One of the Most Powerful Demonstrations of God’s Love & Presence: Many Entering Heaven!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Thus far in every seminar we have conducted on this British Columbia Jesus mission, in Victoria, in Surrey, in Vancouver and in Chilliwack, we have witnessed some spectacular miraculous wonders. In every single public meeting we have watched on as individuals have entered God’s Heaven and encountered stunning and astounding supernatural realities –seeing holy angels, seeing Old Testament saints, tasting heavenly foods, drinking Jesus water, meeting Abba, walking through the heavenly gardens and so many other wonders. I am humbled and honored at the same time as we are witnessing some of the most amazing miraculous wonders we have ever seen in decades of global Jesus ministry.

Yes, I have preached to larger crowds (upwards to tens of thousands of souls in one evangelistic setting) and I have appeared on international television and radio thus reaching millions. But in terms of quality ministry encounters we are seeing a higher level of heavenly signs and wonders taking place in our small meetings. I have never seen so many people, in so many seminars, in the past few years going to God’s Heaven and seeing Jesus then I am right now. NEVER! This is astounding if you think of it’s implications.

Even last night, in a beautiful downtown hotel in Chilliwack, British Columbia, we had a spiritually electrifying night like I have rarely seen, in terms of people seeing Jesus and encountering God’s heavenly realms. During our seminar, multiple people saw the risen Jesus and many were set free from demonic spirits. Moreover, many soul invaders were extracted out of many lives and many heart parts were miraculously healed by the Savior.

One highlight, involved a 14 year old precious young lady (must watch the videos below), whom is very spiritually mature. Though, she has been through some horrible challenges in life, she has been sustained by God. In fact, she shared during the meeting that the Holy Spirit has led her to fast upwards to 5 days in seeking God’s will. Amazing.

As a result of her spiritual maturity and calling upon her life, the demons targeted her! They were able to get to her because some terrible things occurred in her life. Many evil spirits surfaced from within her and angrily revealed much. However, in the midst of this deliverance, God quickly took this young lady to His Heaven. God appeared and spoke to her: “Daddy is here. Hi. They will not have you (speaking of her enemies).”

Yes, not only did her loving Heavenly Daddy appeared but also her kind Savior, the Lord Jesus. She was able to meet with the holy angels. Ate heavenly food, drank holy water, and flew around the heavenly realms. Moreover, was hugged by God, loved by the Savior and met Moses!

My friends, it was an intense ministry session that only glorified and honored God. This teenager was set free from demonic bondage (the demons confessed: Jesus is stronger then us!) as we commanded the demons to the abyss. Moreover, her broken heart parts were healed and a soul invader was removed in the mighty name of Jesus.

The tangible loving, merciful, caring presence of God was a supernatural rush and many were teary eyed as a result. I’m sorry in that I’m failing to describe accurately the majesty of these many heavenly encounters people were having in the meeting hall. So many miracles, signs and wonders. I’m grateful we were able to see this young lady and many others find hope and healing in Jesus name!

I could easily write a small book chronicling all of the miracles that transpired last night in the city of Chilliwack. Everyone was in a collective awe because the Holy Trinity was in our midst. Many were miraculously cured of various ailments, sicknesses and diseases. Many were freed from evil spirits and many other extraordinary and unusual miracles took place.

All, I know is this, I am EXACTLY where I need to be in God’s perfect will. I’m suppose to be in British Columbia conducting these series of seminars in these cities. Yes, there was some opposition from spiritual and natural enemies however Jesus conquered and came out glorified.

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