In Orlando: 12-Year Old Girl Freed from Soul Invaders & Evil Spirits!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been a busy day. From New Orleans, I traveled onward to Orlando, Florida, where we just completed another Supernatural Jesus: Removing Demons & Healing Hearts Seminar where souls were freed from evil spirits, hearts healed and soul invaders removed! Moreover, a few people indicated their desire to be born again and prayed with me to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior!

After teaching from the WORD, leading everyone in Holy Communion, I began to pray for those afflicted with demons! The Holy Spirit led me to a mother and daughter, pictured with me above, who were being terribly tormented by demonic spirits. Both experienced some amazing freedom, especially the 12 year old girl. During the seminar, she stood to her feet and requested for prayer. As I began to pray for her, demons of death surfaced. They were swiftly bound in Jesus name!

I even asked the holy angels of God to assist us and they quickly came. I had the holy angels bind the death demons and they moved her body, without any human aid, to where I could minister to this young girl.

As the spirits of death were bound, a number of soul invaders surfaced. Strangely, these soul invaders, were a baby-sitter and a 6 year old girl, that had been murdered, in a home (many years prior to their arrival), that they had lived in at one point. The murder traumatized the little girl’s heart, a demon of death captured a part of her broken heart and kept it in the home.

This 12 year old young girl, while living in this home (her family had no idea a murder had taken place at the residence), was invaded by this 6 year old girl. I spoke to this little girl and she desired to to be with Jesus. So, I guided her to the Savior.

There was also a former babysitter of her’s that was also there within the 12 year old girl. This babysitter, was also removed in Jesus name! I also encountered many little hearts parts within her too –all of them were guided to safety and healing.

This twelve year old young girl was powerfully set free from many demons. As the evil spirits were being driven out, this young girl crumpled on the floor and God supernaturally healed her broken heart! After sometime on the floor, resting with Jesus, she rose up from the floor and testified of feeling so much better.

“I’m glad I came to the meeting!,” she told her family who had been praying for her, “I feel lighter and different.”

Others were miraculously healed and freed by Jesus! One lady testified of feeling her physical pains and torments departing as she participated in the Holy Communion! Another, precious lady, who shared with everyone that she came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, last year, in one of my seminars in Miami, Florida, experienced a mighty deliverance and healing of her heart.

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