Missionary from Taiwan Miraculously Cured of Pre-Natal Dissociation!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As I shared in my last email report, the miracles we witnessed in Abbotsford, British Columbia were stunning. As soon as I walked into the crowded hall I noticed some amazing faith and strength. Yes, evil spirits manifested, all night long, often with violence and brutality, but the fact is I felt the faith of the people who were present in the meeting hall. That faith opened up our seminar for the supernatural, resulting in many being freed from demons and miraculously cured.


How I would love for every meeting to be like that! The spiritual key is the faith of the people involved. Faith is an amazing key to the miraculous and supernatural.


As soon as I began to pray for everyone, multiple people started manifesting demons. In fact, to the left of me, two woman started, simultaneously, vomiting out demonic spirits. These were very aggressive demons being expelled from these ladies, perhaps in their 60’s. Both, were receiving some amazing deliverance and healing as a result.


One of the ladies, manifested ancestral spirits of sickness that was extracted from this woman. As the demons exited, deep guttural sounds could be heard from within this woman. Both ladies were pleased to encounter the freeing power of Jesus. As I continued with the mass deliverance prayers, many others were receiving incredible freedom and healing.


One lady sitting up against the wall of the meeting hall, to my left, was a young lady from Taiwan (pictured with me above, post deliverance). I soon discovered she was a strong believer in Christ, a missionary, who had traveled to 9 different nations to proclaim the gospel. She was in British Columbia to conduct more missionary work. Yet, the Holy Spirit kept on telling me to pray for her. She looked surprised but consented to the prayers.


As soon as I began to pray for her, demons were exiting her. Then suddenly while in the midst of a deliverance with her, a few little dissociative identities surfaced. These were very tiny heart parts, I discerned. I asked the Lord Jesus to give the little ones the capability to speak and they did.


“We are baby, we are baby, we are in the womb” the little ones kept on telling me, “Mommy rejected us.”


So, due to the parental rejection (and a few other horrific things), the little baby, within Mommy, experienced dissociation –a soul fragmentation. The baby’s emotions were crushed resulting in pre-natal dissociation –heart parts being created while within the mother’s womb. We have encountered many, many cases where this has taken place.


I spoke to these tiny heart parts and they cried and cried. They were so sad and in darkness. I was able to rescue babies and guided babies to Jesus for healing and comfort. They were able to encounter the comforting presence of God as a result. It was beautiful to behold.


While the little dissociative identities were being healed, I was able to remove many more demons from within this missionary. She was so happy afterwards and thanked me for reaching out to her during the seminar. She mentioned she had no idea little heart parts were within her. She looked so relieved as a result of the supernatural healing of the heart.


My friends, in the work of the gospel, I have realized that the universal Body of Christ, generally speaking, have not come into proper understanding of the need to bring the inner healing ministry of Jesus to broken hearts.


We have discovered, most humans, have unresolved heart issues that need to be ministered to. As you delve into the lives of people you’ll discover a host of spiritual issues needing to be addressed. Namely, the need to communicate and to reach little heart parts –inner children that so desperately need release from demonic interference.


Moreover, the demons attached to these little hearts need to be cast out and the need to examine to see whether soul invaders are involved is also needing to be investigated. These soul invaders need to be removed too in Jesus name (more on these soul invaders in my teaching below).


There’s many churches, ministries and missions praying for the sick in body but very few ministering to the inner realms of the soul that need healing too! We are trying to make an impact in both areas –of the body and soul. The result? Multiple thousands of lives transformed by the Lord Jesus Christ!

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