Witch Attacks Ministry Partner? Jesus Conquered!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It was strange night in many ways. It was also an extraordinary night of ministry as we witnessed Jesus conquer the powers of witchcraft! Our last night, in Abbotsford, British Columbia, we battled extremely violent spirits of witchcraft. However, we (pictured above is my ministry team in British Columbia who traveled with me for 5 days to 4 different cities) were blessed to have the indwelling and overcoming power of Jesus that allowed us to defeat the wicked powers of sorcery, the occult, spiritism, and witchcraft! 


Yes, it was a war in Abbotsford but it was also a spiritual war in Vancouver the night before. In fact, at one point, one of my ministry partners, manifested demons, that had been sent by someone who despises me (I don’t even know who this individual is). But they knew my ministry partner who has been assisting me. So, they sent a form of witchcraft to this individual and picked a moment of vulnerability and weakness. It goes even deeper. Not only were there demons involved but also this individual –a soul invader.


That’s right! Not only did they (this enemy whom I bless in Jesus name) curse my ministry partner but they were also within this individual. I spoke to this person and inquired why the anger towards me?


“I don’t like your ministry! I want to undermine you and your work here in British Columbia!”


This is coming from someone who, apparently, is involved in some kind of “ministry.” We need to be on guard. Vigilant. I have discovered many in the Body of Christ will become jealous once they see you are being used powerfully by the Lord. Instead of rejoicing in the victories they become jealous or even outright angry and some will even resort to witchcraft to retaliate. Horrible!


Obviously, I sent this soul invader out and the demons attached to this soul invader and my ministry partner was set free by Jesus Christ and felt so relieved and happy.


I am honored to serve alongside many ministry partners –fellow apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers– throughout the world. Being involved in this global Jesus mission will place you on the frontline of spiritual warfare. Make no mistake about it. We are targets for witchcraft. We need to pray for each other and I’m praying for you in Jesus name!


Speaking of my Canadian ministry partners. Allow me to introduce you to them. In the center, sitting? My sister Magda. She loves the ministry of deliverance and has encountered the power of Jesus in our meetings. She has been following (from Quebec to British Columbia) and serving in the mission for many years.


To the far left? Is my sister Ruby. How I met this precious sister was stunning. I met her in one of my Surrey seminars.


“Jay, I was surfing the web 15 minutes before your meeting here tonight! I came across your ministry and decided right then and there to attend.”


Not only does she attend but experiences a miraculous physical healing as a result! She is a former Sikh who is now a follower of Jesus now with a heart for deliverance!


Next to Ruby? My dear brother Pastor Ron Heres. How I met him was equally staggering. He had been following the ministry and listening to my radio and video presentations for years. He desired to be involved in the ministry somehow. One weekend, he ended up in a small Jamaican church outside of Toronto with his wife and after the service met up with the pastor of the church.


While chatting in the pastor’s office he looked up and saw a promotional poster that featured me. It was an advertisement of some services that I would be conducting in this Jamaican church.


“Do you know Jay Bartlett?” Ron inquired of the pastor.


“Well, yes, I do, he will be here very soon to conduct some public deliverance meetings,” the pastor informed Ron.


Ron ends up attending the services and was deeply impacted by the ministry that weekend. So what are the odds of Ron, being in one of the largest cities in North America, and just happened to come across a small church that would be hosting some meetings of mine. That’s God-ordained.


A year or so later Ron, I had the honor to formally ordain Ron into the gospel ministry. He is presently our Canadian Mission Coordinator and travels often with me to various cities throughout Canada. We have seen some phenomenal miracles over the years! It’s been a phenomenally blessed time of ministry with Ron.

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