In Tampa: Triumphant King Jesus v Asmodeus! Must Read!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently sitting high above the harbor in a high-rise hotel in downtown Tampa, Florida, where we just concluded our very last seminar of 2016! WHEW! It’s been an astounding year in so many ways –MILLIONS have been reached with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and I praise Him for it. More on a year review later but for now I feel compelled to share with you what transpired tonight.

I was pleasantly surprised to see our meeting hall at the beautiful Marriott Tampa Waterside Hotel & Conference Centre, here in Tampa, had filled up for our last public meeting of this extraordinary Florida mission. In Orlando, West Palm Beach and Miami we witnessed good-sized crowds assembling to learn about spiritual warfare and encounter the SUPERNATURAL JESUS!

Sitting right in front of me was a young lady named Sabrina (pictured with me above). She had traveled all the way from Columbia, South America, to meet me for deliverance. Her story is utterly fascinating in so many ways. She discovered our ministry through a mutual friend.

This friend of mine who has attended some of our seminars and assisted me in ministering to his family, is a A-List international concert promoter who has worked with some of the top musical artists such as: Michael Buble, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Aerosmith, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Lady Gaga, Kirk Franklin, Toby Mac, Michael W Smith and so many others. This international talent service and concert promoter connected with this young lady, Sabrina, who was seeking work in the entertainment industry. She eventually connected with this friend of mine, who over time, knowing some of her spiritual challenges, encouraged her to visit me.

She made plans to visit North America and she arrived into Tampa today for our seminar. She leaves later today back to Columbia, South America. She was desperate for some spiritual assistance and intervention. I’m so happy she came and attended our service. God was faithful and set this woman free.

Demons rose up as I prayed for her, during the seminar, and convulsed her body and groaned. We discovered there were demons rooted in her ancestral bloodline from more then 2,000 years ago because her family participated in Aztec blood rituals. We also discovered there were many ancestral heart parts within her that had been terribly abused and traumatized as a result of being a victim in ancient Aztec ritualism. Horrific. They were guided to Jesus for deep healing.

We also discovered little heart parts of her own broken heart, that were swiftly guided to Jesus and some very powerful demonic forces surfaced as a result. They were willing to battle me and we battled back!

“There’s thousands of us here,” the demons boasted to me, “It’s us –Asmodeus!”

You might not be aware but Asmodeus is referred to in ancient texts as being a “King of Demons.” Asmodeus battled me, earlier tonight, here in Tampa, Florida. I fought back with a superior power –the holy power of Jesus Christ! The demons, early on, froze up this woman, so I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly came and assisted me in moving her off of her chair and up to the front of the meeting hall so I could minister to her.

I brought out my holy cross and utilized it against the powers of Asmodeus. He could barely even touch my sacred cross. It greatly weakened him and he was easily defeated by the greater powers of Jesus! The demons screamed and vomited out of Sabrina and entered into the pit.

Also in the midst of this spiritual conflict we encountered many more demons such as witchcraft, Jezebel and a group of strong Aztec demonic spirits rooted in blood ritualism. We also discovered a soul invader with Sabrina –an ex-boyfriend. He was present within her and didn’t want to leave her. I commanded him out too in the mighty name of Jesus.

Sabrina was so happy afterwards and felt so much lighter and relieved. She was shocked to discover so much was within her life but gave Jesus all the glory for what He had done in her life! She was thankful to God. More work will need to take place in her life in the days to come however this was an critical step to victory with Jesus! Amen!

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