Many Experiencing Jesus & Heaven!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Been enjoying my family since my last extensive mission to British Columbia where we witnessed many dozens find freedom from demonic bondage and afflictions. Last night, I gathered my family around to read the Bible and to pray. While discussing the Bible, my oldest son, Ford, shared his experiences with Jesus. He’s been able to SEE the Savior twice in the past year or so.


Ford was sharing that when he was taken to Heaven He was able to see Jesus on a BIG CHAIR! He described masses of people gathering around the BIG CHAIR! In Revelation 22:3 speaks of the Lamb sitting upon a throne (i.e. BIG CHAIR)! Ford went on describing how BRIGHT it was, in Heaven. Well, verse 5 clearly reveals that Jesus will be our LIGHT. No need for any other kind of light (for example no more need for a sun).


“Daddy, in Heaven, there is happiness everywhere and Michael (the archangel) was greeting everyone. He was very happy!” Ford shared with me as his eyes glistened with joy, “Daddy, I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER forget my time in Heaven!”


He also mentioned he saw the whole family there (he also got to play with the dinosaurs while there). I asked him what was the first thing he did while in Heaven, he said he went to the BIG CHAIR where Jesus was sitting on because he wanted to see Him.


I was captivated by Ford’s description and was extremely excited about his encounter with Jesus in Heaven. I asked him to share a few more times so I could hear more. My heart was spiritually full as a result. Even typing this brings me everlasting joy. I love it! Even my two other kids, Ranger and Sahara, said they wanted to SEE Jesus and His angels too.


Many in our seminars and meetings are encountering Jesus, Heaven, and holy angels too! Staggering on so many levels. Stunning ministry is taking place in our public and personal ministry meetings. Take for example, this young man, pictured with me above, he came with a friend, to one of my Vancouver seminars, not knowing what to expect. As we were praying, a little heart part, a dissociative identity, surfaced, from within him. He was much younger and hurting. He was terribly afflicted and needed immediate relief. I guided the younger broken heart part to Jesus. Immediately, the heart part was in the presence of God. Entered into Heaven and experienced the love and peace of Jesus.


When he was a much younger, he was exposed to some bondage and it opened the doors to the demonic. Moreover, during this time, his heart broke. This newly created heart part was filled with grief, stress, and sadness. The heart part was sent to Jesus. The evil spirits also surfaced, convulsing him and placing him onto the ground. I spoke to the demonic spirits and they boasted how they had brought a host of problems into his life.


“We bring asthma, breathing difficulties, addictions, mind control, and all kinds of sicknesses,” the demons boasted to me, “When he prays, we hinder him. We have another heart part too!”


Demons like to boast and their boasting is their downfall as it reveals more of their inner-workings. I commanded the other broken heart part to be released in Jesus name. Another younger part was released and surfaced. All of these heart parts were sent to Jesus for healing. I then proceeded to drive out the demons in Jesus name! They departed and this young man was freed and miraculously healed. He was surprised to discover he had inner children within him. Shocked!


Speaking of inner children and experiencing Heaven. Many more heart parts in our most recent seminars were released and encountered Jesus and His Heaven! Many were able to SEE the glorious LIGHT of Heaven –that’s exactly what Ford saw while in Heaven– the LIGHT of JESUS! It’s so very bright and unlike any light one has ever seen.


 This young lady pictured with me above was another disciple who was able to not only experience freedom from demonic slavery but also went into Heaven and encountered the glories of Jesus. In fact, I recall her deliverance. It was very violent. She was thrown to the floor, during our seminar, and was driven by demons to the wall where she slumped into a fetal-like position. She was in that position for hours. A dissociative identity surfaced and I was able to quickly send the little girl to Jesus. The demonic attacks subsided and peace fell upon her soul. 


The little girl was guided to the comforting presence of God. While in Heaven, Jesus appeared and spoke to her. He gave her specific instructions.


“You will be a teacher, you are not weak. You are strong!” Jesus lovingly tells her, “There will be a student you will minister to that has been belittled. You will heal millions of people who need MY healing.


Amazing Jesus encounter! These happen all the time during our seminars and meetings. What an honor to serve King Jesus.

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