I actually communicated with them and guided them to God. Once again, the secular medical community has no solution to these dissociative ailments.

Thank God we have the Lord Jesus Christ who heals from ALL diseases and afflictions. Nothing is impossible for Him! On this night, in Surrey, British Columbia, I guided Koreen to King Jesus for healing and she was miraculously cured from the “incurable.”
As I battled the demons, a soul invader surfaced! It was her grandmother. She was jealous of her and had been sending witchcraft spells and curses to her. Very specific curses too –curses of destruction and to bring poverty to her.
She was mean. I told her she would have to depart and to face God. She left and many little heart parts that were part of Koreen’s broken heart surfaced and spoke to me. There was so much pain and despair. All of them were guided to Jesus. They actually were able to see the Lord Jesus and hear His loving voice. He spoke words of reassurance, unconditional love and healing. Can the secular community offer anything better? Nope!
So many people in our British Columbia were able to SEE and HEAR Jesus. It’s staggering if you think about it. What an honor it is to serve God and hurting individuals like Koreen.
All of the demons were cast out of her, her broken heart was restored, the ancestral hearts part guided to Jesus and the soul invader removed –all incredible miraculous acts of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, Koreen reported of feeling no more physical pain! She had been in pain for YEARS! No more pain! Amazing Jesus! Look at that smile again!

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