Miami: Jammed-Packed Hall Witness the Supernatural Jesus!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been a beautiful day here in South Florida, where we conducted, yet another, powerful seminar. Every single Florida meeting has been well-attended. In fact, tonight’s meeting hall was jammed-packed. I believe every seat was taken in the spacious ballroom. There was some awesome enthusiasm and spiritual electricity in the midst of the crowd that assembled.

Prior to the seminar I was able to swim some time in the Atlantic Ocean in South Beach and enjoy the refreshing waves! I was able to clear my mind and prepare for the spiritual warfare I would find myself in. For nearly 6 hours we proclaimed the victory of Jesus, taught from the WORD, drove out demonic spirits, healed bodies and restored hearts.

Moreover, I had the greatest honor to lead a precious man to the Lord Jesus Christ! The man, pictured with me above, is named Pablo and he raised his hand to indicate his desire to understand more about the born-again experience. As I shared the good news of Jesus with him, his heart softened and he opened his life to receiving Jesus as Lord! As I prayed for him, I could feel intense spiritual energy flowing through my hands onto his heart. He testified of feeling this incredible spiritual power flowing through me too.

Pablo, before a jammed-packed hall, confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior! He was beautifully saved and everyone rejoiced in this man’s salvation. This global Jesus mission is reaching souls all the time, in our seminars, ministry events and missions, with God’s amazing love! Our core is evangelistic –winning people to Jesus Christ!

Pablo came with his friend, Elizabeth (both pictured with me above). In fact, both were at my seminar the night before in West Palm Beach. Elizabeth just wasn’t ready to open her life up to deliverance. She left the West Palm Beach deeply distressed and hurting. She mentioned she had cried back all the way back home because she just knew she needed healing.

That night, when she went to bed, she had a “horrific” (that was her description of what occurred) nightmare that was terribly demonic. She was determined, with Pablo’s encouragement, to travel down to Miami for another opportunity to find freedom in Christ! I’m sure glad she came down here as God reached out to her with His love and rescued her.

The demons surfaced and they contorted her body and twisted her limbs. These were Jezebel demons hell-bent on hurting this young woman. They had terribly afflicted her with various physical afflictions. I commanded the demons out of her body and mind in the mighty name of Jesus and they entered the abyss. She was powerfully set free.

After her deliverance Elizabeth testified that she not only feel lighter and peaceful but also could no longer feel anymore physical pain –YEARS of PHYSICAL PAIN! GONE! She was so happy afterwards and testified of feeling transformed. She was so excited even after the meeting about her newfound freedom and miraculous healing.

Many other miraculous events took as the Supernatural Jesus healed and freed many souls tonight! I look forward to sharing more soon.

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