Wild Night of Miracles in West Palm Beach!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It was a wild, wild night here in West Palm Beach, Florida where we conducted another powerful seminar where multitude of demons were driven out in the name of Jesus.

Over the years, I have conducted numerous seminars and meetings here in West Palm Beach. Historically, these seminars and  meetings have been intense. Tonight was no different. Before a packed meeting hall, I taught from the WORD, led in Holy Communion and ministered to the afflicted.

One lady during the seminar, a fellow Messianic Jew, shared with me, that she could feel something within her wanting to surface and strangle me. It was an evil spirit furious with me for proclaiming victory in Jesus name!

“Jay, with you being a fellow Messianic Jew, I feel like you could relate to me,” this precious woman shared with me, “But, I feel like someone within me is wanting to attack you. It’s angry at you!”

I confronted the demons later on and forced it to release a little 6 year old girl that was holding captive. I also ministered to a few others then suddenly the Holy Spirit directed my attention to Jennifer (pictured with me above with her mother). As I approached Jennifer, demons surfaced and froze her while she stood up. She could not move. I asked the holy angels to move her and they did. They brought her to the front of the hall to where we could minister to her properly.

This disciple of the Lord Jesus who lives in Brooklyn, New York and is in the entertainment industry, was visiting her mother, who is originally from Haiti but now living here in the West Palm Beach area. She told everyone, she knew she needed deliverance and healing. She was very open and God blessed her with His mighty presence.

Many demons surfaced from within her, including demons of voodoo, witchcraft, and Jezebel. There were also spirits of Lucifer within her rooted in her ancestral bloodline.

“We have been here for many years! She belongs to us!” the spirits angrily told me, “We entered her ancestors, back in Haiti, from the mother’s side, because they participated in blood rituals. They would snap the necks of turtles and drink it’s blood!”

Disgusting! However it’s well documented that Haiti is a island-nation drenched in the powers of witchcraft, sorcery and voodoo. I have traveled to Haiti, several times, conducting large evangelistic and deliverance meetings and can testify of these realities. Nearly everyone in Haiti, from my observation, has been demonized from birth with very powerful voodoo spirits.

Many Haitians live in this city and surrounding communities thus the need to conduct these public deliverance services here. I’m so grateful to God we are able to intervene in Jennifer’s life.

Not only were there many demons within her but also many soul invaders –a ex-boyfriend, a co-worker, and an abuser. It’s horrible to see so many people with SOUL INVADERS! I’m shocked and stunned to see so many! Every seminar, thus far, on this most recent mission (5 different cities in 5 days) has included confrontations with soul invaders in everyone we are ministering too.

Jennifer had demonized soul invaders and so did her mother. All of these soul invaders were removed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! They battled me but they did leave. Both of these ladies felt so relieved as a result.

Moreover, both of these precious ladies had dissociation too. Their broken heart parts surfaced and spoke to me. They were carrying so much pain and hurt. All of these hurting parts were guided to Jesus for healing and restoration. Furthermore, all of these demons were expelled and commanded into the abyss. They departed and these woman were powerfully set free by Jesus! They were tired but relieved afterwards and shared how much lighter they felt as a result of their deliverance.

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